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Alliance Leveling Guide Terokkar Forest Guide Level 64-65

Level 64a
Level 64b
Level 65a
Level 65b

Horde Terokkar Forest Guide Part 1
Level 64

  1. Head southeast to the entrance to Cenarion Thicket and turn in What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket to Earthbinder Tavgren and get the follow-ups:

    • Clues in the Thicket
    • Strange Energy

  2. Head into the thicket and get It's Watching You! from the wandering bear druid.

    First, clear your way west to the tower and go all the way up and kill Naphthal'ar. Then, exit the tower and head to the night elf building. On the ground floor of it is a Strange Object. Examine it. Kill the Vicious Teromoth around for 4 Vicious Teromoth Samples.

    Return to the druid and turn and turn in It's Watching You!

  3. Head south and kill Teromoth on the other side of the road for 4 Teromoth Samples.

  4. Return to Earthbinder Tavgren and turn in:

    • Clues in the Thicket
    • Strange Energy and get the follow-up By Any Means Necessary

  5. Track down Empoor who wanders the path between Shattrath and Tuurem. Attack Empoor since both stop attacking when Empoor is near death. Complete By Any Means Necessary and get the follow-up Wind Trader Lathrai.

  6. Ride southeast to Stonebreaker Hold. Get the Flight Path. Pick up all the quests there:

    • Surrender to the Horde
    • Arakkoa War Path
    • An Unwelcome Presence
    • Olemba Seed Oil
    • Magical Disturbances
    • Speak With Scout Neftis
    • Spirits of Auchindoun (PvP)
    • Stymying the Arakkoa
    • Vestments of the Wolf Spirit
    • Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!

  1. Fly to Shattrath. Get A'dal from any Haggard War Veteran around in the area.

  2. Go to the center of Shattrath and turn in A'Dal. Get City of Light from Khadgar and follow the servant around the entire city, then turn in City of Light.

    • Then, become either an ally of the Scryers or the Aldor; your choice doesn't matter particularly, especially since the level cap is now 80 and these factions were mainly for level 70 purposes. The Aldor does have an extra quest in Terrokar Forest, so it gets the slight nod.

  3. Get the follow-up (Ishanah for Aldor, Voren'thal the Seer for Scryer) and head to either the Aldor Rise or the Scryer Rise. Turn in the quest, and for Aldors, get Restoring the Light.

    Set your Hearthstone to Shattrath City
    on your respective rise. Take the portal to a Capital City and train your skills. Then, Hearth to Shattrath City.

  4. Head to the northern area of Shattrath into the Lower City. Get Rather be Fishin' from Seth.
    If Aldor, also pick up the quest A Cure for Zahlia.
    If Scryer, pick up the quest Strained Supplies.

  5. Head further east to Wind Trader Lathrai. Turn in Wind Trader Lathrai and get the follow-up A Personal Favor.

  6. Head west and up into the Arrakoa treehouse and get The Outcast's Plight from Vekax.

  7. Just south, turn in Surrender to the Horde and get The Eyes of Skettis from Rilak. Also, get Voren'thal's Visions if Aldor from Arcanist Adyria (Note: though this quest gives Scryer reputation, Aldor & Scryer reputation is irrelevant given the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, so it's still an excellent quest to do as Aldor because it's an easy quest on the way).

  8. Head northeast out of Shattrath.

  1. Go to the lake and kill Shimmerscale Eels until done collecting 8 Pristine Shimmerscale Eel. If Aldor, kill the Ironspine Petrifiers in the area for Dampscale Basilisk Eyes (you don't have to finish collecting them yet.)

  2. Go southeast to Veil Reskk. During the next steps, gather Olemba Seeds and kill Timber Worgs for Timber Worg Pelts along the way.

    • Clear your way up the wooden bridge and go up the tree house to kill Ashkaz.
    • Cross the upper rope bridges and get the Eye of Veil Reskk.
    • If you're Aldor, click the three altars located in the camp.
    • (You don't have to finish killing for Arakkoa War Path yet - finish in the next village)

  3. Ride southeast to Veil Shienor.

    • Enter the eastern tree. Clear your way up to the upper rope bridges and get the Eye of Veil Shienor at the end of the bridges.
    • Head down and kill Ayit who is in a hut to the northeast.
    • Finish killing 14 Shienor Talonite and 6 Shienor Sorceror.

  4. Head southeast into the forest. Kill 10 Warp Stalkers, kill Timber Worgs for 12 Timber Worg Pelt, and gather 30 Olemba Seeds. (and if Aldor, finish collecting 8 Dampscale Basilisk Eyes). If you need more Worg Tails, there are many more worg to the east across the river.

  5. Hearth to Shattrath City once all those items are collected.

Ding80's Horde Zangarmarsh Leveling Guide
Level 63b

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