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Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight Guide Level 73-74

Level 73a
Level 73b
Level 73c
Level 74a
Level 74b
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Alliance Dragonblight Guide Part 6
Level 74

  1. Hearth to Wintergarde Keep.

  2. Ride southeast to Orik Trueheart and turn in Orik Trueheart and the Forgotten Shore and get the follow-up The Murkweed Elixir as well as The Call of the Crusade.

  3. Ride southeast and collect 5 Murkweed.

    • Then, return to Orik Trueheart and turn in The Murkweed Elixir and get the follow-up The Forgotten Tale.

  4. Head east to The Forgotten Shore and use your Murkweed Elixir. Talk to a Forgotten Peasant, Forgotten Riflemen, Forgotten Footman, and Forgotten Knight.

    • Then, head northeast away from the mobs, then cancel the Binding Life buff to return to the "live world". Return to Orik Trueheart and turn in The Forgotten Tale and get the follow-up The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

  5. Ride back to the Forgotten Shore - now, all the mobs are friendly. Go to the blue rune and use Orik's Crystalline Orb.

    • Return to Orik again turn in The Truth Shall Set Us Free and get the follow-up Parting Thoughts.

  6. Return to Wintergarde Keep and turn in Parting Thoughts and get the follow-up What Secrets Men Hide. Get the new quests:

    • The Return of the Crusade?
    • The Path of Redemption

  1. Ride northeast to Turgid the Vile, in the ruined keep. Use the Seeds of Nature's Wrath on him, then kill him.

  2. Ride north to the Onslaught Base Camp. Kill 20 Scarlet Onslaught - more, if you still need The Path of Redemption (random drop) on your way to the Onslaught Map in the tower.

  3. Ride north to Light's Trust. Turn in The Call of the Crusade and get the follow-up The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar.

  4. Ride northeast to Jintha'kalar. Clear your way northeast and kill 15 Jintha'kalar Scourge. Use your Seeds of Nature's Wrath on Overseer Deathgaze on the eastern area of the camp then kill him.

    • Then, return to Light's Trust and turn in The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar and get the follow-up Into the Breach!

  5. Ride back to Wintergarde Keep and turn in your quests:

    • The Return of the Crusade?
    • The Path of Redemption
    • What Secrets Men Hide and get the follow-up Frostmourne Cavern.

  6. Head west out of the keep, then fly to Frostmourne Cavern. Use Zelig's Scrying Orb at the Altar of Frostmourne.

  7. Fly to Wyrmrest Temple. Use your dragon to travel around the temple quickly. On the bottom floor, turn in The Steward of Wyrmrest Temple and get the follow-up Informing the Queen.

    Fly to the top floor and turn in:

    • On Ruby Wings and get the follow-up Return to Angrathar
    • Tales of Destruction
    • That Which Creates Can Also Destroy
    • Informing the Queen and get the follow-up Report to Lord Afrasastrasz
    • The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine

    Now you have no more flying dragon. Go to the middle floor the usual way by asking for a drake. Turn in Report to Lord Afrasastrasz and get the follow-up Defending Wyrmrest Temple.

    Head west to the balcony and mount a Wyrmrest Defender.

  1. Head southwest towards the big purple beam of light. Kill 3 Azure Dragon and 5 Azure Drake along the way with your dragon's damage abilities (Ability 1 & 2). Use your Renew whenever you get damaged (Ability 3) and use Ability 4 to run away if you aggro too many. When you reach the beam of light, use Ability 5 to destabilize it.

  2. Then, return to Lord Afrasastrasz and turn in Defending Wyrmrest Temple.
    • Ask him to get a drake to fly you back down to the bottom level of the temple.

  3. Fly to Fordragon Hold. Head up the west tower to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and turn in Return to Angrathar and be treated to the cinematic.

  4. Head down to the remnants of the battle and get Reborn from the Ashes from Alexstrasza. Loot Fordragon's Shield, just southwest of where Alexstrasza is standing.

  5. Ride back to Fordragon Hold and take the flight to Dalaran. Take a portal to Stormwind and train your skills.

    • Enter Stormwind Keep and turn in Reborn From The Ashes to King Varian Wrynn and get the follow-up Fate, Up Gainst Your Will.

    • Talk to Lady Jaina Proudmoore and take her portal to Orgrimmar. Turn in Fate, Up Against Your Will and get the follow-up A Royal Coup. Take the portal back to Stormwind.

    • Turn in A Royal Coup and get the follow-up The Killing Time. Talk to Jaina and take the portal to The Undercity.

    • Turn in The Killing Time and get the follow-up The Battle For the Undercity. Wait for a couple minutes, then follow King Varian into the Undercity. The most important thing is to continually follow King Varian - stay in range of their auras and you will be invincible and deal massive damage. Use your Area of Effect abilities for the most effect!

    • At one point, King Varian will run off alone without Jaina - follow King Varian.

    • Once done, you will return to Stormwind. Turn in The Battle For The Undercity.

To finish Dragonblight, Hearth to Wintergarde Keep. Turn in Frostmourne Cavern.

Finally, fly off to the next zone - Amberpine Lodge, The Grizzly Hills.

Ding80's Alliance Dragonblight Leveling Guide
Level 74b

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