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Alliance Leveling Guide Howling Fjord Guide Level 68- 70

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Level 68b
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Alliance Howling Fjord Guide Part 1
Level 68

Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands. Then, take the boat on the northern pier to arrive at Valgarde Keep.

Note that you can't fly in Northrend until you've learned Cold Weather Flying (Learnable at Level 77, or at Level 68 with the Heirloom Item: Tome of Cold Weather Flight if you already have one Level 80 character)

  1. At Valgarde Keep, get Hell Has Frozen Over..., then turn it in the nearby Vice Admiral Keller and get the follow-up If Valgarde Falls...

  2. Head just north of Valgarde and kill 12 Dragonflayer Invaders who continue spawning and charging the keep.

  3. Return to Valgarde and turn in If Valgarde Falls... and get the follow-up Rescuing the Rescuers.

  4. Head north past the river and pick up Ceremonial Dragonflayer Harpoons off the scouts. Rescue 8 Scouts.

  5. Head west to Scout Valory and get Fresh Legs.

  6. Return to Valgarde and turn in Rescuing the Rescuers. Get all the new quests:

    • Prisoners of Wyrmskull
    • The Human League
    • Into the World of Spirits
    • The Path to Payback

  7. Head northeast into the water and dive and meet Harold Lagras underwater. Get Daggercap Divin'.

    • Collect 10 Valgarde Supply Crates around the area.
    • Get the Reagent Pouch on the deck of the underwater wrecked ship, slightly northwest of Harold.
    • Then, turn in Daggercap Divin'.

  8. Return to Valgarde and turn in Into the World of Spirits and get the follow-up The Echo of Ymiron.

  1. Head north into Wyrmskull Village. Kill Dragonflayers until you have 3 Dragonflayer Cage Keys - open the cages around the area and Rescue 3 Capture Valgarde Prisoners.

  2. Go to Pulroy the Archaelogist inside a building to the east and turn in The Human League and get the follow-up Zedd's Probably Dead.

  3. Return to Valgarde and turn in Prisoners of Wyrmskull and get the follow-up Dragonflayer Battle Plans.

  4. Head into Wyrmskull Village again, and head down the slope into the pit on the northwest side. Clear the worgs and find Zedd, hanging. Complete in Zedd's Probably Dead and get the follow-up And Then There Were Two...

    Near Zedd along at the end of the path is a cave - go into it and loot the Dragonflayer Battle Plans hanging on a wall.

  5. Head out of the pit and take the bridge - cross it and enter the Utgarde Catacombs.

    • Go down to Glorenfeld and turn in And There Were Two... and get the follow-up The Depth of Depravity.

    • Head onwards and look for 10 Wyrmskull Tablets along the corridors. At the intersection, turn left and loot the Harpoon Operation Manual. Also, get The Shining Light from Ares the Oathbound.

    • Head back towards the intersection and head straight - then, go all the way down the stairs. Go straight through the ghouls - while the shield is on you, the ghouls will die when they hit you just once. Note: you can still die though! Recover some health after getting hit a bit. Loot the Sacred Artifact, then head back through the ghouls.

    • Then, return to Ares the Oathbound and turn in The Shining Light and get the follow-up Guided by Honor.

    • Return towards the entrance and turn in The Depths of Depravity and get the follow-up The Ring of Judgement.

    • Go back to the stairs and go down just one floor. Turn in The Ring of Judgement to the caged Daegarn and get the follow-up Stunning Defeat at the Ring. Fight the gladiator in the center as well as the next two gladiators, then loot the Ancient Cipher upon defeating all of them.

    • Return to the entrance and turn in Stunning Defeat at the Ring and get the follow-up Return to Valgarde.

  6. Return to Valgarde and turn in:

    • Dragonflayer Battle Plans and get the follow-up To Westguard Keep!
    • Guided by Honor
    • Return to Valgarde and get hte follow-up The Explorers' League Outpost
    • The Path to Payback and get the follow-up Locating the Mechanism

Ding80's Alliance Travel to Northrend Guide
Level 68

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