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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 50-54

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Horde Blasted Lands Guide
Level 53

  1. Fly to Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows.

  2. Head south to the Fallen Hero of the Horde at the entrance to The Blasted Lands. Get his quest, A Tale of Sorrow and talk to him again and listen to his story. Then, turn in the quest and dont' get the follow-up.

  3. Head southwest into The Blasted Lands. Just to the left of the road entering The Blasted Lands, get all the quests from the two blood elf mages:

    • Salt of the Scorpok
    • Infallible Mind
    • Spirit of the Boar
    • Rage of Ages
    • Spiritual Domination

There will be a lot of killing next - the next couple steps will be a loop. Focus on killing vultures because those are the mobs which spawn the least yet have the most amount of items necessary. Thus, chase after vultures, the rest of the mobs you can just clear a line through to get to more vultures. If the vulture section is done first, that will be best so you won't end up at the end having gathered everything except vulture gizzards. The vultures have a seven minute spawn time.

You will need to collect a total of:

  • 6 Blasted Boar Lung
  • 6 Scorpok Pincer
  • 11 Basilisk Brain
  • 5 Snickerfang Jowl
  • 14 Vulture Gizzard
  1. Head down the path. Kill Hyenas & Scorpoks, don't spend too much time killing many here, this is usually the first part complete.

  2. Kill Vultures. If you see them in the distance, chase after them! Its likely that even with the vulture-focused killing, you finish collecting the gizzards last.

  3. Kill Basilisks.

  4. Hunt down any Vultures to the north and respawns.

  5. Kill some Boars as you head north.

  6. Repeat the loop until all the items listed above are colected. You may also randomly find Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment and Flawless Draenthyst Sphere - turn those in to Kum'Isha the Collector located near the vulture area on the above map. Then, return to the Blood Elf Mages and turn the five quests in.

    • A Boar's Vitality
    • Snickerfang Jowls
    • The Basilisk's Bite
    • The Decisive Striker
    • Vulture's Vigor

Ding80's Horde Searing Gorge Leveling Guide
Level 52

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