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Horde Borean Tundra Guide Part 7
Level 70

  1. Arrive at Transitus Shield and turn in Traversing the Rift, and get all the quests:

    • Basic Training
    • Nuts for Berries
    • Reading the Meters
    • Secrets of the Ancients
    • Have They No Shame?

  2. Head north and kill Coldarra Spellbinders until you loot a Scintillating Fragment, a random quest drop item from them. Get the quest Puzzling... from it.

  3. Return to Transitus Shield and turn in Puzzling... and get the follow-up The Cell.

    Next, we're going to loop around Coldarra - make sure to aim for the following objectives. They don't need to all be finished in this one loop.:

    • Kill 10 Coldarra Spellweaver
    • Collect 10 Frostberries from Frostberry Bushes
    • Kill 3 Glacial Ancients for 3 Glacial Splinters
    • Kill 3 Magic-Bound Ancients for 3 Magic-Bound Splinters

  4. Head north and enter the building to find a blue globe near the entrance. Click it to obtain the Northern Coldarra Reading.

  5. Head west and kill General Cerulean and loot the Prison Casing.

  6. Head southwest and obtain the Western Coldarra Reading.

  7. Head southeast and kill Warbringer Goredak and loot the Energy Core.

  8. Head southeast and obtain the Southern Coldarra Reading.

  9. Return to Transitus Shield and use the turn in The Cell.

    Then, use the Augmented Arcane Prison to summon Keristrasza. Get her quest, Keristrasza and turn it in and get the follow-up Bait and Switch

  1. Make another loop around the Nexus, to finish completing all of the following objectives:

    • Kill 10 Coldarra Spellweaver
    • Collect 10 Frostberries from Frostberry Bushes
    • Kill 3 Glacial Ancients for 3 Glacial Splinters
    • Kill 3 Magic-Bound Ancients for 3 Magic-Bound Splinters
    • Gathering 10 Crystallized Mana Shards from the Crystallized Mana around the cliff edges.

  2. Return to Transitus Shield and use the Augmented Arcane Prison to summon Keristrasza. Turn in your quests:

    • Bait and Switch and get the follow-up Saragosa's End
    • Basic Training and get the follow-up Hatching a Plan
    • Nuts for Berries and get the follow-up Keep the Secret Safe
    • Secrets of the Ancients and get the follow-up Quickening

Then, talk to Keristrasza and say that you're ready to face Saragosa. You will be teleported to an empty platform. Use your Arcane Power Focus to attract the weakened Saragosa. Kill her and loot Saragosa's Corpse.

How do you get off the platform with Saragosa? Use the Augmented Arcane Prison to summon Keristrasza and turn in Saragosa's End and get the follow-up Mustering the Reds and ask her to return you to Transitus Shield. Turn in Mustering the Reds and get the follow-up Springing the Trap.

  1. Head northwest and kill Coldarra Wyrmkins for 5 Frozen Axes.

  2. Head down into the ravine and collect the Nexus Geological Reading near the Meeting Stone on the south side of the Nexus.

  3. Head counter-clockwise around the ravine.

    • Kill Arcane Serpents for 5 Nexus Mana Essence
    • Shatter 5 Blue Dragon Eggs

  4. Reach the northerneast entrance (its not on an edge, but rather an entrance leading towards the center) to The Nexus and use Raelorasz's Flare. Follow Keristrasza and you'll enter a flying sequence.

  5. You'll land around this area. Finish collecting the objectives as you head back to the Transitus Shield.

  6. Return to the Transitus Shield and turn in your quests:

    • Keep the Secret Safe
    • Hatching a Plan and get the follow-up Drake Hunt
    • Reading the Meters and get the follow-up Postponing the Inevitable
    • Springing the Trap and get the follow-up Prisoner of War

  1. Ride northwest and stand in the open and look up to see Nexus Drake Hatchling flying around. One will fly around the point 1 marked on the map - use the Raelorasz's Spear when its in range, then wait for the effect for it to turn friendly.

  2. Ride back to Transitus Shield. Turn in Drake Hunt and get the follow-up Cracking the Code. Also, get the quest Drake Hunt again since its a daily quest and gives full experience for another go!

  3. Head north and kill Inquisitor Caleras for the Azure Codex and the nearby Coldarra Spellbinders for 3 Shimmering Runes.

  4. Head northwest again and spear another Nexus Drake Hatchling.

  5. Return back to Transitus Shield and turn in:

    • Cracking the Code
    • Drake Hunt

That finishes Coldarra - also, you've gathered the four quests for The Nexus - Have They No Shame?, Postponing the Inevitable, Prisoner of War, and Quickening. Try to join a group for The Nexus at least once, because one complete run through and turning in all of those quests gives you an extra 70,400 experience in addition to the instance experience.

  1. Fly back to Amber Ledge.

  2. Ride northwest to Bor'gorok Outpost. Turn in To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly! and get the follow-up The Sky Will Know. Also, get the quests Report to Steeljaw's Caravan and King Mrgl-Mrgl.

