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Alliance Leveling Guide Zul'Drak Guide Level 76-77

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Alliance Zul'Drak Guide Part 2
Level 76

  1. Ride north to Voltarus. This is a quest-filled area where you will have to keep reporting back to Drakuru on top of the necropolis, then go just a short distance to complete the objective, before warping back to Drakuru and using Stefan's Horn to turn in quests to Stefan as well. Due to the small running distance, the experience comes quick here!

      • Use your Ensorcelled Choker to put on the disguise and get atop the platform to warp to Voltarus. Get Dark Horizon from Drakuru.

    • Head to the southeast area of the flying necropolis and talk to Gorebag. Take the tour of Zul'Drak, then turn in Dark Horizon to Drakuru.

      • Head out of the necropolis by running into the green area to go down. Use Stefan's Horn to summon Stefan and turn in Infiltrating Voltarus. Get the follow-up, So Far, So Bad.

      • Enter the necropolis again with the disguise on and get It Rolls Downhill from Drakuru.

    • Exit the necropolis, and use the Scepter of Suggestion on Blight Geists, then command them to gather Blight Crystals. Wait for the blight geist to walk onto the teleporter and getting credit for collecting a crystal before controlling a new one. Collect 7 Crystals.

    • At the same time, wander around the edge of the Reliquary of Pain and use the Diluting Additive into 5 Blight Cauldrons. Use it quickly then run away to avoid the mob that spawns.

      • Warp back up to Drakuru and turn in So Far, So Bad.

      • Warp down and use Stefean's Horn to summon Stefan. Turn in So Far, So Bad and get the follow-up Hazardous Materials.

      • Warp back up to Drakuru and get Zero Tolerance. While on top of the necropolis, walk around and open crates for 5 Harvested Blight Crystals. Note that each time you pick up a crate, there's a chance your disguise will soon fail.

  2. Warp down. Head southeast and use the Scepter of Empowerment on a Servant of Drakuru. Send it to fight Darmuk, who is further south on the platform. You will need to remain in ghoul form this entire time, so solely use your pet to fight. First, send in the servant and use the Ferocious Enrage ability. Then, use Gut Rip and Stunning Force on cooldown. If you use those abilities on cooldown you should win handily.

      • Warp back up to Drakuru and turn in Zero Tolerance.

      • Warp back down. Use the horn to summon Stefan and turn in Hazardous Materials. Get the follow-up Sabotage.

      • Warp back up to Drakuru and get Fuel for the Fire.

    • Warp down and head northeast. Use the Explosive Charges next to 5 Scourgewagons to blow them up.

  3. Use the Scepter of Command on a Bloated Abomination. Run it through the trolls by ordering your pet to attack in sequence the trolls in a camp, and keep using the Flatulate ability in order to stay ahead of them and "kite" them. Gather as many as you can before it dies, then Explode it. Repeat this until you kill 60 Drakkari Skullcrushers. Note: You will not get credit if you explode the abomination while the trolls are knocked down with Flatulate. When you've finished gathering as many as you can up, explode without using Flatulate. A good safe number to gather and kill each run is 10.

      • Warp back up to Drakuru and turn in Fuel for the Fire. Get the follow-up Disclosure.

    • Take the portal upwards (step into the upper blue circle in the middle of the room). Open the Musty Coffin and follow Malmortis.

    • Take the green circle portal back to Drakuru and turn in Disclosure.

      • Warp back to the ground and use the horn to summon Stefan. Turn in Sabotage. Get the follow-up Betrayal.

    • NOTE: The following fight is challenging solo! Make sure you have your Scepter of Domination hotkeyed or dragged to a very easy-to-use place first before starting, you will need to use it immediately. Read the entire section before talking to Drakuru.

      Warp back up and talk to Drakuru and tell him you're ready to join him. When you're on the upper level, your disguise will start fading. Quickly use the Scepter of Domination on a Brightblood Troll. Send it to attack Drakuru and use its first two damage dealing abilities on cooldown (Concussion Blow and Powerful Strike). In the meantime, you have to run (try strafing in a circle) and avoid the crystals Drakuru throws at you. If you're low in health, you can use the third ability (Brightblood Infusion) to have your pet heal you. You can and should attack Drakuru as well during the entire fight.

      Your pet does not have enough health to take down Drakuru - you will have to take control of another one right after it dies, then send it to fight Drakuru again. During this time Drakuru will throw shadowbolts at you - use the heal ability of the new troll the moment you get it.

      When Drakuru dies, loot the Drakuru's Skull and Drakuru's Last Wish. Use the last wish to leave the necropolis.

      Summon Stefan with the horn and turn in Betrayal.

Ding80's Alliance Zul'Drak Leveling Guide
Level 76a

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