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Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight Guide Level 73-74

Level 73a
Level 73b
Level 73c
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Alliance Dragonblight Guide Part 1
Level 73

  1. Land in Wintergarde Keep, Dragonblight.

    • Get The Hills Have Us next to the Gryphon Master yet which will send you to Grizzly Hills. Get the Flight Path at Grizzly Hills.
    • Fly right back to Wintergarde Keep. Turn in High Commander Halford Wyrmbane and get Naxxramas and the Fall of Wintergarde - go to the Gryphon Master and turn it in to get the follow-up Flight of the Wintergarde Defender.

  2. Use your Wintergarde Gryphon Whistle and fly east. Use Soar on cooldown to fly faster.

    • Land next to a Helpless Wintergarde Villager, noticeable because of the fear "debuff" showing over their heads and their running around. Then, use Rescue Villager (Ability 1) to pick them up. You can only rescue one villager at a time.
    • Then, return northwest to the gryphon master area and use Drop Off Villager (Ability 2) to drop them off.
    • Repeat and Rescue 10 Villagers in this fashion.

  3. Turn in Flight of the Wintergarde Defender and get the follow-up Return to the High Commander. Turn that in and pick up the many new quests in Wintergarde Keep:

    • A Disturbance in the West (don't turn it in yet - it flies you to the west)
    • Imprints on the Past
    • Rescue from Town Square
    • The Demo-gnome
    • The Fate of the Dead

    and get the three group quests from the inn, and the quest from inside the keep:

    • My Old Enemy (Group)
    • Wanted: Kreug Oathbreaker (Group)
    • Wanted: High Shaman Bloodpaw (Group)
    • Wanted: Onslaught Commander Iustus (Group)

    Look in the southern part of the keep for Siege Engineer Quarterflash and turn in The Demo-Gnome and get the follow-ups:

    • The Search for Slinkin
    • The Bleeding Ore
    • Not In Our Mine
    Start looking for a group for the three wanted quests. There is usually a lot of interest in those three quests - see if you can get the group to stop by Abbendis for My Old Enemy as well.

    Try and get a healer and a tank for all the quests, as well as a DPS. The quests can be comfortably three-manned with a healer and a tank. When you find a group, follow the following path. If you don't have a group yet, skip this section, and get back to it later when you get a group. Keep looking during your time in Dragonblight.

  1. (Group) Head northeast to Commander Iustus and kill him.

  2. (Group) Head south to Kreug Oathbreaker and kill him.

  3. (Group) Head southeast and kill High Shaman Bloodpaw.

  4. (Group) Head southwest to High General Abbendis Abbendis and kill her.

  5. Return to Wintergarde Keep and turn in the four group quests:

    • My Old Enemy (Group)
    • Wanted: Kreug Oathbreaker (Group)
    • Wanted: High Shaman Bloodpaw (Group)
    • Wanted: Onslaught Commander Iustus (Group)

  1. Next to Siege Engineer Quarterflash, Use Quarterflash's Homing Bot and follow it to Wintergarde Mine. In the mine:

    • Find Slinkin the Demo-Gnome and turn in Search for Slinkin and get the follow-up Leave Nothing to Chance
    • Pick up the Wintergarde Mine Bombs from the room directly north of Slinkin
    • Collect 10 Wintergarde Miner's Card from the Risen Wintergarde Miners
    • Collect 10 Bleeding Ore
    • Exit the mine and use the Wintergarde Mine Bombs at the lower entrance and the upper entrance. Both are accessible from the outside.

    • Then, return to Wintergarde Keep and turn in:

      • The Bleeding Ore
      • Leave Nothing to Chance and get the follow-up Understanding the Scourge War Machine. Turn this quest to the High Commander in town.
      • Not In Our Mine

  2. Head south out of the gate. Enter the western two story building and get the Scrying Orb from the second floor. In all the buildings, kill Vengeful Geists which are terrorizing Trapped Wintergarde Villagers. Rescue 6 Trapped Wintergarde Villagers and kill 15 Vengeful Geist.

