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Alliance Dustwallow Marsh Guide Part 2
Level 39

  1. Head up to Sentry Point and turn in Defias in Dustwallow? and get the follow-up Renn McGill.

  2. Head to Swamplight Manor and turn in Jarl Needs Eyes and get the follow-up Jarl Needs A Blade.

    Also, turn in The Witch's Bane and get the follow-up Cleansing Witch Hill. Use the Witchbane Torch at the end of the dock and defeat Zelfrfax and complete Cleansing Witch Hill.

  3. Head northeast from the manor and kill Razorspine and the Mirefin Murlocs for 8 Mirefin Heads.

  4. Swim east to the island and turn in Renn McGill and get the follow-up Secondhand Diving Gear.

  5. Go to the southern part of the island and pick up the Tools and the Damaged Diving Gear.
    Then, Return to Renn McGill and turn in Secondhand Diving Gear and get the follow-up Recover the Cargo! Open Renn's Supplies and get the Repaired Diving Gear and the Salvage Kit.

  6. Swim east and use the Salvage Kit on the Shipwreck Debris and collect 6 Salvaged Strongboxes. Sometimes you'll be attacked by a mob.
    Finally, Return to Renn McGill and turn in Recover the Cargo! and get the follow-up Jaina Must Know.

  7. Run back to Swamplight Manor and turn in Jarl Needs A Blade.

  8. Travel far west along the road and stop by Mudcrush Durtfeet and turn in Hungry!

  9. Continue south to Lost Point and defeat Balos Jacken to complete The Deserters and get the follow-up The Deserters.

  10. Head southeast along the path to Mudsprocket. Turn in Mission to Mudsprocket - don't get any of the quests for now. Get the flight path.

  11. Fly (or, if its up) Hearth to Theramore.

  1. At Theamore, turn in The Deserters and get A Grim Connection.
    At the center tower, climb to the top and turn in Jaina Must Know. Get the follow-up Survey Alcaz Island. Head to Cassa Crimsonwing near the flight master and fly over Alcaz Island. Finally, return to Jaina and turn in Survey Alcaz Island.

  2. Head northwest to North Point. Turn in A Grim Connection and get the follow-ups Arms of the Grimtotems and Confirming the Suspicion. Also, get Raptor Captor from Sergeant Lukas.

  3. Head north and use the Sturdy Rope to capture 6 Raptors once you bring them down to 20% health.
    Also, Talk to "Stinky" Ignatz and accept his quest Stinky's Escape. Escort him through the raptors.

    • You will return near North Point. Talk to Sergeant Lukas and turn in Raptor Captor. Get the follow-ups Prisoners of the Grimtotems and Unleash the Raptors. Now you have all four quests involving the next location!

  4. Head north to Blackhoof Village.

    • Fight your way to the center at the windmill, and drop the Raptor Bait to complete Unleash the Raptors.
    • Slay the grimtotems to gather their keys and free 5 Theramore Prisoners.
    • Look around the village for 7 Blackhoof Armaments and gather them.
    • Kill Grimtotem Elders to get 4 Grimtotem Notes which combine into the Grimtotem Battle Plan.

  5. Return to North Point and turn in all four quests:

    • Prisoners of the Grimtotems
    • Unleash the Raptors
    • Arms of the Grimtotems
    • Confirming the Suspicion

    Get the follow-up Tabetha's Assistance.

The rest of the many quests in Dustwallow Marsh are continued in the next section!

Ding80's Alliance Dustwallow Marsh Leveling Guide
Level 38

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