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Alliance Leveling Guide Tauren Guide

Tauren Leveling Guide
Level 1-11

Tauren Guide 1

  1. You start off in Camp Narache. Look for the nearby exclamation mark quest givers, and get The Hunt Begins and A Humble Task.

  2. Head southeast and kill Plainstriders for 7 Plainstrider Meat and 7 Plainstrider Feathers.

  3. Reach Greatmother Hawkwind and turn in A Humble Task and get the follow-up A Humble Task. Grab a Water Pitcher on the well.

  4. Return to Camp Narache and turn in:

    • The Hunt Begins and get the follow-up The Hunt Continues
    • A Humble Task and get the follow-up Rites of the Earthmother

    Also, get your Class Quest and turn it in to your class trainer. Train your skills . From here until level 60, every two levels (at each even level), new skills and spells will be available for training, so whenever you hit an even level and you're near a town, train your skills.

  5. Head southwest and kill Mountain Cougar for 10 Mountain Cougar Pelts.

  6. Arrive at Seer Graytongue and turn in Rites of the Earthmother. Get the follow-up Rite of Strength.

    • Then, return to Camp Narache.

Tauren Guide 2

  1. After arriving at Camp Narache, turn in The Hunt Continues and get the follow-up The Battleboars. Also, get Break Sharptusk!

  2. Head southeast into the cave and through the tunnel. Clear your way to Chief Sharptusk Thornmantle and kill him for his head. Make sure to also finish killing enough Battleboars and Bristlebacks to gather:

    • 8 Battleboar Snout
    • 8 Battleboar Flank
    • 12 Bristleback Belts

  3. Head south into a small cave and loot the Dirt-Stained Map.

    • Then, Hearth (by using the Hearthstone in your backpack) to Camp Narache.

Tauren Guide 3

  1. At Camp Narache, train your skills - don't forget to visit your class trainer and train your skills every even level whenever you're near a city! Also, turn in all your quests:

    • The Battleboars
    • Break Sharptusk!
    • Rite of Strength and get the follow-up Rites of the Earthmother

  2. Follow the road southwest out of Camp Narache to Antur Fallow. Get A Task Unfinished.

  3. Continue along the road to Bloodhoof Village. Turn in A Task Unfinished at the inn and talk to the innkeeper to Set Your Hearthstone to Bloodhoof Village.

    Also, turn in Rites of the Earthmother and get the follow-up as well as all the quests in town so that your quest log should look like:

    • Poison Water
    • Rite of Vision
    • Sharing the Land
    • Swoop Hunting
    • Dangers of the Windfury
    • Mazzranache

  4. Head a bit north by the bonfire and turn in Rite of Vision and get the follow-up Rite of Vision. Also, head north to Ahab Wheathoof at the northern area of the camp by the bridge.

  5. Head south and kill Prairie Wolves for 6 Prairie Wolf Paws and Plainstriders for 4 Plainstrider Talons and a Tender Strider Meat. Also, pick up 2 Ambercorn from the ground in the nearby area under trees.

  6. Clear your way to the well and pick up 2 Well Stones.

    • Then, return to Bloodhoof Village.

  1. At Bloodhoof Village, keep an eye out for Kyle the Frenzied, a wolf who runs around the village. Target him and use the Tender Strider Meat to calm him down.

    Train your skills and get the quest Dwarven Digging.

    Turn in your quests:

    • Poison Water and get the follow-up Winterhoof Cleansing.
    • Kyle's Gone Missing! (northern area of the village, by the bridge)

  2. Clear your way southeast to the Winterhoof Water Well and use the Winterhoof Cleansing Totem next to it.

    • Then, return to Bloodhoof Village and turn in Winterhoof Cleansing and get the follow-up Thunderhorn Totem.