  3. Return to Wintergarde Keep and turn in:

    • Rescue from Town Square and get the follow-up Find Durkon!
    • The Fate of the Dead
    • Imprints on the Past and get the follow-up Orik Trueheart and the Forgotten Shore.

  4. Head back south further into the village to meet Cavalier Durkon next to a crypt. Turn in Find Durkon! and get the follow-up The Noble's Crypt.

    • Enter the crypt, and at the bottom of it, kill Necrolord Amarion. Pick up the Flesh Bound Tome behind him to start the quest Secrets of the Scourge, then run out of the crypt since many scourge will spawn and attack you.

    Return to Durkon and turn in:

    • The Noble's Crypt
    • Secrets of the Scourge and get the follow-up Mystery of the Tome

  5. Return to Wintergarde Keep.

    • Turn in The Mystery of the Tome to High Commander Halford Wyrmbane and get the follow-up Understanding the Language of Death
    • Go to the prison downstairs in the keep and turn in the quest and get the follow-up A Righteous Sermon.
    • Return to the commander and turn in the quest and get the follow-up Into Hostile Territory.

    • Go to the gryphon area (don't turn in the other quest, A Disturbance in the West, yet!) and right click a Winterguard Gryphon to mount it.

  1. You will be flown to Duke August Foehammer. Turn in Into Hostile Territory and get the follow-up Steamtank Surprise. Get in a Steam Tank. Look over the controls first. When fighting, you should use Ice Prison (Ability 2) first to freeze enemies in the surrounding area, then Ice Cannon (Ability 1) to fire an AoE attack which does triple damage to frozen targets.

  2. Head southwest and look for Plague Wagons. Drop Off Gnome (Ability 3) when near one. Sabotage 6 Plague Wagons. When done, ride to the Wintergarde Mausoleum and Drop Off Soldier (Ability 4). The next steps all take place within or around the Mausoleum.

    1. Enter the Mausoleum and turn in Steamtank Surprise and get the follow-up Scattered to the Wind.

    2. Exit the Mausoleum and look in the surrounding area and pick up 8 Winterguard Munitions.

    3. Go down into the Mausoleum again and turn in Scattered to the Wind and get the follow-up The Chain Gun And You.

    4. Go east to the 7th Legion Chain Gun and click on it. Use Ability #2 to call for a soldier to run out - give it cover fire. Aim by holding down the right mouse button and then constantly using Ability #1 to fire at the undead near the running soldier.

      To speed things up, you don't have to wait for the soldier to fully reach the safe area - you can just call soldiers out on cooldown with Ability #2 and then give both soldiers cover fire. Save 8 Injured 7th Legion Soldiers.

    5. Return to the entrance of the mausoleum and turn in The Chain Gun And You and get the follow-up quests:

      • Plunderbeard Must Be Found!
      • Breaking Off a Piece

    6. Go down the stairs in the Mausoleum. You'll reach a four-way intersection. First, turn right and at the end of it, kill Necrolord X'avius.

    7. Return to the intersection and go straight. Kill Necrolord Horus.

    8. Return to the intersection and take the final remaining path deeper into the mausoleum. At the end of it, find Plunderbeard and turn in Plunderbeard Must Be Found! and get the follow-up Plunderbeard's Journal.

    9. Enter the tunnel behind Plunderbeard and kill the Dreadbone Constructs and Wailing Souls for Page 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Plunderbeard's Journal.

    10. Return to the entrance of the mausoleum and turn in:

      • Breaking Off A Piece
      • Plunderbeard's Journal and get the follow-up Chasing Icestorm: The 7th Legion Front

  3. Ride back to Wintergarde Keep. Turn in A Disturbance in the West and get the follow-up To Star's Rest! which will send you on a flight to Star's Rest.

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