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Undead Leveling Guide
Level 1-11

Undead Guide 1

  1. Head up the stairs out of the crypt and get Rude Awakening from Undertaker Mordo.

  2. Run north to Deathknell. Turn in Rude Awakening and get the follow-up The Mindless Ones.

  3. Head north and kill 5 Mindless Zombies and 5 Wretched Zombies.

    • Then, return to Deathknell.

Undead Guide 2

  1. At Deathknell, turn in The Mindless Ones. Get the new quests that open up:

    • Your Class Quest
    • Rattling the Rattlecages
    • The Damned

    Then, turn in your class quest to your class trainer and train your skills . From here until level 60, every two levels (at each even level), new skills and spells will be available for training, so whenever you hit an even level and you're near a town, train your skills.

  2. Head west and kill Duskbats and Scavengers for 6 Scavenger Paw and 6 Duskbat Wing.

  3. Head northeast and kill 8 Rattlecage Skeletons.

    • Then, return to Deathknell.

Undead Guide 3

  1. At Deathknell, turn in:

    • The Damned and get the follow-up Marla's Last Wish.
    • Rattling the Rattlecages.

    Get the new quests:

    • Scavenging Deathknell
    • Night Web's Hollow

    Train your skills.

  2. Head northeast and pick up 6 Scavenged Goods from the boxes in the houses.

  3. Head northeast to a camp. Kill Samuel Fipps and loot Samuel's Remains.

  4. Head west and kill 8 Young Night Web Spiders outside the cave, and then head into the cave and kill 5 Night Web Spiders.

    • Then, Hearth (by using the Hearthstone in your backpack) to Deathknell.

  1. After hearthing to Deathknell, head north slightly to the graveyard and click on Marla's Grave. Go back into town and turn in your quests:

    • Scavenging Deathknell
    • Night Web's Hollow and get the follow-up The Scarlet Crusade
    • Marla's Last Wish

  2. Head southeast to the Scarlet Camp and kill the members of the scarlet crusade for 12 Scarlet Armbands.

    • Then, return to Deathknell and turn in The Scarlet Crusade. Get the follow-up The Red Messenger.

    • Then, return to the Scarlet Camp and kill Meven Korgal at the south tent for his Scarlet Crusade Documents.

    • Then, return to Deathknell and turn in The Red Messenger. Get the follow-up Vital Intelligence.

  3. Head along the road northeast to Calvin Montague and get A Rogue's Deal.

  4. Head southeast along the road, ignoring the quest Fields of Grief for now. Look for Gordo, the abomination, wandering near the road. Get Gordo's Task from him.

  5. Collect 3 Gloom Weed - the plant is plentiful just a short distance north from the road.

  6. Continue along the road to Brill.

  1. Arrive at Brill and turn in your quests and pick up all the quests available. Turn in:

    • A Rogue's Deal - and, while at the inn, Set your Hearthstone to Brill by talking to the innkeeper. As well, buy food and water for the trip ahead.
    • Vital Intelligence
    • Gordo's Task (turn this in the northwest portion of town) and get the follow-up.

    Pick up all the quests. Your quest log should now look like:

    • A New Plague
    • A Putrid Task
    • Doom Weed
    • At War With The Scarlet Crusade
    • Graverobbers
    • Wanted: Maggot Eye

    Also, make sure to train your skills.

  2. Head west and kill Ravaged Corpses and Rotting Dead for 7 Putrid Claws.

  3. Continue west and kill Darkhounds for 5 Darkhound Blood.

  4. Continue along the road northwest to Deathguard Simmer and get Fields of Grief.

  5. Take the road northwest to the Solliden Farmstead.

    • Collect 10 Tirisfal Pumpkin
    • Kill 10 Scarlet Warriors

    When done, Hearth to Brill. (or walk if its down).

  1. At Brill, turn in your quests and get all the new ones. Turn in:

    • Fields of Grief and get the next step in the chain, turned in at the inn
    • A New Plague and get the follow-up A New Plague
    • A Putrid Task and get the follow-up The Mills Overrun
    • At War With the Scarlet Crusade and get the follow-ups At War With the Scarlet Crusade and Proof of Demise
    get the new quests from around the inn:

    • Deaths in the Family
    • The Haunted Mills
    • The Chill of Death

  2. Follow the road northeast out of Brill to Garren's Haunt.

    • Kill 8 Rot Hide Graverobbers
    • Gather 10 Doom Weed
    • Kill 5 Rot Hide Mongrel
    • Collect 8 Embalming Ichor

  3. At the northern area of the farm, kill Maggot Eye for Maggot Eye's Paw.

  4. Continue north to the shore and kill Vile Fin Murlocs for 5 Vile Fin Scales.

    • When done, return to Brill.

  1. At Brill, turn in your quests:

    • Doom Weed
    • Graverobbers and get the follow-ups Forsaken Duties and The Prodigal Lich
    • A New Plague and get the next step in the chain
    • Wanted: Maggot Eye

    Don't get Delivery to Silverpine Forest - the guide will not be taking you to Silverpine Forest.
    Train your skills.

  2. Head southwest and kill Greater Duskbats for 5 Duskbat Pelts.

  3. Go southwest to the Scarlet Guard Tower and clear a path into the tower. Kill 3 Scarlet Zealots, 3 Scarlet Missionary, and kill Captain Perrine who is inside the tower. You do not have to finish collecting 10 Scarlet Insignia Rings yet, more scarlets will be killed later.

  4. Head north to Agmand Mills. In this area, as you're walking from target to target, kill Darkeye Bonecasters for 3 Blackened Skull and Rattlecage Soldiers for 5 Notched Ribs. You may also get A Letter to Yvette, which starts the quest A Letter Undelivered from these mobs - if you do, right click the item in your inventory to start the quest.

