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Alliance Leveling Guide Grizzly Hills Guide Level 75-76

Level 75a
Level 75b
Level 75c
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Alliance Grizzly Hills Guide Part 1
Level 75

  1. Arrive at Amberpine Lodge. Get the quest Mmm... Amberseeds! right inside the main lodge. Then, turn it in further inside. Get the quests:

    • Just Passing Through
    • Local Support
    • Replenishing the Storehouse
    • Them or Us!

  2. Head west to the river bank. Kill all Talhorn Stag along the way. Collect 5 Blackroot Stalks.

  3. Head west and kill 6 Graymist Hunters and Talhorn Stags to finish collecting 8 Succulent Venison.

  4. Reach the Evergreen Trading Post and go into the building to get the Cedar Chest.

  5. Hearth to Amberpine Lodge.

  1. At Amberpine Lodge, Turn in all your quests:

    • Just Passing Through and get the follow-up Doing Your Duty - then, head just outside the lodge and use the Outhouse to get the Partially Processed Amberseeds. Turn in Doing Your Duty.
    • Local Support and get the follow-up Close the Deal
    • Replenishing the Storehouse and get the follow-up Take Their Rear!
    • Them or Us! and get the follow-up Eagle Eyes

    Also, get the new quest, Troll Season.

  2. Head northeast to Ivan and turn in Close the Deal and get the follow-up A Tenative Pact.

  3. Head west and kill 5 Imperial Eagles.

  4. Head west and kill Grizzly Bears along the river for 8 Grizzly Flank.

  5. Return to Amberpine Lodge.

  1. At Amberpine Lodge, turn in your quests:

    • A Tentative Pact
    • Eagle Eyes
    • Take Their Rear!

    Get the new quests:

    • An Exercise in Diplomacy
    • Secrets of the Flamebinders
    • Thinning the Ranks

  2. Head south and follow the path into Voldrune. Kill 12 Dragonflayer Huscarls and kill Dragonflayer Flamebinders for 3 Flame-Imbued Talismans.

  3. Return to Amberpine Lodge and turn in Secrets of the Flamebinders and Thinning the Ranks and get the new quest, The Thane of Voldrune.

  4. Go to Flamebringer in the southwestern area of Voldrune and mount it.

  5. Fly northeast and look at the top of at the balconies of buildings to find Thane Torvald Eriksson. First, fly right next to him to melee range.

    This fight is a bit tough, but the key thing is to make sure that you use all of your abilities on cooldown, namely Use Wing Buffet (Ability 2) and Molten Fury (Ability 3). Make sure to keep spamming Flame Breath (Ability 1) when the other two abilities are on cooldown.

  6. Fly back, still mounted on your drake, to Amberpine Lodge and turn in The Thane of Voldrune.

  1. Head west to Scout Captain Carter. Get Blackriver Skirmish.

  2. Head down to the Blackriver Logging Camp and kill 10 Conquest Hold Raiders.

    • Then, return to Scout Captain Carter and turn in Blackriver Skirmish.

  3. Ride northwest to Granite Springs. Turn in Troll Season! and get the follow-up Filling the Cages.
    Talk to Budd at camp and get him to come play with the ice trolls with you.

  4. Head southwest to the Ruins of Drak'Zin and use Budd's Tag Troll ability to stun a troll when you're near one but not in combat with one. Then, use the Bounty Hunter's Cage on it.

  5. Return to Granite Springs. Turn in Filling the Cages and get the follow-up Truce? get and use the Dull Carving Knife right next to the cage and then turn in Truce? and get the follow-up Trial of Visions.

    Buy an Imbued Vial from Ameenah in camp.

  1. Head northwest, pick up 3 Haze Leaf along the way. Dive into the lake and get a Waterweed Frond.

  2. Return to Granite Springs and turn in Vial of Vision and get the follow-up Subject to Interpretation and the new quest, Scourgekabob.

    • Get a Scourged Troll Mummy on the ground nearby and drop it off at the fire to the east (past the campfire - the fire with lots of mummy corpses next to it.) Turn Scourgekabob, listen to him sing for a bit, and get the follow-ups:

      • Seared Scourge
      • Simmercap Stew

  3. Head southwest back to the Ruins of Drak'Zin. Kill the trolls for 5 Frozen Mojo. Use Drakuru's Elixir at Drakuru's Brazier and turn in Subject to Interpretation and get the follow-up Sacrifices Must Be Made.

  4. Head northwest to the snow bank along the river and kill Ice Serpents for 5 Ice Serpent Eyes and collect 5 Shimmering Snowcap from plants growing near trees on the snow.

  5. Head northeast to the many Scourge Trolls. Stay your distance and throw Mack's Dark Grog at them. You have to throw it far, it has a big minimum range. Throw them into the most clumped scourge and burn 20 Scourge Trolls.
    Faster strategy for the daring: throw the Mack's Dark Grog to the troll area, then mount up and run to the fire. Aggro everything and pull it into the fire to burn the Scourge Trolls quickly.

  6. Head south into Zeb'Halak. Collect 5 Sweetroot and kill Warlord Zim'bo for Zim'bo's Mojo.

  7. Clear your way east up the Ziggurat and get the Eye of the Prophets from the statue of the Seer of Zeb'Halak. Use Drakuru's Elixir at Drakuru's Brazier and turn in Sacrifices Must Be Made. Get the follow-up Heart of the Ancients.

  8. Return to Granite Springs and turn in:

    • Seared Scourge and get the follow-up Search and Rescue (Dungeon - Drak'Tharon Keep)
    • Shimmercap Stew and get the follow-up Say Hello to My Little Friend

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