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Alliance Leveling Guide Grizzly Hills Guide Level 75-76

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Level 75b
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Horde Grizzly Hills Guide Part 3
Level 75

  1. At Camp Oneqwah, turn in Onward to Camp Oneqwah. Get the Flight Path. Get the quests:

    • An Expedient Ally
    • The Horse Hollerer
    • The Unexpected 'Guest'

  2. Ride north and west into the cave to Anya. Turn in A Sister's Pledge and get the follow-up Hour of the Worg (Group).

  3. Kill Silvercoat Stags all around the forest/hill area for 5 Mature Stag Horn.

  4. Ride southeast to Redwood Trading Post. Talk to Hugh Glass and get his quest, A Bear of an Appetite.

  5. Ride northwest and you'll find a pack of Highland Mustangs galloping around. Use your Flashbang Grenade on all the Highland Mustangs you find.

  6. Further northeast, you will find another pack of Highland Mustangs. Finish Frightening 15 Highland Mustangs.

  7. Head east into Thor Modan and find the Battered Journal. Get the quest The Damaged Journal from it. Wander around the area and pick up 8 Missing Journal Page, then use the Incomplete Journal to form Brann Bronzebeard's Journal.

    • Once done, Hearth back to Conquest Hold. Turn in your quests:

      • The Darkness Beneath
      • Vordrassil's Fall
      • Eyes Above

      And get the new quests:

      • A Possible Link
      • The Bear God's Offspring

  1. Fly to Camp Oneqwah. Turn in your quests:

    • The Damaged Journal and get the follow-up Deciphering the Journal
    • The Horse Hollerer
    • The Unexpected 'Guest' and get the follow-up An Intriguing Plan

  2. Ride south, clearing your way through the Redfang Furbolgs on the way for Crazed Furbolg Blood (you don't have to finish gathering 8 yet) to Grumbald One-Eye. Kill him for the Spiritsbreath.

  3. Go southeast to the cave behind Grumbald and listen to Kodian's Story by talking to Kodian.

  4. Ride west and kill furbolgs to finish gathering 8 Crazed Furbolg Blood by killing the Frostpaw Furbolgs. Listen to Orsonn's Story by talking to Orsonn inside the cave.

  5. Ride back to Conquest Hold. Turn in your quests:

    • A Possible Link
    • The Bear God's Offspring

    And get the new quests:

    • Vordrassil's Seeds
    • Destroy the Sapling

  1. Fly to Camp Oneqwah. Turn in Deciphering the Journal and get the two follow-ups: Pounding the Iron and The Runic Prophecies.

  2. Ride north to Kurun.

  1. At Kurun, turn in An Expedient Ally and get the follow-up Raining Down Destruction.

  2. Head northeast and pick up a Boulder around the area where many giants and throwing boulders into the city below. Target an Iron Dwarf and throw the boulder. You may only carry one boulder at a time. Kill 5 Iron Dwarves this way.

    • Then, return to Kurun and turn in Raining Down Destruction. Get the follow-up Rallying the Troops.

  3. Head northeast and use the Shard of the Earth on the Grizzly Hill Giants fighting in melee. Each time you rally a giant, an Iron Rune Avenger will spawn - kill it. Rally 5 Giants and Kill 5 Avengers.

    • Then, return to Kurun and turn in Rallying the Troops. Get the follow-up Into the Breach.

  4. Head around and down into Thor Modan. As you clear your way through, you will find Rune Plates on both sides - from the entrance as you clear your way deeper in, the order in which you'll find them is:

    • Third Prophecy
    • First Prophecy
    • Second Prophecy

    At the very end of the tunnel, kill Iron Thane Argrum. Clear your way back out, making sure to finish killing 10 Iron Dwarf Defenders.

  5. Return to Kurun.

  1. At Kurun, turn in Into the Breach and get the follow-up Gavrock.

  2. Ride southeast to Harkor's Camp. Turn in Say Hello to My Little Friend and get the quests:

    • It Takes Guts...
    • Nice to Meat You
    • Therapy

  3. Head east and look for Schools of Northern Salmon around the islands. Stand in it and use your Fishing Net and fish up 6 Northern Salmon.

  4. Go to Gavrock.

Ding80's Horde Grizzly Hills Leveling Guide
Level 75b

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