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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 25-29

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Horde Ashenvale Guide Part 2
Level 28

Hearth to Orgrimmar and train your skills. This is also your last chance to buy a Deadly Blunderbuss from the auction house.

If you can manage to buy one, then follow this step - if not, then you can skip it, since the quest also needs the Deadly Blunderbuss to complete.

  1. Fly to Ratchet.

    • Skip if you don't have the Deadly Blunderbuss - If you do, take the boat to Booty Bay and get the Warsong Axe Shipment from Wharfmaster Lozgil, right next to the boat. Once you get it, get right back on the boat to Ratchet.

  2. Run (or fly, if you have the flightpoint) to Camp Taurajo and Get the Flight Path. Get Melor Sends Word. Head west into Mulgore.

  1. Head northwest along the road to Thunder Bluff.

  1. Go to Melor and turn in Melor Sends Word. Get the follow-up Steelsnap.

  2. Go to Zangen Stonehoof and get The Sacred Flame.

  3. Go to the Flight Master and get the Flight Path.

  1. Fly to Splintertree Post. If you got your hands on a Deadly Blunderbuss, turn it in to get the Warsong Sawblades. Get Destroy the Legion.

  2. Head west along the road to Raynewood Retreat. Kill the Laughing Sisters until you get an Etched Phial. Head up the tree and kill Ordanus for his head.

  3. On the western side of the tree, hunt for Shadumbra. He will drop Shadumbra's Head, which starts a quest.

  4. Head northeast around the cliffside and then southeast to the Satyr Camp. Kill the satyrs for 16 Satyr Horns, and loot the Warsong Oil from the camp (if unlucky, it may not have spawned here and will be at another Satyr Camp and you'll need to search Satyrnaar.)

  5. Head southwest to the Moonwell and fill the Etched Phial.

  6. Head northeast to the watchtower and turn in The Lost Pages.

  7. Head southwest and search for Sharptalon. Kill it for Sharptalon's Claw, which starts a quest.

  8. Head east to Felfire Hill. Kill 6 Mannoroc Lasher, 6 Roaming Felguard, and 6 Searing Infernal and the random drop Diabolic Plans, which starts a quest.

  9. Then, return to Splintertree Post. Turn in all your quests:

    • Satyr Horns
    • Shadumbra's Head
    • Destroy the Legion
    • Diabolical Plans
    • Sharptalon's Claw
    • The Hunt Completed (get the quest which opens up when all three hunt quests are complete, and turn it in immediately)

    Don't get any follow-up quests. That's it for Ashenvale!

Ding80's Horde Hillsbrad Foothills Leveling Guide
Level 27

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