Ding80's WoW Leveling Guide

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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 25-29

Level 25
Level 26
Level 27
Level 28
Level 29

Horde Stonetalon Mountains Guide Part 2
Level 25

  1. Fly to Sun Rock Retreat. Turn in Earthen Arise and get the quests:

    • Cycle of Rebirth
    • Harpies Threaten
    • Calling in the Reserves
    • Elemental War (from an NPC up the hill to the south of town)

    Note that you should still have the quests from earlier:

    • Shredding Machines
    • Cenarius' Legacy
    • Jin'zil's Forest Magic
    • Further Instructions

  2. Head southeast to Ziz Fizziks and turn in Further Instructions. Get the follow-up Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle.

  3. Head north and kill XT: 9. It wanders along the yellow path marked on the map.

  4. Head north and kill XT: 4. It wanders along the yellow path marked on the map.

  5. Head north and kill Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle.

    • Then, return to Ziz Fizziks.

  1. At Ziz Fizziks, turn in Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle.

  2. Head north to the lake and gather 10 Gaea Seeds.

  3. Head northwest and kill the wildlife and night elves until you have completed the objectives for Cenarius' Legacy and Jin'Zil's Forest Magic.

  4. Head southwest and kill 7 Bloodfury Harpy, Ambusher, Slayer, and Roguefeather and Fire Elementals for 10 Incendrites.

  5. Return east along a path to get back to Sun Rock Retreat.

Ding80's Horde Ashenavle Leveling Guide
Level 24

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