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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Hellfire Peninsula Guide Level 58-61

Level 58
Level 59
Level 60
Level 61

Alliance Hellfire Peninsula Guide Part 3
Level 60

Congratulations on level 60. As of Patch 3.2, you can fly starting at level 60. Go to Honor Hold and learn Expert Riding from your trainer and buy your flying mount. The mount speed while flying is buffed in 3.2 to +150%, which is faster than that of the epic land mount, so now you can directly fly from location to location, saving a lot of time while traveling!

The cost of the riding skill is 225g, and the flying mount costs 50g with a possible faction reputation discount. That's a decent chunk of gold...or maybe not much at all if you've been following the Gold Guide. If you have been, you might be in the thousands of gold right now - and you'll be on track for the Epic Flying Mount coming up at level 70 with the cost of 5,000g.

  1. At Honor Hold, turn in Return to Honor Hold and The Dark Missive and get all the quests:

    • An Old Gift
    • Fel Spirits
    • The Heart of Darkness
    • The Path of Glory
    • Digging for Prayer Beads
    • The Longbeards
    • Overlord (Group)
    • Weaken the Ramparts (Dungeon)

    For Digging for Prayer Beads, you can just pick up the beads Behind the Honor Hold Inn. Look for Fei Fei's Cache. Then, turn in Digging for Prayer Beads.

  2. Head west to the west tower and get Unyielding Souls.

  3. Ride southwest into Terokkar Forest along the road.

  1. Follow the road west to Shattrath City. Get the Flight Point.
    Head to the center of the city and take the portal to Stormwind. Train your skills.

  1. Hearth to Honor Hold.

  2. Head southwest to the alliance mine and talk to Foreman Biggums and get the quests:

    • A Job for an Intelligent Man
    • When this Mine's a-Rockin'

  3. Head into the mine and kill 12 Gan'arg Sappers.
    Exit the mine and to Foreman Biggums and turn in When this Mine's a-Rockin' and get the follow-up The Mastermind.

    Go back into the mine to the bottom of the path and kill Z'Kral.
    Exit the mine to Foreman Biggums and turn in The Mastermind.

  4. Head southwest to see many piles of moving rocks. Step near them to have the Marauding Crust Bursters rise up and Kill 15. Keep killing them as well until you get an Eroded Leather Case which is a random drop - it starts the quest Missing Missive.

    • Then, return to Foreman Biggums and turn in A Job for an Intelligent Man.

  5. Head southwest to the Zeppelin Crash and get:

    • Ravager Egg Roundup
    • In Case of Emergency

  6. Head southwest and kill the ravagers to get to the 12 Ravager Egg lying around the ground. The ravagers also drop them.

  7. Head northeast to the Shattered Hand Orcs and use your Anchorite Relic. Pull the orcs near the relic and kill them. Each time you kill them, a Fel Spirit will spawn - Kill 10 of them.

  8. Return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Ravager Egg Roundup and get the follow-up Helboar, the Other White Meat.

  9. Ride east and kill Helboar which drop Tainted Helboar Meat - use the Purification Mixture on them until you get 8 Purified Helboar Meat. You could also get Toxic Helboar Meat from the mixture, which is useless.

  10. Return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Helboar, the Other White Meat and get the follow-up Smooth as Butter.

  11. Head south to the Expedition Armory and kill 12 Unyielding Footman, 10 Unyielding Sorceror, and 5 Unyielding Knight.

  12. Go south of the armory to find a destroyed house. Loot the book Mysteries of the Light in front of it.

  13. Ride northeast to the Valley of Bones. Follow the canyon eastward all the while killing all vultures and collecting all the zeppelin debris until done gathering 30 Zeppelin Debris and 12 Plump Buzzard Wing.

  14. Ride north to the Path of Glory and click on the Trampled Skeleton scattered around the path. They blend in with the road, but glitter. Head down the path and Cleanse 8 Trampled Skeleton.

  15. Ride southwest to Honor Hold. Turn in:

    • An Old Gift
    • The Path of Glory and get the follow-up The Temple of Telhamat
    • Fel Spirits and get the follow-up The Exorcism of Colonel Jules

      The quest begins the exorcism ritual and enemies start to spawn. Just keep using the Ritual Prayer Beads which releases a big AoE attack on cooldown to kill everything and complete The Exorcism of Colonel Jules by speaking with Colonel Jules. Then, get the follow-up Trollbane is Looking for You.

      Turn in that quest at the keep and get the Drill the Drillmaster (Group).

  1. Ride west to the west tower and turn in Unyielding Souls and get the follow-up, Looking to the Leadership.

  2. Ride southwest to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in

    • In Case of Emergency
    • Smooth as Butter and get the follow-up Voidwalkers Gone Wild

  3. Head southeast to the expedition armory. Clear your way through the armory and kill Arch Mage Xintor

  4. Kill Lieutenant Commander Thalvos.

  5. If you're not yet Level 61, then keep killing at the expedition armory until you hit 61. This location has a plentiful amount of low hp mobs which are close to each other, so the killing will go quickly and the experience will roll in. The next portion has quests which require you to be level 61 to get them, so keep at it.

    An alternative is to run the Hellfire Ramparts with a group - the first time you do the Ramparts, you get a 40,000 experience bonus from the quests alone in addition to the experience from the instance! The presence of this huge bonus means that if you can, you should run the ramparts at least once if possible. Finishing the Ramparts unlocks the Blood Furnace quests as well, which you should also run through once after the ramparts for a large experience bonus from the quests.

    Also, if you can find somebody to do the quest Drill the Drillmaster, he's at the end of the Path of Glory. Kill him with your partner.

Ding80's Alliance Hellfire Peninsula Leveling Guide
Level 59

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