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Alliance Leveling Guide Nagrand Guide Level 66-67

Level 66a
Level 66b
Level 67a
Level 67b

Horde Nagrand Guide Part 4
Level 67

  1. At Lantresor, turn in Diplomatic Measures and get the two follow-up quests: Armaments for Deception and Ruthless Cunning.

  2. Leave the ruins and head south to Kil'Sorrow Fortress. Clear your way towards the southern fortress, and complete all the objectives:

    • Kill 10 Kil'Sorrow Agents
    • Plant 10 Warmaul Banners on their corpses
    • Gather 10 Kil'sorrow Armaments scattered about. (Note: there are many Armaments right outside the fortress to the left and the right.)
    • Head in the fortress and kill Giselda the Crone

  3. Return to Lantresor and turn in the Armaments for Deception and Ruthless Cunning. Get the follow-up quests: Body of Evidence and Returning the Favor.

  4. If you've done the final hunting quests, turn in The Ultimate Bloodsport to Nesingwary's Camp on the way.

    Ride to the Throne of the Elements and turn in all the quests:

    • The Spirit Polluted
    • Muck Diving
    • Murkblood Corrupters
    • Shattering the Veil and don't get the follow-up.

  5. Head west to the Laughing Skull Ruins. Just like the earlier Kil'Sorrow Fortress, complete all of the many objectives:

    • Kill 5 Warmaul Shaman and 5 Warmaul Reaver
    • Plant 10 Kil'Sorrow Banners on their corpses
    • Clear the area around the Blazing Warmaul Pyre and use the Damp Woolen Blanket
    • Head north into the upper cave and kill Zorbo the Advisor

  6. Return to Lantresor and turn in Body of Evidence and Returning the Favor. Get the follow-up Message to Garadar.

  7. Hearth to Garadar. Turn in:

    • Message to Garadar
    • Vile Idolatry
    • Wanted: Giselda the Crone
    • Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor
    • He Will Walk the Earth...
    • Murkblood Leaders...

Before leaving the zone, take one last call to the zone to see if you can finish the Nesingwary final boss chains with a partner and the Ring of Blood - they're valuable chains. Or if you have a high level friend, bring them in to help! If not though, have no fear, the guide assumes pure solo and you can easily get to 68 in the next zone (if you aren't already).

Its time for the final zone to push you to 68 - the Blade's Edge Mountains. Note that if you already are 68, you can and should skip Blade's Edge Mountains and head straight to Northrend!

Ding80's Horde Nagrand Leveling Guide
Level 67a

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