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Alliance Leveling Guide Dragonblight Guide Level 73-74

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Horde Dragonblight Guide Part 6
Level 74

  1. At Nozzlerust Post, turn in:

    • Nozzlerust Defense
    • Shaved Ice and get the follow-up Soft Packaging
    • Stocking Up

  2. Head southwest and kill Jormugar Tunnelers and Dragonbone Condors for 12 Thin Animal Hide.

  3. Return to Nozzlerust Post and turn in Soft Packaging and get the new quests:

    • Something That Doesn't Melt
    • Hard to Swallow

  4. Ride southeast and weaken a Hulking Jormungar. When it opens its mouth once you bring it down to 80% HP, use the Potent Explosives Charges. Pick up the 6 Seared Jormungar Meat from the resulting explosion.

    Pick up 12 Splintered Bone Chunks along the way near the bones.

  5. Return to Nozzlerust Post.

  1. At Nozzlerust Post, turn in:

    • Something That Doesn't Melt
    • Hard to Swallow

    get the new quests:

    • Harp on This!
    • Lumber Hack

  2. Ride south a bit so you can mount on your dragon, then fly northwest to Coldwind Heights.
    Use Xink's Shredder Control Device to take control of a shredder.

  3. Head northwest. Along the way, use Gather Lumber (Ability 6) next to trees marked with a cross to collect lumber. If it doesn't work, it means it has been recently gathered by someone else.

    Enter the harpy area. Kill Harpies by constantly using Twisting Blade (Ability 1) and throwing in Launch Saw Blades (Ability 2) on cooldown. Use Emergency Repair Kit (Ability 4) to regain life. Finally, in the northwest area, kill Mistress of the Coldwind.

    Finish gathering 50 Coldwind Lumber.

  4. Return to Nozzlerust Post and turn in your quests:

    • Harp on This!
    • Lumber Hack

    and get the new quest, Stiff Negotiations.

  5. Fly northeast to Zort, inside the canyon. Turn in Stiff Negotiations and get the follow-up Slim Pickings.

  6. Follow the path northwest into the cave. At the entrance, click the Ravaged Crystalline Ice Giant to get a Sample of Rock Flesh.

    • Return to Zort and turn in Slim Pickings and get the follow-up Messy Business. Also, get the new quest, Stomping Grounds from Ko'char the Unbreakable.

    • Return northwest deeper into the cave. Kill 8 Ice Heart Jormungar Feeders. Whenever you get the Corosive Spit debuff, use Zort's Scraper and collect 2 scraping samples.

    • Return to Zort and turn in your quests:

      • Messy Business and get the follow-up Apply This Twice A Day
      • Stomping Grounds
      • Apply This Twice A Day

      Get the new quests:

      • Really Big Worm (Group)
      • Worm Wrangler

    • Head northwest and enter the cave again. Use the Sturdy Crates on 3 Jormungar Spawns and collect them. Also, if you have a partner with you, at the end of the cave, drink Zort's Protective Elixir. Kill Rattlebore. If not, just ignore the Really Big Worm quest.

    • Finally, return to Zort.

  1. At Zort, turn in Worm Wrangler.

  2. Ride outside the canyon, then fly your way to Light's Trust. Turn in The Call of the Crusade and get the follow-up The Cleansing of Jintha'kalar.

  3. Ride northeast to Jintha'kalar. Clear your way northeast and kill 15 Jintha'kalar Scourge. Use your Seeds of Nature Wrath on Overseer Deathgaze on the eastern area of the camp then kill him.

    • Then, return to Light's Trust and turn in The Cleansing Of Jintha'kalar and get the follow-up Into the Breach!

  4. Ride southwest into the Bronze Dragonshrine. In the area, use your Hourglass of Eternity to summon Future You. Let Future You tank the attacking waves of dragons, you can pick them off one by one.

  5. Ride southwest, then fly the rest of the way to Wyrmrest Temple. On the bottom floor, turn in Disturbing Implications and get the follow-up One of a Kind (Group).

    Look for a partner to do the quest chain for One of a Kind. Any two will be good, but the last steps are recommended to have a tank and healer in your group. The below map shows the locations of all the minotaur for the quest - get to it whenever you find someone to do the minotaur chain with you. If you don't readily have someone to do it with you, then just skip over these group quests.

  1. (Group) Use your Ruby Beacon of the Dragon Queen to summon a dragon. Use it to fly southwest to Bonesunder. Kill him for his Emblazoned Battle Horn.

  2. (Group) Fly back to Wyrmrest Temple and turn in One of a Kind and get the follow-up Mighty Magnataur.

  3. (Group) Fly southeast to Bloodfeast. Have one person attack Bloodfeast and one person kill all the maggots.

  4. (Group) Fly north to Iceshatter. Kill him.

  5. (Group) Fly north to Drakegore. Kill him.

  6. (Group) Return to Wyrmrest Temple and turn in Mighty Magnataur and get the follow-up Reclusive Runemaster.

  1. (Group) Fly east to Dreg'mar Runebrand and defeat him.

    • Return to Wyrmrest Temple. Turn in Reclusive Runemaster and get the follow-up Wanton Warlord.

  2. (Group) Fly southwest to Grom'thar and kill him.

  3. (Group) Head back northeast to where you can summon a dragon, then fly to Wyrmrest Temple and turn in Wanton Warlord

Whether or not you did the group quests, to finish up Dragonblight - fly to the top of Wyrmrest Temple and turn in your quests:

  • On Ruby Wings and get the follow-up Return to Angrathar
  • That Which Creates Can Also Destroy
  • Mystery of the Infinite

Then, fly back to the ground floor.

  • Fly to Kor'kron Vanguard. Go to Saurfang the Younger and turn in Return to Angrathar and be treated to the cinematic.

  • Head down to the remnants of the battle and get Darkness Stirs from Alexstrasza. Loot the Armor of Saurfang, just northwest of where Alexstrasza is standing.

  • Ride back to Fordragon Hold and Fly to Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra. Turn in Darkness Stirs and get the follow-up Herald of War.
    • Take the portal to Orgrimmar. Go to Thrall and turn in Herald of War. Get the follow-up A Life Without Regret.

    • Take the portal to The Undercity.

    • Turn in A Life Without Regret and get the follow-up The Battle For the Undercity. Wait for a couple minutes, then follow Thrall into the Undercity. The most important thing is to continually follow Thrall - stay in range of their auras and you will be invincible and deal massive damage. Use your Area of Effect abilities for the most effect!

    • Once done re-taking the Undercity, turn in The Battle For The Undercity. You will get teleported to the zeppelin tower.

    • Return to Orgrimmar. Train your skills.

    • Hearth back to Venomspite, Dragonblight.

Ding80's Horde Dragonblight Leveling Guide
Level 74b

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