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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Borean Tundra Guide Level 71-72

Level 71a
Level 71b
Level 72a
Level 72b
Level 72c

Alliance Borean Tundra Guide Part 1
Level 71

Note: Make sure you have an Overcharged Capacitator before you sail off to the Borean Tundra!

Also, for those who are truly diligent and have followed the Gold Guide, you'll have a nice stash of gold to purchase your Epic Flying Mount at Honor Hold in the Outlands (Cost: 5,000g training + 100g for the mount). If not, there's no better time to start the guide than now, to make sure that you'll at least be able to fly in style starting at level 80! Note that you can't fly until you've learned Cold Weather Flying (Learnable at Level 77, or at Level 68 with the Heirloom Item: Tome of Cold Weather Flight if you already have one Level 80 character)

Once done shopping, Go to the northern pier of Stormwind Harbor and sail to Valiance Keep.

  1. The ship from the northern pier of Stormwind Harbor takes you to Valiance Keep. Get the Flight Path. Grab the quest out in the open - Enlistment Day.

    • Then, head into the barracks and up a floor and turn in Enlistment Day to get the follow-up A Time for Heroes.

  2. Head west out of the keep to Sergeant Hammerhill and turn in A Time for Heroes and get the follow-up The Siege.

    • Also, pick up A Soldier in Need from Medic Hawthorn right outside the gates.

  3. Head southwest and kill 6 Crypt Crawlers.

    • Then, return to Sergeant Hammerhill and turn in The Siege and get the follow-up Death From Above.

  4. Head south and look up near the walls of the keep. Use the Reinforced Net on the Scourged Flamespitters to pull them down, and kill 6 of them.

    • Then, return to Sergeant Hammerhill and turn in Death From Above and get the follow-up Plug the Sinkholes.

  5. Head northwest and stand on the Northern Sinkhole and use the Incendiary Explosives to blow it up.

  6. Head southwest and stand on the Southern Sinkhole and use the Incendiary Explosives to blow it up.

  7. Return to Sergeant Hammerhill and turn in Plug the Sinkholes. Get the follow-up Farshire.

    • Also, get Word on the Street from Mark Hanes near him.

  1. Head to the ship in the middle of town and fight your way down to the hold to the First Aid Supplies. Loot them, and also get Cultists Among Us from the Cultist Shrine next to the supplies.

    • Then, head to the upper deck to Captain "Lefty" Lugsail and turn in Cultists Among Us and get the follow-up Notify Arlos.

  2. Head south out of the ship and into the barracks and turn in Notify Arlos and get the follow-ups:

    • A Diplomatic Mission
    • Enemies of the Light

  3. Head north to the inn. Enter and on the second floor, turn in Word on the Street to Leryssa. Get the follow-up Thassarian, My Brother.
    Also, get the quests near the inn:

    • Nick of Time
    • Distress Call

  4. Go west out of the keep to Medic Hawthorn and turn in A Soldier in Need.

  5. Head northeast to Gerald Green and turn in Farshire and get the follow-up Military? What Military?

  6. Head north to Farshire Mine and enter. Head straight to the question marks which appear on the radar.

    • First you'll reach the Plagued Grain where you complete Military? What Military? and get the follow-up Pernicious Evidence
    • Then nearby down the tunnel, reach William Allerton and turn in Thassarian, My Brother and get the follow-up The Late William Allerton

  7. Return to Gerald Green and turn in Pernicious Evidence and get the follow-ups:

    • It's Time for Action
    • Take No Chances
    • Reference Material

  1. Head northwest and kill 14 Plagued Scavenger and use Wendy's Torch on the bags of grain scattered around the farm.

  2. Head northwest to the burning building and pick up the red book - Fields, Factories and Workshops on the floor.

  3. Return to Gerald Green and turn in all the quests:

    • It's Time for Action and get the follow-up Fruits of Our Labor
    • Take No Chances
    • Reference Material and get the follow-up Repurposed Technology

  1. Head west and kill 5 Harvest Collectors and use Jeremiah's Tools on their corpses.

  2. Head west around the farm to the three cultist camps. Kill Cultist Necrolytes until you get the Cultist Communique.

  3. Enter the mine, and kill Captain Jacobs at the end of the tunnel. Then turn around and head back for the entrance. Pull the Cart Release Lever near the cart with ore in it on the way out.

  4. Return to Gerald Green and turn in the quests:

    • Fruits of Our Labor and get the follow-up One Last Delivery
    • Repurposed Technology

  5. Return to Valiance Keep to Hilda Stoneforge by the forge and turn in One Last Delivery and get the follow-up Weapons for Farshire.

  6. Head to the second floor of the barracks. Turn in Enemies of the Light and get the follow-up Further Investigation.

  7. Go to the inn and up to the second floor. Turn in:

    • Further Investigation and get the follow-up The Hunt is On
    • The Late William Allerton and get the follow-up Lost and Found. On the first floor of the inn, turn in the quest and get the follow-up In Wine, Truth.

  1. In the kitchen of the inn, use the Occulus of the Exorcist and talk to "Salty" John Thorpe, then kill him.

  2. At the docks, use the Occulus and talk to Tom Hegger, then kill him.

  3. Enter the barracks and go downstairs to the jail, use the Occulus and talk to Guard Mitchells, then kill him.

    • Then, return to the inn and turn in The Hunt is On.

  4. Head north out of the keep to Gerald Green and turn in Weapons for Farshire and get the follow-up Call to Arms!

  5. Head northwest and enter the town hall and up the stairs and use the Bell Rope to ring the bell.

  6. Return to Gerald Green and turn in Call to Arms!

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Level 70c

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