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WoW Fastest Free Leveling Guide

Level to 80 in under 6 days /played!

After completing the guides, I ran a warlock through to 80 in under 6 days /played through a strict following of the guide. I followed the guide to the letter and casually played for a month to reach 80. I even played on a PvP server so I got ganked a couple times and played a class I was unfamiliar with - Warlock (which is, granted, one of the faster classes to level with).

My time was 5 Days, 21 Hours, 2 Minutes - Just under 6 days with no twinking at all, minimal rest experience, solo on a PvP server.

If you're leveling an alt with the +10% heirloom experience shoulders or with a heirloom weapon (or both!), have a friend who can level with you, or can twink a couple items, you will level even faster. My leveling was done pre-mounts being available at level 20; I feel like I could accomplish leveling to 80 in under 5 days now.

Level 1 - 10: ~20 Minutes per Level

Level 10 - 20: ~1 Hour per Level

Level 20 - 30: ~1 Hour 30 Minutes per Level

Level 30 - 40: ~1 Hour 20 Minutes per Level

Level 40 - 50: ~2 Hours per Level

Level 50 - 60: ~2 Hours per Level

Level 60 - 70: ~2 Hours 20 Minutes per Level

Level 70 - 80: ~4 Hours per Level

So, go check out the World of Warcraft's Fastest Free Leveling Guide now and be amazed by how fast you Ding 80! Just select your faction below and you'll be on your way.

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