  3. Ride west to Imperian. Turn in The Sky Will Know and get the follow-up Boiling Point.

  4. Ride south into the Blistering Pool and defeat Churn.

  5. Ride east to the Charred Rise and defeat Simmer.

  6. Return to Imperian and turn in Boiling Point. Get the follow-up Motes of the Enraged.

  7. Head west and kill Enraged Tempests for 5 Tempest Motes.

  8. Head south to Winterfin Retreat.

  1. At Winterfin Retreat, turn in King Mrgl-Mrgl and get the follow-up Learning to Communicate.

  2. Dive southwest and find Scalder. Kill him and use the King's Empty Conch on its corpse.

  3. Then, return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in Learning to Communicate and get the follow-up Winterfin Commerce.

  4. Swim southwest to the murlocs and search for Winterfin Clams. They are small objects scattered on the ground all around the camp.

  5. Then, return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in Winterfin Commerce. Get the new quests:

    • Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!
    • Them!

  6. Swim back to Winterfin Village. Open cages to Free Murloc Tadpoles and kill murlocs all throughout the next steps.

    Head into the cave at the back of the village.

    At the entrance of the cave, Use the Arcanometer to get a reading.

    Don't get the escort quest (Escape from the Winterfin Caverns) from Lurgglbr yet. Get the quest Keymaster Urmgrgl from Glrglrglr. Head into the cave a bit to find Keymaster Urmgrgl and kill him for his key, then return to Glrglrglr and turn in Keymaster Urmgrgl.

    Now take the Escape from the Winterfin Caverns escort quest and escort Lurgglbr out of the cave. Finish killing 15 Winterfin Murlocs and freeing 20 Murloc Tadpoles.

  7. Return to Winterfin Retreat.

  1. At Winterfin Retreat, turn in the quests:

    • Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! and get the follow-up I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner. Then, turn that in on the northern side of the island.
    • Escape from the Winterfin Caverns
    • Them!

    and get the new quests:

    • Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!!
    • Succulent Orca Stew

  2. Head northwest and kill orcas for 7 Succulent Orca Blubber. Hunt down Glrggl who swims around the big iceberg for Glrrgl's Head.

    • Return to Winterfin Retreat and turn in:

      • Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!! and get the follow-up The Spare Suit. Turn that in and get the follow-up Surrender... Not!
      • Succulent Orca Stew

  3. Put on King Mrgl-Mrgl's Spare Suit and swim southwest to Winterfin Village. Head all the way to the end of the cave through the murlocs as they are now friendly to you. Kill Claximus for the Claw of Claximus.

    Put the suit back on, try out the /dance emote by claximus and take a nice screenshot, then exit the cave.

  4. Return to Winterfin Retreat.

  1. At Winterfin Retreat, turn in Surrender...Not!

  2. Ride northeast to Imperean. Turn in Motes of the Enraged. Get the follow-up Return to the Spirit Talker.

  3. Ride east to Bor'gorok Outpost. Turn in Return to the Spirit Talker and get the follow-up Vision of Air.
    Use Imperean's Primal to complete Vision of Air. Get the follow-ups Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit and Revenge Upon Magmoth.

  4. Ride east to Magmoth. Enter the cave and clear your way down the spiral.

    • Near the bottom, at a side cavern full of Offsprings of Magmothregar is Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit.
      Turn in Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit and get the follow-up Kaganishu.

    • Clear your way deeper into the cave to Kaganishu. Kill him and loot Kaganishu's Fetish.

    • Return to Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit and use Kaganishu's Fetish on him, then turn in Kaganishu. Get the follow-up Return My Remains. Loot Farseer Grimwalker's Remains (the pile of bones under the spirit).

    • Clear your way out of the cave, making sure to have killed 10 Magmoth Shaman, 5 Magmoth Forager, 3 Magmoth Crusher, and 3 Mate of Magmothregar before you move on to the next step.

  5. Ride southwest to Grunt Ragefist.

  1. At Grunt Ragefist, turn in Report to Steeljaw's Caravan and get the quests in the area:

    • The Honored Dead
    • Put Them to Rest
    • We Strike!

  2. Once you get We Strike!, the group of orcs will rush into the caravan area straight to Steeljaw. They run in a straight line right to Steeljaw and ignore many mobs, so make sure to pull them along the way to the orc group so that the orcs will engage them and not pull too many extra mobs.

    • Kill Steeljaw
    • Kill 20 Tanuka Spirits
    • Use Ragefist's Torch to burn 10 Dead Caravan Guards / Workers.

  3. Return to Grunt Ragefist and turn in The Honored Dead and Put Them to Rest.

  4. Ride north back to Bor'gorok Outpost. Turn in your quests:

    • Return My Remains
    • Revenge Upon Magmoth
    • We Strike!

  5. To finish up, Fly to Amber Ledge. Turn in Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern.

This should take you to Level 71. At this point, Fly to Warsong Hold.
Take the Zeppelin back to Orgrimmar and train your skills.
Take the Zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades. Then, go to the other zeppelin platform and take that Zeppelin to the Howling Fjord.

Ding80's Horde Borean Tundra Leveling Guide
Level 70b

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