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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 12-19

Level 12-13
Level 14-15
Level 16-17
Level 18-19

Horde Ghostlands Guide Part 2
Level 14-15

  1. At The Farstrider Enclave, Turn in Bearers of the Plague and get the follow-up Curbing the Plague.

  2. Head northwest to Ranger Valanna and turn in Help Ranger Valanna! Get the follow-up Dealing with Zeb'Sora.

  3. Swim east to Zeb'Sora and kill trolls for 6 Zeb'Sora Troll Ears.

    • Then, return to Ranger Valanna.

  1. At Ranger Valanna, turn in Dealing with Zeb'Sora and get the follow-up Return to Captain Helios.

  2. Return to The Farstrider Enclave. Turn in Return to Captain Helios. Get the new quests:

    • Attack on Zeb'Tela
    • Shadowpine Weaponry
    • The Traitor's Shadow

  3. Head north to the small island and talk to Geranis Whitemorn to get Forgotten Rituals.

    • In the water around the island, kill 8 Ravening Apparition and 8 Vengeful Apparition, and gather 8 Wavefront Medallion in the mud piles on the sea floor.

    • Then, return to Geranis Whitemorn and turn in Forgotten Rituals. Get the follow-up Vanquishing Aquantion.

  4. Swim north to the Altar of Tidal Mastery and use your Bundle of Medallions. Kill Aquantion.

    • Then, return to Geranis Whitemorn and turn in Vanquishing Aquantion.

  5. Swim southeast to the Dawnstar Spire. Head up the spire to the second floor. Go to the Dusty Journal and use it to complete The Traitor's Shadow. Get the follow-up Hints of the Past.

  6. Return to Farstrider Enclave.

  1. At Farstrider Enclave, turn in your quests:

    • Spirits of the Drowned
    • Hints of the Past and get the follow-up Report to Magister Kaendris.

  2. Head to the Sanctum of the Sun and turn in Report to Magister Kaendris. Get the follow-up The Twin Ziggurats.

  3. Return to Tranquillien.

  1. After returning to Tranquillien, get the quests in town:

    • Spinal Dust
    • Rotting Hearts
    • Retaking Windrunner Spire

  2. Head northwest to the coast and kill undead Grimscale Murlocs for 6 Plagued Murloc Spines while heading southwest.

  3. Swim southwest to Shalandris Isle. Look around the island (inside the tents, as well as on the boat) for the Night Elf Plans: An'daroth, An'owyn, and Scrying on the Sin'dorei.

  4. Head southeast to Windrunner Village. Kill Phantasmal Seekers and Stonewing Slayers for 6 Phantasmal Substance and 4 Gargoyle Fragments.

  5. Head south to Windrnuner Spire. Kill 8 Deatholme Acolytes and 10 Fallen Rangers. You should also get the random drop, The Lady's Necklace from one of the mobs, which starts a quest.

  6. Head northeast and kill 10 Vampiric Mistbat and 8 Spindleweb Lurker. Also, get 5 Crunchy Spider Leg from the spiders.

  7. Make your way to Apprentice Shatharia and get the quest Underlight Ore Samples from her.

  8. Head southwest and around and kill the gnolls; note that many are in groups. To be safer, aim for the ones which patrol solo or are standing alone. You can fulfill the numbers without entering the actual cave. Kill 8 Blackpaw Gnoll, 6 Blackpaw Scavenger, and 4 Blackpaw Shaman. Also, collect 6 Underlight Ore.

  9. Head east to the Bleeding Ziggurat. Be careful since its a narrow enclosed space and not to accidently aggro the mobs inside. Clear the room, then get the Stone of Light inside the Ziggurat.

  10. Head east to the Howling Ziggurat and do the same thing to get the Stone of Flame.

  11. Return to Tranquillien.

Ding80's Horde Ghostlands Leveling Guide
Level 12-13

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