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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 12-19

Level 12-13
Level 14-15
Level 16-17
Level 18-19

Horde Ghostlands Guide Part 1
Level 12-13

  1. After completing The Fallen Courier and get the follow-up Delivery to Tranquillien, head south to Tranquillien. At Tranquillien, turn in Delivery to Tranquillien and Set your Hearthstone to Tranquillien at the innkeeper. Get the follow-up The Forsaken - turn that quest in and get the follow-up and all the other quests, such that your quest log should look like:

    • Goods from Silvemoon City (blood elf only) - if you're blood elf, don't travel to Silvermoon City yet - just finish the quest there whenever you need to go back to train at level 14 so you don't have to make an extra flight trip
    • Suncrown Village
    • Tomber's Supplies
    • The Plagued Coast
    • Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran (Group)

  2. Head northeast to a Dying Blood Elf and get Anok'suten.

  3. Continue into Suncrown Village and kill Anok'suten and 10 Nerubis Guards.

  4. Then, return to Tranquillien.

  1. At Tranquillien, turn in Anok'Suten and Suncrown Village, which will open up a lot of quests since you become friendly with the town. Get all of them so that your quest log looks like:

    • Goldenmist Village
    • Investigate An'daroth
    • Tomber's Supplies
    • Help Ranger Valanna!
    • Salvaging the Past
    • The Plagued Coast
    • Down the Dead Scar
    • Trouble at the Underlight Mines
    • Culinary Crunch

  2. Head northwest to An'daroth and kill 12 Sentinel Spy. Go up to the glowing crystal in the middle to get credit for exploring An'daroth.

  3. Head northwest into Goldenmist Village and kill 6 Quel'dorei Ghosts and 4 Quel'dorei Wraiths.

  4. Clear your way through the undead southeast up the hill to get Tomber's Supplies.

  5. Head south to the Sanctum of the Moon and kill the Mana Creatures for 8 Crystallized Mana Essence.

  6. Head east to The Dead Scar and kill 10 Risen Hungerers and 10 Gangled Cannibals.

  7. Then, return to Tranquillien.

  1. After returning to Tranquillien, turn in the many quests you've completed for a huge burst of experience:

    • Goldenmist Village
    • Investigate An'daroth
    • Tomber's Supplies
    • Salvaging the Past
    • Down the Dead Scar

    Get the new quests available in town:

    • Into Occupied Territory
    • Windrunner Village
    • Investigate the Amani Catacombs
    • Troll Juju

    First of all, make sure you have Set your Hearthstone to Tranquillien. Since you should have comfortably reached level 14 by now, go to the flightmaster and Fly to Silvermoon City to train your skills. (If you're a blood elf, finish the blood elf delivery quest as well.) Then, Hearth back to Tranquillien.

  2. Head northeast to The Farstrider Enclave. Get all the quests:

    • Spirits of the Drowned
    • Bearers of the Plague
    • Bring Me Kel'gash's Head!

  3. Head just south and kill 10 Ghostclaw Lynx.

    • Then, return to The Farstrider Enclave.


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