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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 30-34

Level 30
Level 31
Level 32
Level 33
Level 34

Horde Arathi Highlands Guide
Level 33

  1. Follow the road then head a bit north to Boulder'gor. Kill 8 Boulderfist Ogre and 10 Boulderfist Enforcer inside the ogre mound.

  2. Follow the road all the way to Hammerfall. Turn in The Hammer May Fall and get the follow-up Call to Arms. Get the Flight Path. In all, pick up ONLY these quests from Hammerfall:

    • Hammerfall (and turn it in and get the follow-up Raising Spirits)
    • Call to Arms

  3. Head west and kill Highland Raptors for 10 Highland Raptor Eyes.

  4. Head west to the Dabyrie Farmstead.

    • Kill Fardel in the field.
    • Kill Marcel, inside the stables.
    • Kill Kenata in the northern house on the hill.

  5. Head southeast to Witherbark Village. Kill 10 Witherbark Axe Thrower, 10 Witherbark Headhunter, and 8 Witherbark Witch Doctor.

  6. Return to Hammerfall. Turn in Call to Arms and Raising Spirits. Don't get any follow-ups.

When done, Fly to Tarren Mill. Turn in:

  • Battle of Hillsbrad
  • Elixir of Agony (then, head upstairs inside the inn and click the carpet to complete the quest chain)
  • Humbert's Sword

Then, Fly to The Undercity. Turn in To Steal From Thieves. Go to Varimathras at the southwest section of The Undercity (at the end, through the long tunnel passageway) and turn in The Battle of Hillsbrad. Get The Crown of Will from Sharlindra (requirement: Level 34, which you should have hit by now.)

Finally, Hearth to Orgrimmar.

Ding80's Horde Hillsbrad Foothills Leveling Guide
Level 32

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