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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 40-44

Level 40
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Alliance Alterac Mountains Guide
Level 41

With the advent of patch 3.2, you can obtain your mount at Level 40 for just 60 Total Gold (50 for the training, and 10 for the mount, with some price discounts for reputation), which will speed up travel significantly.

It's possible that you haven't accumulated 60 Gold yet - check out the Gold Guide for an awesome guide which will allow you to get to at least ten thousand gold while you level up to 80. Never worry about the cost of skills and mount prices. You'll even be able to pick up some rare and epic gear from the auction house with your gold as you level so you can level even faster.

Get your mount in the following locations:

If you don't have enough money for your mount yet, just continue on until you do have enough money at which point make a pit stop and buy your epic mount.

Continuing on: fly to Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills (If you don't have the flight path, to get to Southshore, go north from Wetlands into the Arathi Highlands, then head west to Hillsbrad Foothills. Follow the road south-west to Southshore). Turn in Down the Scarlet Path as well as Further Mysteries.

Make sure you get all the quests in town, such that your quest log looks like:

  • Noble Deaths
  • Crushridge Warmongers
  • Dark Council
  • Preserving Knowledge
  • The Perenolde Tiara
  • Magical Analysis

Some of these quests are follow-ups from earlier chains. If you don't have some of them, don't worry about it - just follow the portions of the guide for which you have quests for.

Set your Hearthstone to Southshore.

  1. Head northwest to Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver outside Dalaran. Turn in Magical Analysis and get the follow-up Ansirem's Key.

  2. Head northeast to the Ruins of Alterac. Go to the keep and kill 10 Crushridge Warmongers and Grel'borg the Miser who patrols inside the first floor of the keep and wanders outside occasionally. Loot the Perenolde Tiara.

  3. Head northeast to the town hall and get the Weathered Worn Book and kill enough ogres to collect 5 Recovered Tome.

  4. Head east to get out of the ogre area then up the northwest path. There are four main Syndicate Camps and each camp has an Argus Shadow Mage. Kill him and also kill the surrounding syndicates to collect 7 Alterac Signet Ring. There's no rush to collect all the signet rings in this camp, there are three more to go to the northwest.

  5. This is the second syndicate camp. Kill the Argus Shadow Mage and surrounding syndicates.

  6. This is the third syndicate camp. Kill the Argus Shadow Mage and surrounding syndicates.

  7. This is the fourth syndicate camp. Kill the Argus Shadow Mage and surrounding syndicates.

  8. Head northwest to a house. Nagaz is inside. Kill him for his head.
    Then, open the chest behind him to get the Ensorcelled Parchment, which starts the quest Ensorcelled Parchment.

  9. Hearth to Southshore. Turn in:

    • Preserving Knowledge and get the follow-up Return to Milton
    • Ensorcelled Parchment and get the follow-up Stormpike's Deciphering
    • Noble Deaths
    • Dark Council
    • Crushridge Warmongers

Ding80's Alliance Dustwallow Marsh Leveling Guide
Level 40

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