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Alliance Leveling Guide Hellfire Peninsula Guide Level 58-61

Level 58
Level 59
Level 60
Level 61

Horde Hellfire Peninsula Guide Part 1
Level 58

And we're through The Dark Portal! Welcome to the Outland!

  1. Go down the stairs and turn in Through the Dark Portal to Lieutenant General Orion and get the follow-up Arrival in Outland.

  2. Head south and turn in Arrival in Outland to Vlagga Freyfeather and get the follow-up Journey to Thrallmar.
    Fly to Thrallmar.

  3. Turn in Journey to Thrallmar and get the follow-up Report to Nazgrel.

    Turn in Report to Nazgrel. Get the follow-up quests as well as the other quests in town:

    • Bonechewer Blood
    • Eradicate the Burning Legion
    • I Work...For the Horde!

    Set your Hearthstone to Thrallmar.

  4. Head east to Sergeant Shatterskull and turn in Eradicate the Burning Legion. Get the follow-up Felspark Ravine.

  5. Head northeast and kill 6 Infernal Warbringer, 4 Flamewalker Imp, 1 Dreadcaller.

  6. Ride southwest and kill Bonechewer Orcs for Bonechewer Blood and collect Salvaged Metal and Salvaged Wood.

  7. Head west to the other orc camp and finish gathering 12 Bonechewer Blood and collecting 8 Salvaged Metal and 8 Salvaged Wood.

  8. Return to Thrallmar.

  1. At Thrallmar, turn in Bonechewer Blood and I Work...for the Horde! and get the follow-ups:

    • Apothecary Zelana
    • Burn it Up... For the Horde!

  2. Ride east to Sergeant Shatterskull and turn in Felspark Ravine. Get the follow-up Forward Base: Reaver's Fall.

  3. Ride southeast to Reaver's Fall. Turn in Apothecary Zelana and Forward Base: Reaver's Fall. Get the follow-up quests:

    • Spinebreaker Post
    • Disrupt Their Reinforcements

  4. Clear all the demons on your way southeast to Portal Xilus. With 4 Demonic Rune Stones looted from the demons, go up to the portal and disable it.

  5. Clear your way to Portal Kruul. With 4 Demonic Rune Stones looted from the demons, go up to the portal and disable it.

  6. Return to Reaver's Fall. Turn in Disrupt Their Reinforcements and get the follow-up Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz.

    • Talk to Wing Commander Brack and choose the Bombing Mission option. Use your Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator and aim them at Gateway Shaadraz and Gateway Murketh when you fly over them.

    • Then, turn in Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz once done. Get the follow-up quests:

      • Return to Thrallmar
      • Mission: The Abyssal Shelf

    • Talk to Wing Commander Brack again and this time have him send you to The Abyssal Shelf. Use your Area 52 Special to bomb the targets. Use the bomb on cooldown and aim carefully for the best chance to completing the goal in one run - if not, just run it again and finish the monsters off.

    • When done, turn in Mission: The Abyssal Shelf.

    • Finally, talk to Wing Commander Brack and have him send you to Spinebreaker Post.

  1. At Spinebreaker Post, turn in Spinebreaker Post. Get the Flight Path. Pick up all the quests in the area:

    • Boiling Blood
    • Wanted: Worg Master Kruush
    • Make Them Listen
    • Preparing the Salve
    • The Warp Rifts

  2. Clear your way northwest. Gather Hellfire Spineleaf on your way while clearing all the wildlife around the area.

  3. Head northwest to the Western Cannon and use the Flaming Torch to burn it.

  4. Head east to the Eastern Cannon and use the Flaming Torch to burn it.

  5. Clear your way back southeast towards Zeth'Gor. Finish gathering 12 Hellfire Spineleaf. If you haven't reached Level 59 yet, then kill the wildlife until you are level 59. Being 59 will make the later quests much easier. The monsters are easy here and the experience and your level should come quick.

Ding80's Horde Travel to Outlands Guide
Level 58

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