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Alliance Stranglethorn Vale Guide Part 4
Level 44

Hearth to Stormwind and train your skills.

Check the Auction House and buy whichever pages for the Green Hills of Stranglethorn that are available which you do not yet have. For easy reference, sort the pages you do have into this order - you can then easily tell which pages you need to buy based on which slots in your backpack are empty.

  1. Fly to Rebel Camp and get Kurzen's Mystery. Do not get Colonel Kurzen.

  2. Head southwest to Nesingwary's Camp. Get the quests:

    • Panther Mastery (Shadowmaw Panthers)
    • Raptor Mastery (Jungle Stalkers)
    • The Green Hills of Stranglethorn and turn in all your pages to complete it. If you still don't have all the pages, ask around in general chat if anyone will trade pages.

  3. Head west to the Ruins of Zul'Kunda. Enter, head west, and to the upper area of the ruins (see radar above) and pick up the 4th Legend, contained within the Emperor's Tomb tablet.

  4. Go to the southwestern area of the ruins and pick up the 3rd Legend, contained within the Fall of Gurubashi tablet.

  5. Head southwest out of the ruins and then south and dive down into the underwater ruins. Pick up the 2nd Legend on a tablet leaning against a wall and use Caetlyn's Blade to summon Gazban at the Altar of the Tides. Kill him and get the Stone of the Tides.

  6. Head northeast and kill an Elder Saltwater Crocolisk and get an Elder Crocolisk Skin. (Note: if there are none around, kill several normal crocolisks to make one spawn.)

  7. Head east to the troll ruins and pick up the 1st Legend.

  8. Head southeast, making sure to avoid the Grom'Gol Base Camp. Kill 10 Shadowmaw Panthers.

  9. Head southwest and kill 10 Jungle Stalkers.

  10. Return to Rebel Camp and turn in Kurzen's Mystery and get the follow-up Troll Witchery.

This is the last portion of Stranglethorn Vale, we're going to sweep from north to south to finish all the quests.

  1. Head to Nesingwary's Camp and complete:

    • Panther Mastery and get the follow-up Panther Mastery.
    • Raptor Mastery and get the follow-up Raptor Mastery.

  2. Head southeast to Bhag'thera and kill her. Note that she wanders around a bit, so look in the area.

  3. Head south to the troll ruins and kill your way to the harder trolls, where the Skullsplitter Mystics and Witch Doctors are since only those drop the 4 Skullsplitter Fetish you'll need. Collect 18 Skullsplitter Tusk as well.

  4. Head southwest to the Gurubashi Arena. North of it is Tethis - kill it.

  5. Head east and kill the Venture Co. Goblins for 10 Singing Blue Crystal. Be careful since they blend in with the scenery and hide behind hills a bit and have a tendency to group up and wander. Pull them one by one and take precautions.

  6. Head southwest along the road to the first set of Zanzil ruins. Clear the camp and kill and loot JonJon the Crow and Maury "Club-Foot" Wilkins.

  7. Head southeast to the second set of Zanzil ruins and clear the camp and kill and loot Chucky "Ten Thumbs". Finish collecting 12 Zanzil's Mixtures from the Zanzils.

    • Note: You can give The Captain's Chest (Group) a try here, even if solo. Just travel south down the coast from the Zanzil ruins and you'll find Gorlash, a large giant elite. You may be able to take him down solo, in which case you'll earn a lot of quick experience.

  8. Head south to Booty Bay. Turn in all your quests:

    • Excelsior
    • The Curse of the Tides
    • Venture Company Mining
    • Skullsplitter Tusks
    • Voodoo Dues, don't get the follow-up.
    • Zanzil's Secret
    • The Captain's Chest (Group) (If complete)

  9. Fly to Rebel Camp. Turn in Troll Witchery.

  10. Ride south to Nesingwary's Camp and turn in:

    • Panther Mastery
    • Raptor Mastery

    (If you have someone to group with, you can get the follow-up Big Game Hunter and kill Bangalash who is south near the Shadowmaw Panthers you killed earlier.)

Ding80's Alliance Stranglethorn Vale Leveling Guide
Level 43

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