  3. Head south to the Palemane camp and kill 5 Palemane Poacher, 8 Palemane Skinner, and 10 Palemane Tanner.

  4. Head northeast to Morin Cloudstalker and get The Ravaged Caravan.

  5. Head northeast and kill Prairie Stalkers, Flatland Cougars, and Swoops and collect all of the following quest items (you can come back to this area on the way back from step 6 as well to finish up):

    • 8 Trophy Swoop Quill
    • 6 Stalker Claws
    • 6 Cougar Claws
    • 1 Praerie Wolf Heart
    • 1 Flatland Cougar Femur
    • 1 Plainstrider Scale
    • 1 Swoop Gizzard

  6. Head north to The Ravaged Caravan and clear your way to the crate for the Venture Co. Documents.

    • When done with collecting all the items above, return to Morin Cloudstalker and turn in The Ravaged Caravan. Get the follow-ups The Venture Co. and Supervisor Fizsprocket.

    • Then, return to Bloodhoof Village.

  1. After collecting the many items from the hunt and returning to Bloodhoof Village, turn in all the completed quests:

    • Sharing the Land
    • Swoop Hunting
    • Thunderhorn Totem and get the follow-up Thunderhorn Cleansing
    • Mazzranache

    Train your skills.

  2. Head northwest to the Thunderhorn Water Well. Clear your way to the well and use the Thunderhorn Cleansing Totem next to it.

    • Then, return to Bloodhoof Village and turn in Thunderhorn Cleansing and get the follow-up Wildmane Totem.

  3. Head northwest to the Bael'dun Digsite and clear your way deep into the digsite towards the forge while killing Bael'dun Dwarves for 5 Prospector's Picks. At the forge, use the picks to break the picks for 5 Broken Tools.

  4. Head out of the digsite and northwest and kill harpies for 8 Windfury Talons.

  5. Head northwest to Seer Wiserunner, inside a cave. Turn in Rite of Vision and get the follow-up Rite of Wisdom.

  6. Head far to the east - along the way, kill Prairie Wolf Alphas for 8 Prairie Alpha Tooth.

  7. Continue east to Lorekeeper Raintotem and get A Sacred Burial.

  8. Clear your way through to the Ancestral Spirit, killing 8 Bristleback Interlopers on the way. Turn in Rite of Wisdom and get the follow-up Journey into Thunder Bluff.

  9. Return to Lorekeeper Raintotem and turn in A Sacred Burial.

    • Then, Hearth to Bloodhoof Village.

  1. After arriving at Bloodhoof Village, turn in your quests:

    • Dangers of the Windfury
    • Dwarven Digging
    • Wildmane Totem and don't get the follow-up Wildmane Cleansing since its far out of the way.

    By now, you should have hit level 10 - train your skills, and pick up your class quest.

    • Hunter: Go do the class quest and tame the pets you need for Taming the Beast and complete the questline up to the point where you have to go to Thunder Bluff.
    • Druid: Get Heeding the Call - we will walk to Thunder Bluff soon enough, don't go quite yet.
    • Warrior: Get Veteran Uzzek - we will walk to him soon, right after we complete Mulgore. When there, you should follow the series and complete the quest chain.
    • Shaman: Get Call of Fire - right after we complete Mulgore. When there, you should follow the series and complete the quest chain.

  2. Head east and up the hill and into the cave. Clear your way through the tunnels, killing 14 Venture Co. Workers and 6 Venture Co. Supervisors on the way. At the end of the tunnel, kill Supervisor Fizsprocket.

  3. Look on the road east of Bloodhoof Village for Morin Cloudstalker and turn in The Venture Co. and Supervisor Fizsprocket.

  4. Continue east out of Mulgore to The Barrens.

  1. After entering The Barrens, continue to Camp Taurajo and Get the Flight Path as well as the quest Journey to the Crossroads.

    • Druids and Hunters: you shold use the flight path to fly to Thunder Bluff and turn in your class quest, as well as Journey into Thunder Bluff to Cairne Bloodhoof and don't get the follow-up. Hunters, congratulations on being able to have a pet now, and druids, do the continued chain quest in order to get bear form.
    • Warriors and Shamans: abandon Journey into Thunder Bluff if you have it, since you won't need to fly there - it isn't worth the time to turn in the quest.

