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Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight Guide Level 73-74

Level 73a
Level 73b
Level 73c
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Alliance Dragonblight Guide Part 3
Level 73

  1. Ride southeast to Moa'ki Harbor. Get the quests:

    • Let Nothing Go To Waste
    • Planning for the Future

    Set your Hearthstone to Moa'ki Harbor.

  2. Head north and kill the Wolvars for 6 Stolen Moa'ki Goods and and collect 12 Snowfall Glade Pups in the village.

  3. Return to Moa'ki Harbor and turn in:

    • Let Nothing Go To Waste and get the follow-up Slay Loguhn
    • Planning for the Future

  4. Head to the northern hut of the village and kill Loguhn for the Blood of Loguhn. Use the blood.

  5. Return to Moa'ki Harbor and turn in Slay Loguhn. Get the follow-up, Spiritual Insight.

    • Use Toalu'u's Spiritual Incense to enter into an automated flight. When returned, turn in Spiritual Insight and get the follow-up Elder Mana'loa.

  6. Follow the road northwest to Elder Mana'loa and turn in Elder Mana'loa and get the follow-up Freedom for the Lingering.

  7. Dive into the lake and swim to the corpse of Mage-Commander Evenstar.

    • Turn in Search Indu'le Village and get the follow-up The End of the Line.
    • Use the Ley Line Focus Control Talisman next to the Ley Line Focus.
    • Kill 15 Indu'le Fisherman, Warriors, or Mystics nearby.

  8. Return to Elder Mana'loa and turn in Freedom for the Lingering and get the follow-up Conversing With the Depths.

  9. Ride east to the western ledge of Azure Dragonshrine to get credit for Azure Dragonshrine Observed.

  10. Return to Moa'ki Harbor. Go to the coast and get Tua'kea's Crab Traps.

  1. Dive down south and get the quest Signs of Big Watery Trouble from the Wrecked Crab Trap. Also, collect 8 Tua'kea Crab Traps around the area.

  2. Return to Moa'ki Harbor and turn in:

    • Tua'kea's Crab Traps
    • Signs of Big Watery Trouble and get the follow-up The Bait.

  3. Swim southwest and kill Kili'ua for The Flesh of "Two Huge Pincers".

  4. Swim west to the island and head all the way up to The Pearl of the Depth. Use it to summon Oacha'noa. Jump into the water when she tells you to.

  5. Swim back to Moa'ki Harbor and turn in The Bait and get the follow-up Meat on the Hook.

  6. Follow the giant fishing line out and dive and use Tu'u'gwar's Bait next to Tua'kea's Fishing Hook and kill Tu'u'gwar.

  7. Return to Moa'ki Harbor and turn in:

    • Meat on the Hook
    • Conversing With the Depths

Make sure your Hearthstone is set to Moa'ki Harbor!

Fly to Star's Rest. Turn in The End of the Line and get the follow-up Gaining an Audience (This quest opens up at level 74, which you should have hit by now).

  • Talk to the Image of Archmage Modera again and ask her to teleport you to Dalaran.

  • At Dalaran, turn in The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran to Archmage Celindra near the location where you warp in. Get the quest Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way.

  • Use the Teleport to Violet Strand Crystal behind her, then use the Teleport to Dalaran Crystal to go back. Turn in Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way.

  • Take one of the portals to a capital city and train your skills.

  • Once done, Hearth back to Moa'ki Harbor.

Ding80's Alliance Dragonblight Leveling Guide
Level 73b

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