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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 55-58

Level 55
Level 56
Level 57
Level 58

Alliance Un'goro Crater Guide Part 2
Level 56

  1. Head east to Torwa Pathfinder and turn in The Apes of Un'Goro and get the quests The Mighty U'cha and The Bait for Lar'korwi and open Torwa's Pouch to receive the items.

  2. Go north and right click and examine the Eastern Crystal Pylon. To the east of the pylon is a flat rock - Use the Preserved Threshadon Meat, then the Pheromone Mixture to spawn Lar'korwi. Kill it and loot its head.

  3. Head northwest to another Expedition Camp and loot the Crate of Foodstuffs. There are also a lot of bloodpetals around - finish collecting 15 Bloodpetals.

  4. Head northeast into the gorilla cave again. At the end of the cave, kill U'cha and loot his pelt. Also, clear a path to A-Me 01 and complete and get the next step in Chasing A-Me 01. Turn in your Mithril Casing here to complete it and start an escort quest.

  5. Lead A-Me to Marshal's Refuge and turn in Chasing A-Me 01.

  6. Head northeast to the Northern Pylon just east of Marshal's Refuge. Right click and examine it.

  7. Head south to Fire Plume Ridge. Enter from the northeast side. Kill Scorching Elementals to collect Un'Goro Ash and clear your way up to the top of Fire Plume Ridge. Just kill enough to clear up for now, we'll kill more later. Use Krakle's Thermometer next to the Fire Plume Hot Spot.

  8. Head west off the ridge to Krakle and turn in Finding the Source and get the follow-up The New Springs.

  9. Ride southeast to Torwa Pathfinder and turn in:

    • The Mighty U'cha
    • The Bait for Lar'korwi

  1. Head back to Fire Plume Ridge, this time clearing your way up from the south side. Finish collecting 9 Un'Goro Ash. Get to Ringo and turn in Lost! and get the follow-up escort quest, A Little Help From My Friends. Get off the mountain from the east side then lead Ringo to Marshall's Refuge.

  2. Return to Marshall's Refuge and turn in all your quests:

    • Roll the Bones
    • Shizzle's Flyer
    • Alien Ecology
    • Muigin and Larion
    • Beware of Pterrodax
    • Expedition Salvation
    • A Little Help From My Friends
    • The Eastern Pylon
    • The Northern Pylon
    • The Western Pylon
    • Making Sense of It (Received after turning in all the Pylon quests, can turn in immediately)

Fly to Gadgetzan. Turn in

  • Super Sticky
  • Bungle in the Jungle and don't get the follow-up.

  1. Fly to Ratchet. Turn in Volcanic Activity.

  2. Head to Islen Waterseer and turn in Seeking Spiritual Aid and get the follow-up Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood.
    Then, return to Ratchet.

Note: If you hit Level 58 (or further), skip the level 57 portion of the guide and move on to Level 58 - to the Outlands!

Ding80's Alliance Un'Goro Crater Leveling Guide
Level 55

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