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Alliance Leveling Guide Grizzly Hills Guide Level 75-76

Level 75a
Level 75b
Level 75c
Level 76a
Level 76b

Alliance Grizzly Hills Guide Part 5
Level 76

  1. Ride northwest to the Draki'jin Ruins.

    • Head down into the ruins. Pick up 5 Drakkari Canopic Jars along the way. Near the exclamation mark on the radar, pick up the Drakkari Tablets. Then talk to Harrison Jones and accept his escort quest, Dun-da-Dun-tah! Let him tank the snake, kill the adds.

    • Go outside and kill 10 Drakkari Protectors and 10 Drakkari Oracles and collect 5 Sacred Mojo. Go to Drakuru's Brazier and turn in Voices From the Dust. Get the follow-up Cleansing Drak'tharon.

  2. Ride to Harkor's Camp and turn in the quests:

    • It Takes Guts... and get the follow-up Drak'aguul's Mallet.
    • Nice to Meat You
    • Therapy

  3. Ride north and kill Drak'aguul. He pulls solo while his adds wait around. He's located between the camp and the ruins.

  4. Return to Harkor's Camp and turn in Drak'aguul's Mallet. Get the follow-up See You on the Other Side.

  5. Ride north to the Drakil'jin Ruins and use the Charged Drakil'jin Mallets on the gongs outside the crypt.

    • Then, head into the crypt. Turn in See You on the Other Side to Gan'jo. Get the follow-up Chill Out, Mon. Open Gan'jo's Chest for the Snow of Eternal Slumber. Talk to Gan'jo again to return to the living world.

    • Use the Snow of Eternal Slumber on the Ancient Drakkaris and pick up the Drakkari Spirit Particles which they spawn.

  6. Ride back to Harkor's Camp and turn in Chill Out, Mon. Get the follow-up Jin'arrak's End.

  7. Ride north to the Drakil'jin Ruins again. Enter the crypt and collect the Sacred Drakkari Offering in the first room. Use your Drakkari Spirit Dust. Then, head out and use the Infused Drakkari Offering at the gongs outside the crypt and kill Warlord Jin'arrak.

  8. Ride back to Harkor's Camp and turn in Jin'arrak's End.

  1. Ride south to Prospector's Point. Turn in Check Up on Raegar and get the quests:

    • The Captive Prospectors
    • The Perfect Plan

    Then, clear your way south up Dun Argol. Gather Dun Argol Cage Keys along the way as well as Golem Blueprint Sections from Iron Rune-Smiths.

  2. Rescue Prospector Gann. He's inside a building.

  3. Rescue Prospector Torgan. He's outside in the open.

  4. Rescue Prospector Varana. She's outside in the open.

  5. Return to Prospector's Point. Turn in:

    • The Captive Prospectors and get the follow-up Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?
    • The Perfect Plan and get the follow-up Looking the Part

  1. Head back up to the top of Dun Argol. Kill any Iron Rune Overseers on the way for an Overseer's Uniform. Collect 8 War Golem Parts from the top building.

  2. Return to Prospector's Point. Turn in:

    • Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate? and get the follow-up Cultivating an Image
    • Looking the Part and get the follow-up We Have the Power

  3. Return to Dun Argol. Kill Rune-Smith Durar for Durar's Power Cell.

  4. Kill Rune-Smith Kathorn for Kathorn's Power Cell.
    Finish killing 8 Iron Dwarves and use Killian's Camera on them.

  5. Return to Prospector's Point. Turn in:

    • Cultivating an Image and get the follow-up Put on Your Best Face For Loken
    • We Have the Power and get the follow-up ...Or Maybe We Don't

  1. Use your Golem Control Unit and head south. Kill 10 Lightning Sentries with your Depleted War Golem out.

  2. Mount up, then use your Overseer Disguise Kit (you can use the kit while mounted to be disguised while riding) . Ride to the easternmost building and click Loken's Pedestal. Receive the Message from Loken.

  3. Mount up, then use your Overseer Disguise Kit again. Ride back to Prospector's Point. Turn in:

    • Put on Your Best Face for Loken
    • ...Or Maybe We Don't

    Get the follow-ups:

    • Blackout
    • The Iron Thane and His Anvil

  4. Ride up to the top building. Take the elevator down, and use your Golem Control Unit. Walk up to Iron Thane Furyhammer and use EMP (Ability 2) to make him vulnerable. Spam Charged Smash (Ability 1) on him to kill him, then run away to avoid aggroing The Anvil. Leave your vehicle and use Raegar's Explosives on the Power Core in the same area as Iron Thane Furyhammer.

  5. Return to Prospector's Point and turn in:

    • Blackout
    • The Iron Thane and His Anvil

To finish, ride back to Amberpine Lodge and turn in Ursoc, the Bear God if you did it.
Fly to Dalaran. Set your Hearthstone to Dalaran.

Ding80's Alliance Grizzly Hills Leveling Guide
Level 76a

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