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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 45-49

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Alliance Swamp of Sorrows & Tanaris Guide
Level 45

Quick quest log check and also a quick mention: this is a great point to jump in if you're just joining the guide now because most of the quest chains have been completed and we're moving on to a new set of zones. The only quests that should be in your quest log at the moment (other than instance quests and class quests) are:

  • Akiris by the Bundle
  • Cortello's Riddle
  • Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog
  • Stoley's Debt
  • Tran'rek
  • In Search of the Temple

Don't worry if you don't have any of the quests if you've just jumped in, they are fairly minor continuation quests - just skip past them if they're mentioned later. You should get In Search of the Temple from Stormwind though if you don't have that one.

  1. Fly to Darkshire, Duskwood. Pick up the quest Supplies For Nethergarde, a quest with a 1 hour timer. Make sure you've got about an hour free, since we'll be going through a small zone before turning this quest in.

  2. Head east into the Deadwind Pass.

  1. Head east through the pass to the Swamp of Sorrows.

  1. Follow the road east and at the bridge, dive into the water and click the Soggy Scroll to complete and get the next step in Cortello's Riddle.

  2. Head north to The Harborage and get the quest Pool of Tears.

  3. Head southeast and find and ill Noboru the Cudgel - he wanders around the entire shaded area, so search around. Tip: type /target Noboru, and if a monster actually shows up, look around carefully to see if you can spot him. Noboru's Cudgel starts the quest Noboru the Cudgel. Its a gray item quest starter which is quite unusual.

  4. Head southeast to the Pool of Tears. Dive in and search the bottom of the lake for 5 Atal'ai Artifacts. Make sure you get credit for In Search of the Temple as well by swimming into the pool a ways towards the temple in the center.

  5. Head back to the Harborage and turn in The Pool of Tears and Noboru the Cudgel.

  6. Head southeast into the Blasted Lands.

  1. Head east to Nethergarde Keep and turn in Supplies For Nethergarde. Get the Flight Path.
    Then, Hearth to Stormwind.

In Stormwind, turn in In Search of the Temple at the southeastern area of The Dwarven District and get the follow-up To The Hinterlands.

Fly to Menethil Harbor.

Take the boat to Theramore and turn in Akiris by the Bundle.

  1. Fly to Mudsprocket.

  2. Head northwest back to the raptor area and go in the cave to complete and get the next step in Cortello's Riddle.

  3. Return to Mudsprocket.
    Fly to Gadgetzan, Tanaris.

  1. In Gadgetzan, turn in Tran'Rek and don't get the follow-up. Also, get the following quests and ignore the ones which are Zul'Farrak instance quests.

    • Wastewander Justice
    • Water Pouch Bounty
    • Wanted: Andre Firebeard
    • Gadgetzan Water Survey
    • Wanted: Caliph Scorpidsting
    • Handle with Care

  2. Head northeast to the ruins and kill all the Wastewanders you find here. There's not enough here to finish the quest, so once you kill all of them, move on and don't wait for respawns.

  3. Head further northeast to Steamwheedle Port and turn in Stoley's Debt and get the follow-up Stoley's Shipment. Also, get the quests:

    • Screecher Spirits
    • Pirate Hats Ahoy!
    • Southsea Shakedown

  4. Head southwest to the northern wastewander camps and finish up killing 10 Wastewander Thieves and Bandits.

  5. Return to Gadgetzan and turn in Water Pouch Bounty and Wastewander Justice and get the follow-up More Wastewander Justice.

  1. Head southeast deeper into the wastewander camps and kill Wastewander Rogues, Assassins, and Shadow Mages. Hunt for Caliph Scorpidsting who patrols between the camps.

  2. Head southeast to Lost Rigger Cove's entrance.

  3. Head through the tunnel and kill your way south to the main pirate compound. Outside the camp are primarily the Southsea Pirates and Southsea Freebooters, while inside the compound there are primarily Southsea Dock Workers and Southsea Swashbucklers inside the houses.

    Inside the compound, Andre Firebeard is in the middle and he pulls with 2 pirates. Kill him.

    The eastern house holds Stoley's Shipment on the top of the floor. Be ready to take on three swashbucklers at a time inside the house. Exit the house and finish both killing 10 of each Southsea Pirate and collecting 20 Pirate Hats.

  4. Return to Steamwheedle Port and turn in:

    • Andre Firebeard
    • Southsea Shakedown
    • Stoley's Shipment and get the follow-up Delivery to MacKinley
    • Pirate Hats Ahoy!

  5. Head back to Gadgetzan and turn in:

    • More Wastewander Justice
    • WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting

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Level 44

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