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Alliance Leveling Guide Borean Tundra Guide Level 71-72

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Alliance Borean Tundra Guide Part 5
Level 72

  1. Take the flight back to Amber Ledge, then fly to Fizzcrank Airship. Turn in your quests:

    • Back to the Airstrip
    • The Gearmaster

  2. Head northwest to Winterfin Reteat. Turn in King Mrgl-Mrgl and get the follow-up Learning to Communicate.

  3. Dive southwest and find Scalder. Kill him and use the King's Empty Conch on its corpse.

  4. Then, return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in Learning to Communicate and get the follow-up Winterfin Commerce.

  5. Swim southwest to the murlocs and search for Winterfin Clams. They are small objects scattered on the ground all around the camp.

  6. Then, return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in Winterfin Commerce. Get the new quests:

    • Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!
    • Them!

  7. Swim back to Winterfin Village. Open cages to Free Murloc Tadpoles and kill murlocs all throughout the next steps.

    Head into the cave at the back of the village.

    At the entrance of the cave, Use the Arcanometer to get a reading.

    Don't get the escort quest (Escape from the Winterfin Caverns) from Lurgglbr yet. Get the quest Keymaster Urmgrgl from Glrglrglr. Head into the cave a bit to find Keymaster Urmgrgl and kill him for his key, then return to Glrglrglr and turn in Keymaster Urmgrgl.

    Now take the Escape from the Winterfin Caverns escort quest and escort Lurgglbr out of the cave. Finish killing 15 Winterfin Murlocs and freeing 20 Murloc Tadpoles.

  8. Return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in the quests:

    • Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! and get the follow-up I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner. Then, turn that in on the northern side of the island.
    • Escape from the Winterfin Caverns
    • Them!

    Get the new quests:

    • Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!!
    • Succulent Orca Stew

  1. Head northwest and kill orcas for 7 Succulent Orca Blubber. Hunt down Glrggl who swims around the big iceberg for Glrrgl's Head.

  2. Return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in:

    • Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!! and get the follow-up The Spare Suit. Turn that in and get the follow-up Surrender... Not!
    • Succulent Orca Stew

  3. Put on King Mrgl-Mrgl's Spare Suit and swim southwest to Winterfin Village. Head all the way to the end of the cave through the murlocs as they are now friendly to you. Kill Claximus for the Claw of Claximus.

    Put the suit back on, try out the /dance emote by claximus and take a nice screenshot, then exit the cave.

  4. Return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in Surrender...Not! Once done:

    • Ride back to Fizzcrank Airstrip.
    • Take the flight to Amber Ledge and turn in Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern.

  1. Ride far southeast to Kaskala. Turn in Cowards and Fools and get all the quests

    • The Son of Karkut
    • Not Without a Fight!
    • Preparing for the Worst

  2. Head southwest and pick up 12 Kvaldir Raiders and pick up 8 Kaskala Supplies. If you need more, swing around to east of Kaskala to finish gathering them.

  3. Return to Kaskala and turn in:

    • Not Without a Fight! and get the follow-up Muahit's Wisdom
    • Preparing for the Worst

  4. Head southeast to the island to Elder Muahit and turn in Muahit's Wisdom and get the follow-up Spirits Watch Over Us.

  5. Head northeast into the sea and look for Iruk, drowned in the water. Right click him and get Issilruk's Totem.

    • Then, return to Elder Muahit and turn in Spirits Watch Over Us and get the follow-up The Tides Turn.

  6. Head south and kill Heigarr the Horrible.

    • Then, return to Elder Muahit and turn in The Tides Turn.

  1. Head east to Unu'pe and Get the Flight Path.

  2. Ride northeast to Death's Stand and turn in The Son of Karkut and get the follow-up Surrounded!

  3. Head northwest and kill Rocknar and loot A Handful of Rocknar's Grit.

  4. Head east to the Ziggurat. Kill 7 Ziggurat Defenders. Inside the ziggurat, get Finding the Phylactery from Thassarian.

