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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 30-34

Level 30
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Travel to Southshore
Level 30

If you're just joining in to the guide now, this is a great place to start because the 20-30 zones have just been finished and we're just moving onwards to the new areas. You can even join in with an empty quest log - just ignore the quests which continue past here (Sully Balloo's Letter, The Missing Diplomat, Southshore, Plea to the Alliance).

Congratulations, you should easily be level 30 by now. Before you start your grand adventure, wait! There's a lot of shopping that needs to be done. Check the Auction House / Trade Chat for the following items:

  • Hillman's Cloak (Or find a leatherworker - Mats: 5x Heavy Leather and 2x Fine Thread)
  • Bolt of Woolen Cloth (Or find a tailor - Mats: 3x Wool Cloth)
  • 4 Lesser Bloodstone Ore (They're rarely put on the auction house, but if they're there, a great buy for a quest coming up)
  • Glyph of (Best For Your Class) - There are many Major Glyphs which will be very strong for your class and will help you level significantly faster. Look up in the auction house Glyph of (Your Favorite Spell) - its generally quite powerful and will help you level much faster.
  • Bag Space - Buy as many Netherweave 16 Slot Bags as you can (Or if you can't afford it, buy slightly smaller bag slots. Spend all your cash on these, bag space will be vital. Old Blanchy's Feed Pouch isn't good enough anymore!)

This can be a little pricy and you may be feeling the pinch for gold already - but you need not worry about gold if you check out the Gold Guide page for an awesome guide which will allow you to get to at least ten thousand gold while you level up to 80 using this guide as well. Never worry about the cost of skills, future mount prices, and even be able to pick up some rare and epic gear from the auction house with your gold as you level so you can level even faster.

Fly to Ironforge.
Set your Hearthstone to Ironforge.

  1. At Ironforge, turn in Sully Balloo's Letter and get the follow-up Sara Balloo's Plea.

  2. Turn that in to King Magni Bronzebeard, and get the follow-up A King's Tribute.

  3. Turn the quest in to Grand Mason Marblesten and get the follow-up A King's Tribute.

  4. Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands.

  1. Ride northeast along the road out of Menethil Harbor to Thandol Span - the bridge connecting the Wetlands and Arathi Highlands.

    Time to get another obscure quest, this is where the Swiftness Potion (or mount) comes in! Head across the bridge, then turn and head down the bridge which is broken from the Arathi Highlands side. While standing at the ledge, line yourself up with the piece sticking out off the broken bridge, use your speed boosting ability, then jump onto the platform below!

    A Leap of Faith...

  2. After jumping, you'll be on the broken off bridge with Foggy MacKreel. Get the quest MacKreel's Moonshine. This is a 15 minute timed quest, you'll have to hurry along the road. I did it without a mount with over three minutes to spare, so you'll have plenty of time.

  3. Jump off the east side and swim east across the river.

  4. Climb up the same way again as the previous time. Then, head along the path. First, make a quick pit stop at Refuge Pointe - Get the Flight Path, and turn in the quest Plea to the Alliance. Don't pick up any of the quests here.

  5. Continue west to Hillsbrad Mountains.

  1. Continue along the path to Southshore. Note: Watch out for the Forsaken Courier! Keep an eye out, if its walking along the path, then get off it and avoid the large entourage of mobs around the courier.

    At Southshore, turn in:

    • MacKreel's Moonshine
    • Southshore
    And, Get the Flight Path. No need to pick up any of the quests yet.

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Level 29

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