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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 13-19

Level 13-15
Level 15-17
Level 17-19

Alliance Westfall Guide
Level 13-15

  1. Enter Westfall and near the entrance to the zone, talk to the Furlbrow Farmers. Get the quests:

    • Westfall Stew
    • The Forgotten Heirloom
    • Poor Old Blanchy

    Keep your eye out for Handfuls of Oats during the next steps. There's no hurry to finish gathering them immediately since they are scattered across all farms in the zone.

  2. Head northwest to Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm. Get Furlbrow's Pocket Watch from the wardrobe. Be careful of Benny Blanco, a level 15 inside the small house, alongside another Defias add. If you're strong enough, kill them both - otherwise, just run in, get the watch, and run out.

  3. Head to Saldean's Farm. Turn in Westfall Stew and get the quests:

    • Goretusk Liver Pie
    • Westfall Stew
    • The Killing Fields

  4. Head south to Sentinel Tower. Turn in Report to Gryan Stoutmantle and get the quests:

    • A Swift Message - (Only for humans - don't fly back and forth, save some time by only flying to Stormwind when the guide has you fly from Westfall -> Stormwind -> Loch Modan, and return it when the guide has you come back to Westfall from Loch Modan.)
    • The People's Militia
    • Patrolling Westfall

  5. Slightly southwest, talk to Scout Galiaan and get Red Leather Bandanas. There's no rush to collect these, the quests take you to kill many Defias throughout the zone later.

  1. Head along the guide path to the west, then around to the north, killing most everything in your way.

    • Kill Goretusks for 8 Goretusk Liver, 3 Goretusk Snouts, and 3 Boar Intestines (NOTE: The Boar Intestines are required for a future quest, so keep them in a safe space in your inventory, don't sell them.)
    • Kill 15 Defias Trapper and 15 Defias Smuggler.
    • Kill Fleshrippers for 3 Stringy Vulture Meat.
    • Kill Harvest Golems for 3 Okra. (These weaker golems are at the northeast farm by the Furlbrow Farmers)

  2. Head north to the two gnoll camps. Alternate between them killing then single gnolls to collect 8 Gnoll Paw as well as 8 Handful of Oats. If more gnoll paws are needed, there are more gnoll camps to the west.

  3. Head north to the murloc camps and kill murlocs for 3 Murloc Eyes.

  4. Return to the Furlbrow Farmers and turn in:

    • The Forgotten Heirloom
    • Poor Old Blanchy

  5. Head south to Saldean's Farm and turn in:

    • Goretusk Liver Pie
    • Westfall Stew

  6. Head south to Sentinel Hill and turn in:

    • The People's Militia and get the next step in the chain
    • Patrolling Westfall

  1. Head west to the Alexston Farmstead and kill Harvest Watchers, Defias Looters, and Defias Pillagers. Also, collect A Simple Compass from the west building, inside Alexston's Chest.

  2. Head northwest to the Gold Coast Quarry and finish killing 15 Defias Looters and 15 Defias Pillagers.

  3. Head north to Saldean's Farm. Finish killing 20 Harvest Watchers and turn in The Killing Fields. Also, gather 5 Flask of Oil and keep them in a safe spot in your inventory - you'll need them for a future quest, so don't sell them.

  4. Return to Sentinel Hill and turn in The People's Militia and get the next step in the chain.

Fly to Stormwind. Train your skills. Set your Hearthstone to Stormwind. Turn in:

  • Delivery to Stormwind near the entrance to Stormwind
  • Humble Beginnings at the northeastern area of the Cathedral Square
  • Elmore's Task at the northwestern area of The Dwarven District and get the follow-up Stormpike's Delivery.

Also, go to the Weapon Master (Talk to a guard and ask for the location of the Weapon Master for a pinpoint location) and train proficiency in any weapon skills you can learn. Note that each major city has an unique Weapon Master which can teach you other weapon skills - make sure you visit each one in each major city once in the future.

Take the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge.


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