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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 12-19

Level 12-13
Level 14-15
Level 16-17
Level 18-19

Horde Ghostlands Guide Part 4
Level 18-19

  1. At the Farstrider Enclave, turn in your quests:

    • Assault on Zeb'Nowa
    • Shadowpine Weaponry
    • A Little Dash of Seasoning
    • Bring Me Kel'gash's Head! (or abandon the quest if you weren't able to do it)

  2. Head southwest to Magister Sylastor and turn in Deactivate An'owyn.

  3. Head southwest and head to the Sanctum of the Sun and turn in:

    • The Sanctum of the Sun
    • The Twin Ziggurats
    • Underlight Ore Samples

    Get the follow-up quests:

    • War on Deatholme
    • The Traitor's Destruction

  4. Head southwest to Apprentice Vor'el and get Clearing the Way.

  5. Clear your way southwest and kill 10 Greater Spindleweb and 10 Ghostclaw Ravager along the way.

  6. Reach Deatholme and kill 5 Eye of Dar'Khan, 6 Nerubis Centurion, and 6 Wailer.

  7. When done, return to the Sanctum of the Sun and turn in War on Deatholme. Get the follow-ups Dar'Khan's Lieutenants and A Restorative Draught.

  8. Then, head northwest to Tranquillien.

  1. At Tranquilien, turn in your quests:

    • Troll Juju
    • Investigate the Amani Catacombs
    • A Restorative Draught

    Get the new quests:

    • Rotting Herats
    • Spinal Dust
    • Captives at Deatholme

    Then, head south to Deatholme. Through the next steps, kill your way through the locations (they are all inside the buildings) and gather 10 Rotting Hearts and 10 Spinal Dust.

  2. The first stop is just west of the entrance - rescue Apothecary Enith. Also, kill Jurion.

  3. Head south for a possible spawn location of Masophet.

  4. Head east and rescue Ranger Vedoran. Also, Borgoth may be here - if he is, then kill him.

  5. Head east for a possible spawn location of Masophet (you can skip this step if you killed Masophet in step 3)

  6. Head northeast and rescue Apprentice Varnis. Borgoth may be here as well - if he is, then kill him.

  7. Head northwest and kill Mirdoran.

    • If you have a group with you, kill Dark'han, Knucklerot, and Luzran as well - if you don't have one, just abandon those quests.

    • Before you leave, finish gathering 10 Rotting Hearts and 10 Spinal Dust which drop mainly from the undead just north of Deatholme in The Dead Scar area.

  8. Head northeast to the Sanctum of the Sun. Turn in Captives at Deatholme and Dar'Khan's Lieutenants.

  9. Finally, Hearth to Tranquillien. Turn in Rotting Hearts and Spinal Dust.

With all the Ghostlands quests out of the way, you should comfortably be at least level 20.
Important Note:
If you are not yet level 20, then grind Ghostlands monsters until you are - this is important because mounts are, as of Patch 3.2, available at level 20.

Fly to Silvermoon City and train your skills.

Ding80's Horde Ghostlands Leveling Guide
Level 16-17

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