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Alliance Leveling Guide Howling Fjord Guide Level 71-72

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Level 71b
Level 72a
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Horde Howling Fjord Guide Part 4
Level 72

  1. Fly back to the Apothecary Camp. Turn in And You Thought Murlocs Smelled Bad! and Bring Down Those Shields.

  2. Ride northeast to the worg cave. Put on the Worg Disguise, go in and speak to Ulfang. Turn in Eyes of the Eagle and get the follow-up Alpha Worg.

  3. Ride southwest and look for Garwal, who patrols a decent amount of distance along the yellow path marked. Find him and kill him.

  4. Ride to Gjalerbron. Enter the building at the entrance and go down into The Waking Halls. Kill Necrolords for 5 Awakening Rods and use them on the Dormant Vrykuls, and kill 4 Fearsome Horrors.

  5. Head northeast to the top "floor" of Gjalerbron. At the top, go east up the platform and kill all Deathless Watchers and Putrid Wights. Then, kill Necro Overlord Mezhen and loot Mezhen's Writings, which starts the quest The Slumbering King. Then, go back to the top "floor".

  6. Head northeast into the building. Go around the ritual to the back side, and pull and kill Queen Angerboda. Then, exit the building.

  7. Head west to the platform and kill all Deathless Watchers and Putrid Wights. Then, kill the Wyrmcaller Vile to get Wyrmcaller's Horn. Use the horn to summon Glacion. It is soloable.

    Finish killing 10 Deathless Watchers and 2 Putrid Wights - if you need more, on the platform down the stairs, there's also two branches to the east and west with the mobs on them.

  8. Ride southwest to the Steel Gate.

  1. At the Steel Gate, turn in Alpha Worg and Rivenwood Captives.

  2. Ride far southeast to The Ancient Lift. Get The Dead Rise! from Orfus.

  3. Ride southeast to New Agamand.

  1. At New Agamand, Get the Flight Path and the quests:

    • A Tailor-Made Formula
    • Give it a Name NOTE: Don't turn this quest in! It will make you take a forced flight to Dragonblight. Turn it in at the end of the zone.
    • Green Eggs and Whelps
    • Shield Hill

    Set your Hearthstone to New Agamand.

    • Brief mid-step: Fly to Camp Winterhoof. Turn in your quests:

      • Sleeping Giants
      • The Walking Dead
      • Necro Overlord Mezhen
      • The Frost Wyrm and its Master
      • The Slumbering King

      Then, Hearth back to New Agamand.

  2. Ride west to Thorvald's Camp. Kill Thorvald for his Dragonflayer Patriarch's Blood.

    • Then, return to New Agamand. Turn in A Tailor-Made Formula and get the follow-up Apply Heat and Stir. Then, you'll have to repeat the below two steps until you get a Balanced Concoction. It could take a while, enjoy the mishaps until you get it!

      • Use your Empty Apothecary Flask at the Cauldron to the right side of the apothecary.
      • Then, use your Flask of Vrykul Blood at the Lab Table to the left side of the apothecary.

      Once you have a Balanced Concoction, turn in Apply Heat and Stir. Get the follow-up Field Test.

  3. Ride north to Halgrind. Use your Plague Spray on 10 Vrykuls.

  4. Ride northwest to Ember Clutch. Find the Ember Clutch Ancient and get his quest, Root Causes.

    • Use your Tillinghast's Plague Canister on a Proto-Drake Egg to spawn a Plagued Proto-Whelp. Kill them for 10 Plagued Proto-Whelp Specimen.

  5. Clear your way southeast. Kill 5 Dragonflayer Handlers wandering near the building and Skeld Drakeson inside the building.

  6. Return to the Ember Clutch Ancient and turn in Root Causes.

  7. Ride back to New Agamand.

  1. At New Agamand, turn in your quests:

    • Field Test and get the follow-up Time for Cleanup
    • Time for Cleanup and get the follow-up Parts for the Job
    • Green Eggs and Whelps and get the follow-up Draconis Gastritis

  2. Ride a ways southeast along the road to Shield Hill. As you go from step to step, kill Risen Vrykul Ancestors for 5 Ancient Vrykul Bone.
    First, loot the Mound of Debris inside the pit and get Fengir's Clue.

  3. Head east to another pit and get Rodin's Clue from the Unlocked Chest .

  4. Head south and get Isuldof's Clue from the Long Tail Feather.

  5. Head east and get Windan's Clue from the Cannonball.

  6. Ride northeast to Ghostblade Post.

  1. At Ghostblade Post, get the two quests: Against Nifflevar and The Enemy's Legacy.

  2. Clear your way north into Nifflevar, killing all Dragonflayers in the way.
    First, enter the first building and get the Saga of the Valkyr.

  3. Clear your way northwest and loot the Saga of the Twins inside the building.

  4. Clear your way east and loot the Saga of the Winter Curse.

  5. Once done killing 5 Dragonflayer Warrior, 4 Dragonflayer Rune-Seer, and 4 Dragonflayer Hunting Hound, return to Ghostblade Post.

  1. At Ghostblade Post, turn in Against Nifflevar and The Enemy's Legacy.

  2. Kill Shoveltusks for 6 Shoveltusk Ligament. All shoveltusks will drop them.

  3. Ride west Anton who walks along the road. Buy a Fresh Pound of Flesh from this merchant.

  4. Ride northeast into New Agamand.

  1. At New Agamand, turn in your quests:

    • Parts for the Job and get the follow-up Warning: Some Assembly Required
    • Shield Hill

  2. Ride north to Halgrind. Use your Abomination Assembly Kit on one of the overlooking cliffs to take control of an abomination.

    • Run your abomination into the Vrykul into the camp. Gather several Vrykuls together. Use Thunderclap (Ability 2) while gathering them up in order to slow their chasing. Then, use Plagued Blood Explosion (Ability 1) to kill all around you. You have an infinite amount of these abominations, so keep assembling more abominations until you Kill 20 Plagued Vrykul.

  3. Ride west to Ember Clutch. Look for a Proto-Drake in the sky and use your Tillinghast's Plagued Meat when you're beneath one. Kill the drake.

  4. Ride southwest to The Ancient Lift. Turn in The Dead Rise! and get the follow-up Elder Atuik and Kamagua.

    • Get on the lift and ride down.

Ding80's Horde Howling Fjord Leveling Guide
Level 72a

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