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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Howling Fjord Guide Level 71-72

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Horde Howling Fjord Guide Part 1
Level 71

For those who are truly diligent and have followed the Gold Guide, you'll have a nice stash of gold to purchase your Epic Flying Mount at Honor Hold in the Outlands (Cost: 5,000g training + 100g for the mount). If not, there's no better time to start the guide than now, to make sure that you'll at least be able to fly in style starting at level 80! Note that you can't fly until you've learned Cold Weather Flying (Learnable at Level 77, or at Level 68 with the Heirloom Item: Tome of Cold Weather Flight if you already have one Level 80 character)

  1. After taking the Zeppelin from Tirisfal Glades, you will arrive at Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord. Get the Flight Path and get the quests:

    • Let Them Eat Crow
    • The New Plague
    • War is Hell

  2. Ride southwest to the Bleeding Vale. Use your Plaguehound Cage to summon a Plaguehound pet.

    • Use your Plaguehound's Sic 'Em! ability to bring Fjord Crows flying in the air to the ground. Kill them for 5 Crow Meat and use it to feed your Plaguehound.
    • Use your Burning Torch next to corpses. Burn 10.

  3. Ride southeast onto the Wrecked Ship. Go on board and collect 10 Intact Plague Containers.

  4. Return to Vengeance Landing.

  1. At Vengeance Landing, turn in your quests:

    • Let Them Eat Crow and get the follow-up Sniff Out the Enemy
    • The New Plague and get the follow-up Spiking the Mix
    • War is Hell and get the follow-up Reports from the Field

  2. Head northeast and kill Giant Tidecrawlers for 3 Giant Toxin Gland.

  3. Enter the cave and click the Dragonskin Scroll. Turn in Sniff Out the Enemy and get the follow-up The Dragonskin Map.

  4. Return to Vengeance Landing.

  1. At Vengeance Landing, turn in your quests:

    • Spiking the Mix and get the follow-up Test at Sea
    • The Dragonskin Map and get the follow-up The Offensive Begins

    Go to Bat Handler Camille next to the flight master. Tell her to send you on the bombing mission. Use your Plague Vials on cooldown and target the ships as you fly over them to Infect 16 North Fleet Reservists. To complete this in one flight, you must use your vials on cooldown every chance you get.

    When done, turn in Test at Sea and get the follow-up New Agamand.

  2. Ride southwest to Deathstalker Razael. Talk to him and get his report.

  3. Ride southeast to Dark Ranger Lyana. Talk to her and get her report.

  4. Return to Vengeance Landing.

  1. At Vengeance Landing, turn in Reports from the Field and get the follow-up The Windrunner Fleet.
    Once again, talk to Bat Handler Camille, next to the flight master. Tell her to send you to deliver a message.

  2. You will be sent to The Windrunner. Turn in The Windrunner Fleet and get the follow-up Ambushed!

    • Kill 15 North Fleet Marines on the ships.
    • Then, turn in Ambushed! and get the follow-up Guide Our Sights.

  3. Swim west. Go through the entrance to the barricade defense to the Eastern Cannon. Use the Cannoneer's Smoke Flare at it.

  4. Clear your way southwest to the Western Cannon. Use the Cannoneer's Smoke Flare at it.

  5. Ride northwest to Dark Ranger Lyana.

  1. At Dark Ranger Lyana, turn in Guide Our Sights. Get the follow-up Landing the Killing Blow.

  2. Ride southeast into the camp. Kill Sergeant Lorric.

  3. Go southwest and kill Captain Olster.

  4. Go southeast and kill Lieutenant Celeyne. Also here is Apothecary Hanes - talk to him and accept the escort quest Trail of Fire.

  5. After the escort quest, you will arrive at Dark Ranger Lyana. Turn in Landing the Killing Blow and get the follow-up Report to Anselm.

  6. Ride north to Vengeance Landing.

  1. At Vengeance Landing, turn in your quests:

    • Report to Anselm and get the follow-up A Score to Settle (Dungeon - Utgarde Keep)
    • Trail of Fire

  2. Ride southwest to Vengeance Lift. Take the lift up. Get off and at the Horde Blockade, turn in The Offensive Begins. Get the follow-ups A Lesson in Fear and Help for Camp Winterhoof.

  3. Kill many Winterskorn Defenders southwest. Killing the defenders will spawn the winterskorn heroes - they spawn with a yell. They may already be there as well - check the area and kill Oric the Baleful, Ulf the Bloodletter, and Gunnar Thorvardsson. Use the Forsaken Banner on their corpses.

  4. Return to Sergeant Gorth.

  1. At Sergeant Gorth, turn in A Lesson in Fear. Get the follow-up quests: Baleheim Bodycount and Baleheim Must Burn!

  2. Ride west to Baleheim. In the next steps, kill all the Vrykul in your way along your way between each step.
    Using Gorth's Torch, burn the Watchtower, which is the first building with an entrance you see.

  3. Clear your way west to the Bridge and burn it.

  4. Clear your way west to the Dwelling and burn it.

  5. Clear your way up northwest to the Barracks and burn it. You can burn it from the outside.

  6. Return to Sergeant Gorth once you're done killing 16 Winterskorn Vrykul inside Baleheim.

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