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Alliance Leveling Guide Zangarmarsh Guide Level 62-63

Level 62
Level 63a
Level 63b

Alliance Zangarmarsh Guide Part 3
Level 63

== ZONE NOTE == Whenever you kill a Sporebat in this zone and you stand in melee range of it, you get a nice +30 to all stats buff for 5 minutes. Kill a Sporebat every so often to keep the buff on you as often as you can. Also, you will need 6 Fertile Spores at the end which can be found off Sporebats, so keep any you find and don't sell them.

You'll need to turn in the Fertile Spores soon, so also start killing Fen Striders and Marsh Walkers which can also drop them - they are found at the shallow waterways throughout the zone.

  1. Hearth to Orebor Harborage.

  2. Head southeast into Serpent Lake and swim to the small island. Kill Mragesh by the shores of the island on the northeast side.

  3. Head west to the ogre village and clear ogres and gather 15 Mushroom Samples and 10 Glowcaps (shining golden mushrooms throughout the ground - not a quest objective yet, but we'll need them very soon).

  4. Head west/southwest around the lake and kill all the Marshlight Bleeders and Fenglow Stingers in the way and collect Marshlight Bleeder Venom and Diaphanous Wings. There are more southeast of Sporeggar, you don't have to finish yet.

  5. Head southwest to Sporeggar. Turn in Sporeggar and get Glowcap Mushrooms. Turn in Glowcap Mushrooms immediately.

    Get the quests:

    • Fertile Spores and turn it in immediately with your 6 Fertile Spores you collected earlier. (If you don't have enough yet, quickly gather the remainder from Marsh Walkers and Sporebats to the southeast)
    • Now That We're Friends... (NOTE: Requires friendly reputation - if you are not friendly, go southwest to the Spawning Glen and kill Bog Lords until you hit Friendly. Then, come back and get the quest.)
    • Oh, It's On! (Dungeon - Underbog)
    • Stalk the Stalker (Dungeon - Underbog)
    • Bring me a Shrubbery! (Dungeon - Underbog)

    Note: these are all the quests for the Underbog instance, so its reccommended you put yourself in the dungeon queue and run it once and complete all the objectives and turn in these three quests for 66,000 XP! Just set yourself into the queue and keep questing, and when a group forms, join it and resume wherever you left off later.

  6. Swim east to the southern island of Marshlight Lake and kill Terrorclaw. Make sure to clear around him since he casts fear.

  7. Swim back southwest and head around the island to finish collecting 6 Marshlight Bleeder Venom and 8 Diaphonous Wings.

  8. Head northeast and kill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 6 Bloodscale Enchantresses.

  9. Head south to Watcher Leesa'oh and turn in:

    • Familiar Fungi and get the follow-up Stealing Back the Mushrooms
    • The Count of the Marshes

  10. Head east to the Feralfen Village and collect 6 Feralfen Idol. You can find a couple easy idols with few mobs guarding them on the southern stairs of The Boha'mu Ruins.

  11. Head northeast to Telredor and turn in:

    • Idols of the Feralfen and get the follow-up Gathering the Reagents
    • Diaphonous Wings

  12. Head southwest and kill Sporebats and Fen Striders to collect 4 Fen Strider Tentacle and 4 Sporebat Eye.

  13. Return to Telredor and turn in Gathering the Reagents and get the follow-up Messenger to the Feralfen.

  14. Head southwest out of Telredor to The Boha'mu Ruins. Use Ahuurn's Elixir and head up the stairs and talk to Elder Kuruti and go through the dialogue to receive Elder Kuruti's Response.

  15. Return to Telredor and turn in Messenger to the Feralfen.

  1. Fly to Orebor Harborage. Turn in:

    • Maktu's Revenge
    • The Terror of Marshlight Lake

  2. Head northwest to the ogres. Clear your way across the bridges and turn right and up the hill. Kill Overlord Gorefist and collect 10 Box of Mushrooms from both the ogres and crates on the ground.

  3. Hearth to Orebor Harborage and turn in Overlord Gorefist. Get the new quest, A Message to Telaar.

  4. Ride southwest to Sporeggar. Turn in Now That We're Friends...

  5. Ride south to Watcher Lees'oh. Turn in Stealing Back the Mushrooms. (Note: you don't have to follow her and listen to her if you want to save time.)

  6. Ride far to the east and into Terokkar Forest.

Ding80's Alliance Zangarmarsh Leveling Guide
Level 63a

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