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Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight Guide Level 73-74

Level 73a
Level 73b
Level 73c
Level 74a
Level 74b
Level 74c

Alliance Dragonblight Guide Part 4
Level 74

  1. Hearth back to Moa'ki Harbor.

  2. Head northeast to Wyrmrest Temple to Tariolstrasz. Turn in Gaining an Audience and get the follow-up Speak with your Ambassador. Talk to him again and ask him to have a drake fly you to the top of the temple. At the top, get the quests:

    • Seeds of the Lashers
    • The Obsidian Dragonshrine
    • Mystery of the Infinite

    Then, go back and ask to be flown back to ground level.

  3. Ride south to the Emerald Dragonshrine to Nishera the Garden Keeper who wanders around the lake. Get Cycle of Life.

    • At the glade, kill Emerald Lashers for 3 Lasher Seeds, and look in the sky above the lake and pull and kill 5 Emerald Skytalons.

    • Return to Nishera and turn in Cycle of Life and get the follow-up Plume of Alystros (Group).

      (Group) If there's anyone around in the grove, ask if they want to team up for Plume of Alystros. If not, ask in chat. If you don't find anybody readily available, skip this step for now and get back to it later.

      • Get a group with at least a tank and healer, and head to the southeast area of the glade and use the Skytalon Molts to pull Alystsros. Kill him and loot his Plume of Alystros.

      • Return to Nishera and turn in The Plume of Alystros.

  4. Return north to Wyrmrest Temple to Tariolastrasz.

    • Return to the ground floor, and enter the temple. Turn in Speak with your Ambassador and get the follow-up Report to the Ruby Dragonshrine.

    • Get the Flight Path at the northeastern area of the temple.

  1. Ride northeast to the Bronze Dragonshrine. In the area, use your Hourglass of Eternity to summon Future You. Let Future You tank the attacking waves of dragons, you can pick them off one by one.

  2. Ride northwest to the 7th Legion Front. On the way, look to the sky for a Reanimated Frost Wyrm. Get in range, target it, and use your Seeds of Nature Wrath to bring it down, then kill it. If you don't find one, keep looking in the later steps.

    Turn in Chasing Icestorm: The 7th Legion Front and get the quests:

    • Chasing Icestorm: Thel'zan's Phylactery
    • Pest Control

    Talk to Wyrmbait, a flying mount rider with the large pack of soldiers. Tell him to get Icestorm. When Icestorm comes, all the soldiers attack it. Let the soldiers tank Icestorm. Attack from the back of Icesetorm to avoid its frost breath, don't pull aggro - take it easy.

    Loot Thel'zan's Phylactery which drops to the floor once Icestorm is dead.

  3. Head southeast and kill all Snobolds in the area.

  4. Head southwest to another Snobold camp. Finish killing 10 Snowplain Snobolds and 3 Dragonblight Magnataur.

  5. Return to the 7th Legion Front and turn in Pest Control. Get the follow-up Canyon Chase. You will see snobolds start running away from you - mount up and chase them!

  6. Chasing the snobolds leads you to Chilltusk. Kill it and loot the Emblazoned Battle Horn, which starts the quest Disturbing Implications.

  7. Ride southeast over the hills to Wintergarde Keep. Turn in Chasing Icestorm: Thel'zan's Phylactery and get the follow-up Finality.
    Set your Hearthstone to Wintergarde Keep.

  8. Head southeast out of the gate and immediately turn right to go down the slope to the Wintergarde Mausoleum. (A different mausoleum than earlier) Turn in Finality and get the follow-up An End And A Beginning.

    Help the guards kill Thel'zan's adds, then kill Thel'zan.

    • Then, return to Wintergarde Keep and turn in An End And A Beginning and get the follow-up To Fordragon Hold!

  1. Fly to Wyrmrest Temple.

  2. Ride northwest to the fallen body of a Nozzlerust Supply Runner Get the quest Return to Sender.

  3. Ride west to Fordragon Hold. Get the Flight Path.
    Ride all the way west up the path to the top of the tower to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. Turn in To Fordragon Hold! and get the follow-up Audience With The Dragon Queen.

  4. Fly to Wyrmrest Temple. On the bottom floor, turn in Disturbing Implications and get the follow-up One of a Kind (Group)

    Fly to the top floor and turn in:

    • Mystery of the Infinite
    • Seeds of the Lashers and get the follow-up That Which Creates Can Also Destroy
    • Audience With The Dragon Queen and get the follow-up Galakrond and the Scourge.

    Head back to Torastrasza and turn in Galakrond and the Scourge. Get the follow-up Ruby Wings.

    You will get a Ruby Beacon of the Dragon Queen - this is a very useful item which summons a dragon which you can use in the Dragon Wastes which is the entire center area of the map. Don't turn this quest in until you're done with the zone. Whenever you're travelling in the area, use it to travel much faster. You can use it for the rest of the guide as a flying mount!

    Look for a partner to do the quest chain for One of a Kind. Any two will be good, but the last steps are recommended to have a tank and healer in your group. The below map shows the locations of all the minotaur for the quest - get to it whenever you find someone to do the minotaur chain with you. If you don't readily have someone to do it with you, skip the steps and get back to it whenever you can.

  1. (Group) Use your Ruby Beacon of the Dragon Queen to summon a dragon. Use it to fly southwest to Bonesunder. Kill him for his Emblazoned Battle Horn.

  2. (Group) Fly back to Wyrmrest Temple and turn in One of a Kind and get the follow-up Mighty Magnataur.

  3. (Group) Fly southeast to Bloodfeast. Have one person attack Bloodfeast and one person kill all the maggots.

  4. (Group) Fly north to Iceshatter. Kill him.

  5. (Group) Fly north to Drakegore. Kill him.

  6. (Group) Return to Wyrmrest Temple and turn in Mighty Magnataur and get the follow-up Reclusive Runemaster.

  1. (Group) Fly east to Dreg'mar Runebrand and defeat him.

    • Return to Wyrmrest Temple. Turn in Reclusive Runemaster and get the follow-up Wanton Warlord.

  2. (Group) Fly southwest to Grom'thar and kill him.

  3. (Group) Head back northeast to where you can summon a dragon, then fly to Wyrmrest Temple and turn in Wanton Warlord.

Ding80's Alliance Dragonblight Leveling Guide
Level 73c

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