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Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 40-44

Level 40
Level 41
Level 42
Level 43
Level 44

Alliance Badlands Guide
Level 42

Fly to Ironforge and turn in Stormpike's Deciphering. Get Ironband Wants You!

Fly to Stormwind and turn in The Perenolde Tiara and Return to Milton at the Stormwind Keep.
Also, get In Search of the Temple, from Brohann Caskbelly in the southeastern part of The Dwarven District.

Train your skills.

Set your Hearthstone to Stormwind.

STOP! Before you head out flying, make sure to get these items from the Auction House - they will earn you a lot of experience points in the next zone. If they are unavailable at the auction house, seek out crafters in trade chat. They may seem pricy, but they are worth the gold because the experience boost is substantial. You should be able to afford them even without any gathering professions if you've kept up with selling trade goods on the auction house. If you don't have enough gold at this point, take a look at the Gold Guide section for clever methods of making money - you could have built up hundreds of gold by now!

  • Frost Oil (Or find an alchemist. Mats: 4 Khadgar's Whisker, 2 Wintersbite, Leaded Vial)
  • Gyrochronatom (Or find an engineer. Mats: 1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Power Core OR 1 Gold Bar)
  • Healing Potion (Should have one from your adventuring. Or find an alchemist. Mats: 1 Bruiseweed, 1 Briarthorn, 1 Leaded Vial)
  • Lesser Invisibility Potion (Or find an alchemist. Mats: 1 Fadeleaf, 1 Wild Steelbloom, 1 Leaded Vial)
  • Patterned Bronze Bracers (Or find a blacksmith. Mats: 5 Bronze Bar, 2 Coarse Grinding Stone)

  1. Fly to Thelsamar, Loch Modan.
    Get Badlands Reagent Run from the alchemist in town.

  2. Head east to Ironband's Excavation Site and get turn in Ironband Wants You! and get the follow-up Find Agmond.

  3. Head south into the Badlands.

  1. Kill a path south through the Coyotes.

  2. Arrive at Prospector Ryedol and Sigrun Ironhew and get the quests:

    • A Dwarf and His Tools
    • Mirages

  3. Head north to Hammertoe's Dig Site and kill the dwarves until you get Ryedol's Lucky Pick. Go to the Crumpled Map on the top of the dig site and get the quest A Sign of Hope from it.

  4. Head northeast to Camp Kosh and pick up the Supply Crate.

  5. Return to Prospector Ryedol and turn in:

    • A Dwarf and His Tools
    • A Sign of Hope, don't get the follow-up.
    • Mirages and get the follow-up Scrounging.

  6. Head southwest to Martek the Exiled and turn in Martek the Exiled. Get just these quests in this camp, ignore the rest:

    • Indurium
    • Barbecued Buzzard Wings

  7. Head southeast to the troggs and at the northern side complete Find Agmond at the Battered Dwarven Skeleton and get the follow-up Murdaloc.

  8. Head south and kill 12 Stonevault Bonesnapper and Murdaloc and continue killing troggs until you finish collecting 10 Indurium Flakes.

  9. Return to Martek and turn in Indurium, don't get the follow-up.

  1. Head northwest to Lotwil Veriatus and get Study of the Elements: Rock.
    Also, this is the place where all the items you bought come in handy! Get the quest Coolant Heads Prevail and complete it in with your Frost Oil and get the follow-up Gyro...What? and complete it with your Gyrochronatom and get the follow-up Liquid Stone and complete it with your Healing Potion and Lesser Invisibility Potion.

  2. Head west and kill Lesser Rock Elementals and collect 10 Small Stone Shard.
    Then, Return to Lotwil Veriatus and complete and get the next step in Study of the Elements: Rock.

  3. Return west again and kill Rock Elementals and collect 3 Large Stone Slabs and finish collecting 5 Rock Elemental Shard as well.
    Then, Return to Lotwil Veriatus and complete and get the next step in Study of the Elements: Rock.

  4. Head southwest to Apocryphan's Rest and kill the many buzzards there to collect 5 Buzzard Gizzards and 4 Buzzard Wings. Kill the coyotes around as well until done collecting the 10 Crag Coyote Fang. Note that if there aren't enough Buzzards here to collect all the quest items, come back on your return to the area after step 6.

  5. Head southwest to Camp Cagg and kill ogres until you collect 7 Scrap Metal.

  6. Head west up the mountains to face Greater Rock Elementals and kill them until you get 5 Bracers of Rock Binding.

  7. Return to Lotwil Veriatus and turn in Study of the Elements: Rock and get the follow-up This is Going to be Hard and go through the follow-ups. This will summon a level 45 Elemental. Kill it and complete This is Going to be Hard.
    Also, complete the new quest Stone is Better than Cloth with your Patterned Bronze Bracers.

  8. Head east to Martek and turn in Barbecued Buzzard Wings.

  9. Head northeast to Prospector Ryedol and turn in Scrounging.

  10. Head north to Loch Modan and turn in Murdaloc to Prospector Ironband at the Excavation Site, and head to Thelsamar and turn in Badlands Reagent Run.

Ding80's Alliance Alterac Mountains Leveling Guide
Level 41

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