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Alliance Leveling Guide Howling Fjord Guide Level 71-72

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Horde Howling Fjord Guide Part 3
Level 72

  1. Hearth to Camp Winterhoof.

  2. Ride northeast along a long path into the mountains to the Frostblade Shrine. Click it to spawn Your Inner Turmoil - kill it. You will gain a levitation buff.

  3. Mount up and jump off southwest and float your way back to Camp Winterhoof.

  1. Fly to Apothecary Camp.

  2. Ride southeast to Steel Gate. Turn in the Cleansing and get the follow-up In Worg's Clothing.

  3. Ride north into Rivenwood. As you clear your way north, kill all the Riven Widow Cocoons on the way and free 7 Winterhoof Longrunners.

  4. Once done freeing the longrunners and out of the forest, you will be near a cave. Use your Worg Disguise to turn into a worg so you may enter Ulfang's cave.

  1. Inside the cave, talk to Ulfang and turn in In Worg's Clothing. Get the follow-up Brother Betrayers.

  2. Ride southwest to Bjomolf who wanders around a bit. Search for him and kill him around the worg area.

  3. Ride southeast to Varg who also wanders around a little, and kill him.

  4. Ride northeast into Gjalerbron. Kill all the vrykuls until you've:

    • Freed 10 Gjalerbron Prisoners
    • Killed 15 Gjalerbron Warrior, 8 Gjalebron Rune-Caster, and 8 Gjalerbron Sleep-Watcher
    • Found the Gjalerbron Attack Plans - a random drop, and started the quest Gjalerbron Attack Plans.

  5. Ride northwest back to Ulfang in the worg cave. Put on the Worg Disguise.

  1. At Ulfang, turn in Brother Betrayers and get the follow-up Eyes of the Eagle.

  2. Ride southeast and head down the path to the Waterfall. Under it is a nest of eggs - open Talonshrike's Egg to lure Talonshrike down. Kill it for the Eyes of the Eagle.

  3. Ride west into Whisper Gulch. Kill Deranged Explorer Brains and use Grick's Bonesaw on their corpses to get 12 Deranged Explorer Brains. Also, pick up 5 Dwarven Kegs lying around in the area.

  4. Continue down northwest carefully - look for the ramp down, or jump down carefully and take a little bit of fall damage. You'll arrive at an area with undead. Kill them until you get a Scourge Device. Get the quest It's a Scourge Device from it.

  5. Ride up the path northeast back to the Apothecary Camp.

  1. At the Apothecary Camp, turn in your quests:

    • Brains! Brains! Brains!
    • It's a Scourge Device and get the follow-up Bring Down Those Shields
    • What's in That Brew?

  2. Ride west down the path and swim to west to Old Icefin. Get the quest Trident of the Son.

  3. Head southeast to the undead camp and use the Scourging Crystal Controller next to the crystal to destroy it.

  4. Head south to the next crystal and destroy it.

  5. Head south to the next crystal and destroy it.

  6. Head south and find Rotgill. Kill him for Rotgill's Trident.

  7. Return northwest to Old Icefin, making sure to finish killing 15 Chillmere Coast Scourge along the way - any undead in the way. Turn in Trident of the Son.

    • Once you've turned in the quest and finished killing 15 Scourge, Hearth to Camp Winterhoof. Turn in your quests there:

      • Dealing with Gjalerbron and get the follow-up Necro Overlord Mezhen
      • Of Keys and Cage and get the follow-up The Walking Dead
      • Gjalerbron Attack Plans and get the follow-up The Frost Wyrm and its Master

      Also, get the new quest Sleeping Giants.

Ding80's Horde Howling Fjord Leveling Guide
Level 71b

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