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Horde Dustwallow Marsh Guide Part 3
Level 40

If you've just joined in here, this guide continues the Dustwallow Marsh quests. Start at the level 38 section if you haven't done any of the quests here yet and quest your way up to this part.

Note that as of Patch 3.2, you may buy an Epic Ground Mount at level 40 for just 50 gold. Hold off one level though - we'll be out of Dustwallow Marsh soon and we'll get a mount as soon as we're out!

  1. Head south out of Mudsprocket and kill Searing Whelps and Hatchlings for 7 Searing Tongues and 7 Searing Hearts. Gather 8 Wyrmtails.

  2. Head northwest to the raptors and clear a path to Goreclaw the Ravenous and kill him. Collect 5 Bloodfen Feathers.

  3. Return to Mudsprocket and turn in:

    • Bloodfen Feathers
    • WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous
    • Catch a Dragon by the Tail

    and get the follow-ups:

    • Banner of the Stonemaul
    • The Essence of Enmity

  4. Ride northwest to the Den of Flame and clear your way into the cave. Near the entrance, pick up Mok'Morokk's Grog.

    Use Brogg's Totem on the Firemaw Dragons to collect 10 Black Dragonkin Essence. Keep left in the cave and loot the Stonemaul Banner on the left side dead end. Then, clear your way to the other side to loot Mok'Morokk's Strongbox. Finish killing 10 Firemane Scout, 10 Firemane Ash Tail, and 5 Firemane Scalebane in the cave as well.

  5. Return to Mudsprocket and turn in

    • Banner of the Stonemaul
    • The Essence of Enmity

    and get the follow-up Spirits of Stonemaul Hold.

  6. Head northeast to Stonemaul Ruins and loot Mok'Morokk's Snuff in the middle of the ruins. Also, loot the Ogre Remains scattered about. A Stonemaul Spirit will appear after looting. Kill 10 Spirits.

  7. Return to Mudsprocket and turn in Spirits of Stonemaul Hold and get the follow-up Challenge to the Black Flight.

  8. Head east to Onyxia's Lair. At the entrance, plant the Stonemaul Banner to get Smolderwing to come out so you can kill him.

  9. Return to Mudsprocket and turn in Challenge to the Black Flight.

To finish this line of quests, time for some flying:

  1. Fly to Brackenwall Village. Turn in your quests:

    • Signs of Treachery?
    • Army of the Black Dragon
    • Identifying the Brood and get the follow-up The Brood of Onyxia. Talk to Overlord Mok'Morokk to complete and get the next step, then go back to Draz'Zilb and complete the quest - don't get the follow-up at the part where you have to go out and destroy the eggs.
    • Overlord Mok'morokk's Concern

  2. (If you've followed the guide up to the Deadmire quest chainline) Fly to Thunder Bluff. Go to The Hunter Rise to Melor and turn in Deadmire.

  3. Fly to Ratchet. Turn in Stinky's Escape.

  4. Fly to Orgrimmar. Train your skills.

Ding80's Horde Dustwallow Marsh Leveling Guide
Level 39

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