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Alliance Leveling Guide Grizzly Hills Guide Level 75-76

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Level 75b
Level 75c
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Horde Grizzly Hills Guide Part 1
Level 75

  1. Start from Venomspite, Dragonblight.

  2. Ride east into the Grizzly Hills.

  1. Ride east to Conquest Hold. Turn in To Conquest Hold, But Be Careful and get the follow-up The Conqueror's Task.
    Set your Hearthstone to Conquest Hold. Get the Flight Path.

    Turn in The Conqueror's Task and get all the quests in the area:

    • A Show of Strength
    • Gray Worg Hides
    • Supplemental Income
    • The Flamebinders' Secret

  2. Head east out of Conquest Hold and kill Graymist Hunters for 3 Gray Worg Hide.

  3. Continue east to Raider Captain Kronn. Get Blackriver Brawl from him.

  4. Go northeast to the Blackriver Logging Camp and kill 10 Amberpine Scout.

  5. Head southeast and kill Tallhorn Stags for 5 Succulent Venison.

  6. Ride southwest and follow the path into Voldrune. Kill 12 Dragonflayer Huscarls and kill Dragonflayer Flamebinders for 3 Flame-Imbued Talismans.

  7. Ride to Raider Captain Kronn. Turn in Blackriver Brawl.

  8. Return to Conquest Hold.

  1. At Conquest Hold, turn in your quests:

    • Supplemental Income
    • Gray Worg Hides and get the follow-up A Minor Substitution
    • A Show of Strength
    • The Flamebinders' Secret and get the follow-up The Thane of Voldrune

  2. Ride southwest to Venture Bay. Get the quests at the Horde Camp at the bay:

    • Crush Captain Brightwater!
    • Keep Them at Bay!
    • Seeking Solvent
    • Smoke 'Em Out

  3. Ride east. As you head to Captain Brightwater, clear the Alliance on the way and you'll pass many buildings with Venture Co. Straglers on them. Use the Smoke Bomb on 20. (Tip: you can just aggro all of them and then be able to Smoke Bomb several at once.)

    Captain Brightwater is on the east ship. Though its a group quest, he can be soloed.

  4. Head west and finish killing 10 Alliance before this next step. Get on the ship and clear your way into the room at the end and loot the Element 115.

  5. You will be unable to mount. Just run back to the Horde Camp.

  1. At the Horde Camp, turn in your quests:

    • Crush Captain Brightwater!
    • Keep Them at Bay!
    • Seeking Solvent
    • Smoke 'Em Out

  2. Ride northeast and around into Voldrune. Go to Flamebringer in the southwestern area of Voldrune and mount it.

  3. Fly northeast and look at the top of at the balconies of buildings to find Thane Torvald Eriksson.

    First, fly right next to him so you can use your wing buffet skill, as it is melee range.

    To beat Thane, just make sure to keep spamming all your abilities on cooldown. Spam Flame Breath (Ability 1) on cooldown as your main attack. Use Molten Fury (Ability 3) the dot attack whenever its up as well. Use Wing Buffet (Ability 2) to stun the Thane out of Volley - pay close attention to when you or your mount get the Volley debuff and use the Buffet quickly.

  4. While still mounted, fly back to Conquest Hold.

  1. At Conquest Hold, turn in The Thane of Voldrune and get the follow-ups Onward to Camp Oneqwah and My Enemy's Friend.

  2. Ride east to Forest's Edge Post.

    • Kill Vladek inside the post
    • Kill 8 Silverbrook Hunters
    • Get the random drop Mikhail's Journal from a Silverbrook Hunter. It starts the quest Mikhail's Journal

  3. Kill Grizzly Bears to the east for 6 Grizzly Hides.

  4. Return to Conquest Hold. Tturn in your quests:

    • A Minor Substitution and get the follow-up Jun'ik's Coverup
    • Mikhail's Journal and get the follow-up Gorgonna
    • Gorgonna and get the follow-up Tactical Clemency
    • My Enemy's Friend and get the follow-up Attack on Silverbrook

    Get the other two quests in town as well:

    • Eyes Above
    • Good Troll Hunting

    Go to Provisioner Lokran in the southeast area of the post. Buy 5 Simple Flour.
    Go to Smith Prigka in the northeast area of the post. Buy 1 Coal.

    Turn in Jun'ik's Coverup and get the follow-up Delivery to Krenna. Go into the hold and turn in Delivery to Krenna.

  5. Ride northwest to Granite Springs.

Ding80's Horde Dragonblight Leveling Guide
Level 74c

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