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Alliance Leveling Guide Hellfire Peninsula Guide Level 58-61

Level 58
Level 59
Level 60
Level 61

Alliance Hellfire Peninsula Guide Part 1
Level 58

And we're through The Dark Portal! Welcome to the Outland!
Make sure you have a Nethergarde Bitter (bought from Nethergarde Keep in The Blasted Lands.)

  1. Go down the stairs and turn in Through the Dark Portal and get the follow-up Arrival in Outland.

  2. Head south and turn in Arrival in Outland and get the follow-up Journey to Honor Hold.
    Fly to Honor Hold.

    Turn in Journey to Honor Hold and get the follow-up Force Commander Danath.

  3. Turn in Force Commander Danath. Get the follow-ups quests:

    • The Legion Reborn
    • Know Your Enemy

  4. Head west to the tower and turn in Know Your Enemy. Get the quests:

    • Waste Not, Want Not
    • Fel Orc Scavengers

  5. Head northeast and kill Bonechewer Orcs and collect Salvaged Metal and Salvaged Wood.

  6. Head east to the other orc camp and finish killing 20 Bonechewer Orcs and collecting 8 Salvaged Metal and 8 Salvaged Wood.

  7. Return to the tower and turn in

    • Waste Not, Want Not and get the follow-up Laying Waste to the Unwanted
    • Fel Orc Scavengers and get the follow-up Ill Omens

  1. Head east to the eastern tower. Turn in The Legion Reborn and get The Path of Anguish.

  2. Head northeast and kill a Dreadcaller, 4 Flamewalker Imp, and 6 Infernal Warmonger.

  3. Head northwest to the horde side catapults. Start with the Eastern Thrower and burn it using the Flaming Torch.

  4. Head west to the Central Eastern Thrower and burn it.

  5. Head west to the Central Western Thrower and Western Thrower and burn them.

  6. Head back to the east tower and turn in The Path of Anguish and get the follow-up Expedition Point.

  7. Head back to the west tower and turn in Laying Waste to the Unwanted.

  8. If not yet 59, return to the The Legion Front and kill demons until you reach Level 59. Being 59 will make the later quests much easier. The monsters are easy here and the experience and your level should come quick!

Ding80's Alliance Travel to Outlands Guide
Level 58

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