  2. Follow the road northeast to The Crossroads. Turn in Journey to the Crossroads and Get the Flight Path.

  3. Follow the road northeast to Durotar. Note that for Warriors and Shamans, you will find the next step for your class quest along the path - finish your class quest before moving on.

  1. Follow the road to Orgrimmar. At Orgrimmar, Get the Flight Path.

  2. Go to the zeppelin tower and take the zeppelin to the Undercity.

  1. Head south and take the elevator downwards to Get the Undercity Flight Path.

  2. Head back to the entrance of The Undercity and use the Orb of Translocation to warp to Silvermoon City of the Blood Elf lands.

  1. Exit Silvermoon and head south to Farstrider Retreat. Get all the quests here:

    • Amani Encroachment
    • The Spearcrafter's Hammer
    • The Magister's Apprentice

  2. Head southeast to Tor'watha and kill 5 Amani Berserkers and 5 Amani Axe Throwers as you clear your way to Spearcrafter Otembe and kill him. Talk to Ven'jashi, the troll prisoner near him, to get the quest Zul'marosh.

  3. Head southwest across the lake to kill Chieftain Zul'Marosh. He will also drop the Amani Invasion Plans, which starts the quest Amani Invasion.

  1. Return to Ven'jashi and turn in Zul'marosh.

  2. Return to Farstrider Retreat and turn in:

    • Amani Encroachment
    • The Spearcrafter's Hammer
    • Amani Invasion and get the follow-up Warning Fairbreeze Village

  3. Head northeast to Apprentice Loralthalis at the entrance to Duskwither Spire.

  1. At Apprentice Loralthalis, turn in The Magstier's Apprentice. Get the quests Deactivating the Spire and Where's Wyllithen?

  2. Enter the teleporter and keep walking upstairs and deactivating the crystals. Pick up Magister Duskwither's Journal by the second power crystal for the quest Abandoned Investigations. After deactivating all the crystals, translocate back down to the ground.

  3. Head north to the groundskeeper Wyllithen and complete Where's Wyllithen?. Get the follow-up Cleaning up the Grounds.

    • Kill 6 Mana Serpents and 6 Ether Fiends nearby, then return to Wyllithien and turn in Cleaning up the Grounds.

  4. Return to Apprentice Loralthalis and turn in Deactivating the Spire. Get the follow-up Word from the Spire.

  5. Return to Farstrider Retreat and turn in Abandoned Investigations and Word from the Spire.

  6. Return to Silvermoon City and train your skills (if your class can in this city - if not, then don't worry about it for now).

    • Also, go to the Weapon Master (Talk to a guard and ask for the location of the Weapon Master for a pinpoint location) and train proficiency in any weapon skills you can learn. Note that each major city has an unique Weapon Master which can teach you other weapon skills - make sure you visit each one in each major city once in the future.

  1. After training your skills, return to Silvermoon City. Start heading southwest out of the city, along the path.

  2. Arrive at Fairbreeze Village. Just pick up The Scorched Grove from Ardeyn Riverwind.

  3. Head southwest to Larianna Riverwind. Turn in The Scorched Grove and accept A Somber Task.

  4. Head south and kill 10 Withered Green Keepers. Also, search for the larger treant, Old Whitebark, and kill it for Old Whitebark's Pendant, which starts a quest.

    • Then, return to Larianna Riverwind and turn in A Somber Task and Old Whitebark's Pendant. Get the follow-up Whitebark's Memory.

  5. Head out again southeast to the runestone. Use the pendant and defeat Whitebark's Spirit and complete Whitebark's Memory.

  6. Head east to Runewarden Deryan and get Powering Our Defenses.

  7. Head east to Runestone Shan'dor and use the Infused Crystal next to the stone. Kill the wraiths as they spawn, they are fairly weak.

    • Then, return to Runewarden Deryan and turn in Powering Our Defenses.

  8. Head southeast to Apothecary Thedra and get The Fallen Courier.

  9. Cross the bridge south and kill anything near the river for 4 Plagued Blood Samples.

    • Then, return to Apothecary Thedra and turn in The Fallen Courier. Get the follow-up Delivery to Tranquillien.


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