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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 30-34

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Horde Hillsbrad Foothills Guide Part 4
Level 32

Hearth to Orgrimmar and train your skills. If you have kept up with the Elixir of Agony chain from earlier, you'll now need to pick up a Strong Troll's Blood Elixir from the Auction House. If none are available, buy 2 Briarthorn, 2 Bruiseweed, and 1 Leaded Vial and get an Alchemist through trade chat to make it for you.

Take the Zeppelin to the Undercity. Enter the Undercity.

Go to Master Apothecary Farell at The Apothecarium and turn in Elixir of Agony and get the next step in the chain.

Go to the Flight Master and get To Steal from Thieves from Genavie, nearby.

  1. Fly to Tarren Hill, Hillsbrad. There are many quests to pick up now. There are a couple that shouldn't be gotten yet because the quest log will soon be quite full. Just pick up the following quests - and, along with your earlier quests, you should now have:

    • Battle of Hillsbrad
    • Elixir of Agony
    • Humbert's Sword
    • Regthar Deathgate
    • Soothing Turtle Bisque
    • The Hammer May Fall
    • Helcular's Revenge

    The quests that you should not pick up for now, or abandon if you have them, are:

    • Stone Tokens
    • Infiltration
    • Prison Break In
    • Wanted: Baron Vardus

    With 10 Turtle Meat, (To finish getting the 10 Turtle Meat quickly if you don't have it yet, kill the turtles which are at the river straight to the east - they drop a lot of turtle meat.) buy 1 Soothing Spices from the inn. Turn in Soothing Turtle Bisque.

  2. Head southwest to the Yeti Cave. Kill yetis until you get Helcular's Rod - it has a low droprate, so keep killing yetis until you get it.

  3. Head southwest to the Murlocs. Kill them for 5 Torn Fin Eyes.

  4. Swim east, avoiding Southshore, and kill Nagas for 5 Daggerspine Scales.

  5. Return to Tarren Mill and turn in Elixir of Agony and Helcular's Revenge. Get both follow-ups, Elixir of Agony and Helcular's Revenge.

  6. Go southeast into Dun Garok. Keep killing your way around the fortress to complete all of the objectives which are located throughout the fortress:

    • Head into a side room right by the entrance and head down it - get the Keg of Shindigger Stout
    • Kill 8 Dun Garok Mountaineer, 4 Dun Garok Rifleman, 2 Dun Garok Priest
    • At the bottom big room, kill Captain Ironhill
    • Get Humbert's Sword, a random rare drop from any dwarf

  7. Head northeast into the Arathi Highlands.

Ding80's Horde Thousand Needles Leveling Guide
Level 31

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