  5. Return to Death's Stand and turn in Surrounded! and get the follow-up Thassarian, the Death Knight (Note: DON'T get The Lost Courier). Then, go to Dusk, the black horse, and mount it. Dusk brings you to a small pool. Fight off the mobs in the water and click the Frozen Phylactery to spawn the guardian. Kill it and loot Tanathal's Phylactery.

  6. Return to Thassarian.

  1. At Thassarian, turn in:

    • Thassarian, the Death Knight
    • Finding the Phylactery and get the follow-up Buying Some Time

  2. Ride northeast to the Temple City of En'kilah and kill 20 Undead. Use Lurid's Bone to help you kill faster.

  3. Return to Thassarian and turn in Buying Some Time and get the follow-up Words of Power.

  4. Go back to the temple. Head up the east stairs to the Spire of Pain and kill High Priest Talet-Kha for his scroll.

  5. Go northwest to the Spire of Blood - head up the side stairs to get to the second floor and kill High Priest Andorath for his scroll.

  6. Head west to the Spire of Decay and kill High Priest Naferset for his scroll.

  7. Return to Thassarian and turn in Words of Power and get the follow-up Last Rites (Group).

    • Optional: (Group) Try to find 1 or 2 more people to do Last Rites with you - a 2 person group is fine if you have a healer and a tank; otherwise, take 3. Enter the undead city again and enter the blue glow to go up. When you appear in the upper area, head directly above you to take the next blue teleporter upwards.

      Talk to Thassarian to fight Prince Valanaar. Note that the prince has an ability called Soul Deflection in which he channels a purple beam to all party members. Stop attacking when he does so, because all damage done on him is reflected to you while he channels.

      When done killing him, turn in Last Rites.

  1. Ride northwest to the southern sinkhole. Use the Shake-n-Quake 5000 Control Unit at the sinkhole to summon Lord Kryxix - then, kill it.

  1. Hearth to Fizzcrank Airstrip. Turn in Just A Few More Things... and Deploy the Shake-n-Quake. Get the follow-up Hah... You're Not So Big Now!

  2. Head north to Magmoth and use Crafty's Blaster on 5 Magmoth Crushers / Mates of Magmothegrar, then kill them.

    • Then, return to Fizzcrank Airstrip and turn in Hah... You're Not So Big Now! and get the follow-up Plan B.

  3. Head southwest to Steeljaw's Caravan and loot 10 Warsong Outfit from the dead horde scattered around the area, as well as the Warsong Banner.

    • Then, return to Fizzcrank Airstrip and turn in Plan B and get the follow-up It Was the Orcs, Honest!

  4. Head north to Magmoth. Wear the Warsong Orc Disguise. Then, jump down into the pool of water and kill Magmothregar. Make sure you're wearing the disguise, then plant the Warsong Banner into his corpse.

    Then, look to the south wall for Bonker Togglevolt - you will find him through the exclamation mark on the radar. (If not, he's currently being escorted by someone else, just wait for him to reappear later.) Talk to him to get the escort quest Get Me Outa Here!

    Escort him out of the cave.

  5. Return to Fizzcrank Airstrip and turn in It Was the Orcs, Honest!

That concludes the Borean Tundra. Fly to Valiance Keep, then sail to Stormwind. Train your skills.

From Stormwind, fly to Menethil Harbor and take the boat on the northern dock to go back to Valgarde Keep.

Fly to Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjord and get Of Traitors and Treason (Note: if you have The Lost Courier in your quest log, you must abandon that first before you can get the quest). Then, talk to the Gryphon Master and turn in Of Traitors and Treason and get the follow-up High Commander Halford Wyrmbane. You will then fly off to Wintergarde Keep, Dragonblight.

Ding80's Alliance Borean Tundra Leveling Guide
Level 72b

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