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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 55-58

Level 55
Level 56
Level 57
Level 58

Alliance Felwood & Winterspring Guide
Level 57

  1. Fly to Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood. Turn in the quests:

    • Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood and get the follow-up Dousing the Flames of Protection
    • Felbound Ancients wait a moment for the purification process, then get the follow-up Purified! Then, complete the quest and receive the item Flute of the Ancients

  2. Head into Jaedenar and enter the building at the end of the area, by the corrupted moonwell, and head downwards. kill your way down to Arko'narian. You should have gotten a Blood Red Key from one of the mobs (random drop) which starts the A Strange Red Key. Turn it in to Arko'narian and get the follow-up Rescue from Jaedenar.

    Douse the 1st Brazier and 2nd Brazier in the same room and follow Arko'narian further. Don't let her die and let her tank one demon whenever she pulls multiple. Douse the 3rd Brazier and 4th Brazier in the room where she gets her equipment. Then, follow her to the escort and kill Trey Lightforge.

  3. Head northeast to the ruins and use the Flute of the Ancients in your inventory in front of the Statue. Accept Arei's escort quest Ancient Spirit and let him lead you to the road. He's a solid tank, so let the attackers attack Arei in front and then pull them one by one. Once complete, you can destroy the Flute of the Ancients.

  4. Head north to Nafien and turn in Speak to Nafien. Get the follow-up Deadwood of the North.

  5. Head west and kill 6 Deadwood Den Watcher, 6 Deadwood Avenger, and 6 Deadwood Shaman. You're also likely to have received a Deadwood Ritual Totem, start the quest from it if you got one.

  6. Return to Nafien and turn in Deadwood of the North and enter Timbermaw Hold.

    Note: If you're 58 or about 25k experience away from it, then go into "turn in quests mode" - first, go through the Timbermaw Hold tunnel to Donova Snowden (see below) and turn in It's a Secret to Everybody, then head back and then fly back and turn in the quests and then move onto the Level 58 portion of the guide. Otherwise, finish up the rest of the guide.

  1. Head through the tunnel to Winterfall. Meet Salfa and get Winterfall Activity.
    In the rest of the Winterspring, pick up 10 Moontouched Feathers as you travel through the area.

  2. Ride south to Donova Snowden and:

    • Turn in It's a Secret to Everybody and don't get the follow-up.
    • Turn in The New Springs and get the follow-up Strange Sources.
    • Get the quest Threat of the Winterfall.

  3. Head north to a Winterfall Furbolg village and kill all the furbolgs there.

  4. Head southeast to another Winterfall Furbolg village and kill all the furbolgs there, finishing killing 8 Winterfall Pathfinder, 8 Winterfall Den Watcher, and 8 Winterfall Totemic. You should also have looted a Empty Firewater Flask which starts Winterfall Firewater.

  5. Head northeast to Starfall Village. Turn in To Winterspring! and get the follow-up Ruins of Kel'Theril. Turn in Ruins of Kel'Theril, but don't get the follow-up Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril. Do get the quest Enraged Wildkin.

  6. Head southeast to Everlook and turn in Felnok Steelspring. Ignore the quests that take you to the plaguelands (Luck Be With You, Sister Pamela, The Everlook Report, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff) and only get the quests:

    • Chillwind Horns
    • Are We There, Yeti?
    • Ursius the Shardtooth

  1. Head southeast to the yeti cave and kill yetis to collect 10 Thick Yeti Fur.

  2. Head southwest. Pick up the Damaged Crate in the camp to complete and get the next step in Enraged Wildkin.

  3. Head east to the wagon and click the keg to complete and get the next step in Enraged Wildkin. Also, pick up Jaron's Supplies next to the wagon.

  4. Head east and kill owlbeasts until you receive a Blue-Feathered Amulet.

  5. Ride south until you Discover Darkwhisper Gorge and complete Strange Sources.

  6. Ride to Everlook. Turn in:

    • Are We There, Yeti? and get the next step in the chain.

  1. Head southeast once again to the yeti cave. Head deeper inside this time and kill Ice Thistle Matriarchs and Patriarchs for 2 Pristine Yeti Horn.

  2. Head northeast to Winterfall Village and kill 8 Winterfall Shaman and 8 Winterfall Ursa. Note that many are on the outer cliffs instead of being in the village - search around the hillside by the village for more Winterfall. Also, you're likely to have found a Winterfall Ritual Totem, get the quest from it.

  3. Head north and kill Chillwind Chimaera until finished collecting 8 Uncracked Chillwind Horn.

  4. Head west into the hills and search for Ursius. Make a targetting macro (/target Ursius) and search carefully when he's in range. He wanders throughout the mountain range.

  5. Return to Everlook and turn in:

    • Chillwind Horns, don't get the follow-up.
    • Are We There, Yeti?, don't get the follow-up.
    • Ursius the Shardtooth

  6. Head northwest to Starfall Village and turn in Enraged Wildkin.

  7. Head southwest to Donova Snowden and turn in:

    • Threat of the Winterfall
    • Winterfall Firewater
    • Strange Sources

  8. Head west to Salfa outside Timbermaw Hold and turn in Winterfall Activity.

  9. Go through Timbermaw Hold and turn in the Winterfall Ritual Totem and the Deadwood Ritual Totem if you received them. Also, you should get the quest Runecloth if you are friendly - you should easily have 30 Runecloth - turn in the quest for a nice amount of experience.

    Then, head through to Felwood.

To finish up:

Head south to Talonbranch Glade.

Fly to Emerald Sanctuary. Turn in the quests:

  • Rescue from Jaedenar
  • Dousing the Flames of Protection

Fly to Forest Song, Ashenvale and turn in Ancient Spirit.

Fly to Ruth'Theran Village. Turn in Moontouched Wildkin.

Head into Darnassus to the northern Cenarion Enclave. Head up to Arch Druid Staghelm and get Un'Goro Soil. Turn in the quest to Jenal, below, behind the tree.

Hearth to Stormwind.

Ding80's Alliance Un'Goro Crater Leveling Guide
Level 56

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