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Alliance Leveling Guide Zul'Drak Guide Level 76-77

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Alliance Zul'Drak Guide Part 4
Level 77

  1. Ride west to Captain Grondel and get Creature Comforts.

  2. Head northwest to Captain Arnath and get the quests:

    • Siphoning the Spirits
    • Lab Work
      • First, head to the north area of the lab. You can find the Muddy Mire Maggot, Withered Batwing, and Amberseed here.
      • Then, head to the south area of the lab. You can find the Chilled Serpent Mucus there. Turn in Lab Work.

  3. Head south to the pools and kill Lost Drakkari Spirits (the neutral ones) for 5 Ancient Ectoplasm. The aggressive ghosts don't drop them.

  4. Return to Captain Arnath and turn in Siphoning the Spirits. Get the follow-ups:

    • Clipping Their Wings
    • Stocking the Shelves

    • The area around the building is full of Trapdoor Crawlers and Zul'Drak Bats. Kill them for 7 Fresh Spider Ichor and 7 Unblemished Bat Wings.

    • Then, return to Captain Arnath and turn in Clipping Their Wings and Stocking the Shelves.

  1. Ride northeast to Sergeant Stackhammer and turn in New Orders for Sergeant Stackhammer. Get the follow-up quests:

    • Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving!
    • Mopping Up

  2. Head north and kill 10 Sseratus Trolls and talk to 10 Argent Soldiers. You will get a Strange Mojo from the trolls which will start the quest Strange Mojo.

  3. Ride to the top of the temple and get credit for investigating the Altar of Sseratus.

  4. Return to Sergeant Stackhammer and turn in:

    • Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving!
    • Mopping Up

  5. Ride south to the Argent Stand and turn in:

    • Pure Evil
    • Strange Mojo
    • Trouble at the Altar of Sseratus

    Get the new quests:

    • Precious Elemental Fluids
    • The Drakkari Do Not Need Water Elementals!

  6. Ride south to the Drak'Sotra Fields. Here, complete the following objectives:

    • Gather 5 Mature Water-Poppy
    • Kill Crazed Water Spirits for 3 Water Elemental Links. Once you get 3 (you cannot get more than 3), use them to create a Tether to the Plane of Water. Use the tether to summon a Watery Lord and kill it for Precious Elemental Fluids. Repeat this step for a total of 3 Precious Elemental Fluids.
    • Kill 10 Drakkari Water Binders.

  7. Ride east to Captain Brandon. Turn in Something for the Pain.

  8. Ride northwest to The Argent Stand. Turn in:

    • Precious Elemental Fluids
    • The Drakkari Do Not Need Water Elementals

    Get the new quests:

    • Gluttonous Lurkers
    • Mushroom Mixer

  1. Ride northeast to the water area. Complete all these objectives at the same time:

    • Collect 10 Muddlecap Fungus
    • Collect 20 Dead Thornwood
    • Collect Zul'drak Rats. When you get 5, target a Luring Basilisk and throw all 5 at it. Then, collect the Basilisk Crystal. Collect a total of 5 crystals.

  2. Then, return to Captain Grondel and turn in Creature Comforts.

  3. Return to The Argent Stand and turn in Gluttonous Lurkers and Pa'Troll and get the follow-up Too Much of a Good Thing.

  4. Ride northwest to Alchemist Finkelstein and turn in Gluttonous Lurkers.

  5. Ride northeast to the Prophet of Sseratus and throw the Modified Mojo at him, then kill him.

  6. Return to The Argent Stand and turn in Too Much of a Good Thing and get the follow-up The Witch Doctor.

Ding80's Alliance Zul'Drak Leveling Guide
Level 76c

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