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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 20-24

Level 20
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Alliance Redridge Mountains Guide Part 1
Level 20

Make Sure you're at least Level 20! Many of the next quests have a level requirement of 20 and you need to be level 20 to get a mount. If you're not level 20 yet, then go to the previous page and complete a few of the end-quests if you haven't done them already, or simply grind a couple of mobs at Westfall to hit 20.

Now, before you start your grand adventure, wait! With the advent of patch 3.2, you can obtain your mount and riding skill at Level 20 for just ~5 Gold total (4 for the training, 1 for the mount, with some price discounts for reputation), which will speed up travel significantly.

Even with no professions and using the auction house just to sell basic grays you should easily be able to have 8 gold. Still though, it bears mentioning that the amount of gold you'll need in the future ramps up rapidly - if you haven't yet, check out the Gold Guide for an awesome guide which will allow you to get to at least ten thousand gold while you level up to 80. Never worry about the cost of skills and mount prices. You'll even be able to pick up some rare and epic gear from the auction house with your gold as you level so you can level even faster.

  1. We'll start at Stormwind. Its assumed that no quests have been taken yet; however, if you've followed the guide up to here, then turn in the quests you have as you go through the guide, and don't go out of the way to accept the follow-ups. Make sure you're fully repaired, have a clean inventory, and have trained your skills.

    Before you start, go to the Auction House.
    Buy a Bronze Tube, if it is not available, then get an engineer to make one. (Materials: 2x Bronze Bar and 1x Weak Flux)
    Also, purchase at least four 10-slot bags (listed under the container section). They are well worth the small amount of money you need to pay for them.

  2. Go southeast out of Stormwind and start heading East along the road towards The Redridge Mountains. Go to Theocritus at the Tower of Azora and pick up A Watchful Eye.

  3. Enter Redridge Mountains.

  1. Keep along the road and head east and meet Guard Parker and get Encroaching Gnolls.

  2. Head onward to Lakeshire and pick up all the quests along the way.

    Pick up the Flight Path.
    Set your Hearthstone to Lakeshire.

    Turn in Encroaching Gnolls and get the follow-up Assessing the Threat. Also pick up all the quests in town so that your quest log looks like:

    • Messenger to Stormwind
    • A Free Lunch
    • Hilary's Necklace
    • The Lost Tools
    • Assessing The Threat
    • Redridge Goulash
    • Murloc Poachers
    • The Price of Shoes
    • A Watchful Eye
    • Blackrock Menace
    • Selling Fish
    • Solomon's Law
    • An Unwelcome Guest
    • Blackrock Bounty
    • Wanted: Gath'ilzogg (Group)
    • Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore

Note that you should abandon Dry Times because that quest is extremely far out of the way.

First, Fly to Stormwind.

Head south out of Stormwind (turning in Messenger to Stormwind and getting the next step in the chain) and go to Goldshire to turn in The Price of Shoes to Smith Argus. Get the follow-up Return to Verner and go back to Stormwind.

  1. Fly to Lakeshire. Turn in Messenger to Stormwind and get the follow-up Messenger to Westfall. Also, turn in Return to Verner and get the follow-ups:

    • Underbelly Scales
    • A Baying of Gnolls

  2. Dive into the water right by the children and search around for Hilary's Necklace. It is in a Pile of Dirt somewhere in the lake and often right near where the children are, underwater. Sometimes, if you get unlucky, it may end up spawning as far as just east of the main broken bridge. Look around the general area for it.

  3. Pick up Oslow's Toolbox in the water by a sunken rowboat at the location on the map above.

  4. Head further east and start pulling Murlocs one by one. Collect a total of 10 Spotted Sunfish and 8 Murloc Fin.

  5. Head south onto land. Kill enough Goretusks and Black Dragon Whelps to get 6 Underbelly Whelp Scale and 5 Great Goretusk Snout.

  6. Head to the large mongrel camp and kill any free Redridge Mongrels.

  7. Head southwest to Guard Parker.

  1. At Guard Parker, turn in A Free Lunch and get the follow-up Visit the Herbalist.

  2. Head southwest and kill Tarantulas until done collecting 5 Crisp Spider Meat.

  3. Head east, kill 6 Redridge Poachers and 10 Redridge Mongrels. Aim for the single ones wandering around.

  4. Head farther east and kill Dire Condors until finishing collecting 5 Tough Condor Meat. You should at this point have all of 5 Great Goretusk Snout, 5 Tough Condor Meat, and 5 Crisp Spider Meat for Redridge Goulash. If not, finish collecting them.

  5. Head southeast and kill orcs at the encampment for 10 Battleworn Axe.

    Once done, Hearth to Lakeshire. Turn in all of the quests you completed:

    • Hilary's Necklace
    • Visit the Herbalist - then, get the follow-up Delivering Daffodils and turn it in as well.
    • The Lost Tools
    • Assessing the Threat
    • Redridge Goulash
    • Murloc Poachers
    • Selling Fish
    • Underbelly Scales
    • Blackrock Menace
    Get all the new quests:

    • Thrail'zun (Group)
    • Shadow Magic
    • The Everstill Bridge
    • Howling in the Hills
    • What Comes Around (Stockades Instance) - Abandon later if you don't go to The Stockades.

  1. Head north along the road past Lakeshire, then turn left and travel along the narrow path above Lakeshire to kill 10 Redridge Brutes and 8 Mystics and gather 5 Iron Pike and 5 Iron Rivet from them at their camp.

  2. Head back to Lakeshire. Turn in A Baying of Gnolls and The Everstill Bridge. Get the follow-up Howling in the Hills.

  3. Go to the gnoll camps again, this time taking the northwestern path. Fight through the gnoll camps. Yowler is in the last camp. Kill him.

  4. Return to Lakeshire and turn in Howling in the Hills.

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