    Kill Devlin Agamand for Devlin's Remains.

  5. Kill Thurman Agamand.

  6. Kill Gregor Agamand.

  7. Kill Nissa Agamand.

When done completing all of the objectives at Agmand Mills, Hearth back to Brill.

  1. At Brill, buy a Coarse Thread from Abigail Shiel (Trade Supplies) by the outdoor cart. Turn in your quests:

    • A Letter Undelivered (If you got the random letter drop earlier. Don't get the follow-up.)
    • Deaths in the Family
    • The Haunted Mills
    • The Chill of Death
    • The Mills Overrun
    • Proof of Demise
    • At War With The Scarlet Crusade and get the next step in the chain.

    Train your skills.

  2. Head southeast to Deathguard Linnea and turn in Forsaken Duties and get Return To The Magistrate and Rear Guard Patrol.

  3. Head east and kill 8 Bleeding Horror and 8 Wandering Spirits.

  4. Head north to the Scarlet Outpost and clear your way to the tower. Kill 5 Scarlet Friars and Captain Vachon, who is in the tower. Finish collecting 10 Scarlet Insignia Rings as well by killing all surrounding scarlets.

  5. Head east and kill Vicious Night Web Spiders for 4 Vicious Night Web Spider Venom.

    • Then, return to Deathguard Linnea and turn in Rear Guard Patrol.

  6. Then, return to Brill. Turn in your quests:

    • At War With The Scarlet Crusade
    • Return to the Magistrate
    • A New Plague and get the next step in the chain - turn this in at the basement of the inn.
    • Proof of Demise

    Get your Class Quest if its from Brill.

  1. Head south of Brill along the road to The Undercity. Get the Flight Path.
    Get your Class Quest from your class trainer if it starts here. Turn in The Prodigal Lich at the Magic Quarter.

    If your class quest results in an important class ability being granted, then go do it - otherwise, its time to continue to the Blood Elf area of The Ghostlands for quick leveling!

  2. Head back to the entrance of The Undercity and use the Orb of Translocation to warp to Silvermoon City of the Blood Elf lands.

  1. Exit Silvermoon and head south to Farstrider Retreat. Get all the quests here:

    • Amani Encroachment
    • The Spearcrafter's Hammer
    • The Magister's Apprentice

  2. Head southeast to Tor'watha and kill 5 Amani Berserkers and 5 Amani Axe Throwers as you clear your way to Spearcrafter Otembe and kill him. Talk to Ven'jashi, the troll prisoner near him, to get the quest Zul'marosh.

  3. Head southwest across the lake to kill Chieftain Zul'Marosh. He will also drop the Amani Invasion Plans, which starts the quest Amani Invasion.

  1. Return to Ven'jashi and turn in Zul'marosh.

  2. Return to Farstrider Retreat and turn in:

    • Amani Encroachment
    • The Spearcrafter's Hammer
    • Amani Invasion and get the follow-up Warning Fairbreeze Village

  3. Head northeast to Apprentice Loralthalis at the entrance to Duskwither Spire.

  1. At Apprentice Loralthalis, turn in The Magstier's Apprentice. Get the quests Deactivating the Spire and Where's Wyllithen?

  2. Enter the teleporter and keep walking upstairs and deactivating the crystals. Pick up Magister Duskwither's Journal by the second power crystal for the quest Abandoned Investigations. After deactivating all the crystals, translocate back down to the ground.

  3. Head north to the groundskeeper Wyllithen and complete Where's Wyllithen?. Get the follow-up Cleaning up the Grounds.

    • Kill 6 Mana Serpents and 6 Ether Fiends nearby, then return to Wyllithien and turn in Cleaning up the Grounds.

  4. Return to Apprentice Loralthalis and turn in Deactivating the Spire. Get the follow-up Word from the Spire.

  5. Return to Farstrider Retreat and turn in Abandoned Investigations and Word from the Spire.

  6. Return to Silvermoon City and train your skills (if your class can in this city - if not, then don't worry about it for now).

    • Also, go to the Weapon Master (Talk to a guard and ask for the location of the Weapon Master for a pinpoint location) and train proficiency in any weapon skills you can learn. Note that each major city has an unique Weapon Master which can teach you other weapon skills - make sure you visit each one in each major city once in the future.

  1. After training your skills, return to Silvermoon City. Start heading southwest out of the city, along the path.

  2. Arrive at Fairbreeze Village. Just pick up The Scorched Grove from Ardeyn Riverwind.

  3. Head southwest to Larianna Riverwind. Turn in The Scorched Grove and accept A Somber Task.

  4. Head south and kill 10 Withered Green Keepers. Also, search for the larger treant, Old Whitebark, and kill it for Old Whitebark's Pendant, which starts a quest.

    • Then, return to Larianna Riverwind and turn in A Somber Task and Old Whitebark's Pendant. Get the follow-up Whitebark's Memory.

  5. Head out again southeast to the runestone. Use the pendant and defeat Whitebark's Spirit and complete Whitebark's Memory.

  6. Head east to Runewarden Deryan and get Powering Our Defenses.

  7. Head east to Runestone Shan'dor and use the Infused Crystal next to the stone. Kill the wraiths as they spawn, they are fairly weak.

    • Then, return to Runewarden Deryan and turn in Powering Our Defenses.

  8. Head southeast to Apothecary Thedra and get The Fallen Courier.

  9. Cross the bridge south and kill anything near the river for 4 Plagued Blood Samples.

    • Then, return to Apothecary Thedra and turn in The Fallen Courier. Get the follow-up Delivery to Tranquillien.


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