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Alliance Leveling Guide Terokkar Forest Guide Level 64-65

Level 64a
Level 64b
Level 65a
Level 65b

Alliance Terokkar Forest Guide Part 4
Level 65

  1. At the Refugee Caravan, turn in your quests:

    • Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil and get the follow-up Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike
    • The Shadow Tomb
    • Escaping the Tomb

  2. Ride southwest to Veil Lithic. Look for the Cursed Eggs, most are by the buildings. Open them until you Redeem 3 Hatchlings and Kill 3 Malevolent Hatchlings. The hatchling type is random and one spawns upon opening the eggs.

  3. Ride southeast to Sha'tari Base Camp and get the quests:

    • An Improper Burial
    • Taken in the Night
    • Digging Through Bones
    • The Dread Relic

    Digging Through Bones starts an easy escort quest. Follow the dwarves to and back from their dig and get the follow-up Fumping.

    • Fumping is doable solo and quickly if you get the guards at the camp involved. Head JUST east of the base camp and immediately stop when the zone changes from Sha'tari Base Camp to The Bone Wastes.

      Use your Fumper, then run back towards the guards to get the guards to attack the spawned mobs. Make sure to use your burst damage on the Bone Sifters so you get credit for the kill. Do this until you get 8 Mature Bone Sifter Carcass, then turn in Fumping and get the follow-up The Big Bone Worm (Group).

  4. Head east and Burn 8 Sha'tar Vindicator and Auchenai Warrior Corpses.

  5. Return to Sha'tari Base Camp and turn in An Improper Burial and get the follow-up A Hero is Needed.

  6. Head east and kill 12 Auchenai Initiate and 5 Auchenai Doomsayer.

  7. Head further east to the Derelict Caravan and clear to the Massive Treasure Chest. Open it and loot the Dread Relic, then either AoE or run away from the circle of zombies which spawn.

  8. Make sure you've finished gathering 10 Restless Bones!

    If done collecting them, head through the southeastern tunnel of Auchindoun and go down the western tunnel in central Auchindoun. Get the quest I See Dead Draenei from Ha'lei. Then, go to Ramdor the Mad and turn in the quests:

    • Recover the Bones and get the follow-up Helping the Lost Find Their Way
    • I See Dead Draenei and get the follow-up Ezekiel

  9. Head southeast to Vindicator Haylen and get For the Fallen.

  1. Head southeast and kill 20 Dreadfang Widow and free 6 Sha'tar Warrior from the Netherweb Victim cocoons.

  2. Return to Vindicator Haylen and turn in For the Fallen.
    If you have a partner with you, get the follow-up Terokkarantula and go back to the very southeasternmost area of the spider area to kill Terokkarantula.

  3. Head west and kill 10 Lost Spirit and 10 Broken Skeleton.

  4. Reach the Sha'tari Base Camp and turn in:

    • Taken in the Night
    • A Hero is Needed and get the follow-up The Fallen Exarch
    • The Dread Relic and don't get the follow-up

  5. Head northeast up the stairs and kill the Auchenai around the Auchenai Coffin to spawn the Reanimated Exarch and kill it.

  6. Return to Sha'tari Base Camp and turn in The Fallen Exarch.

  7. Ride northeast to the Refugee Caravan and turn in Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike and Helping the Lost Find Their Way. Don't get any follow-ups.

  8. Ride north to Shattrath City.

    Take the Portal to Stormwind and train your skills. Also:

    • If ALDOR: Buy so you have 10 Mark of Kil'jaeden and 1 Fel Armament
    • If SCRYER: Buy so you have 10 Firewing Signet and 1 Arcane Tome

    Then, Hearth to Shattrath City. At the Aldor or Scryer Rise, turn in those two collection quests with the items bought above.

    That's it for Terokkar Forest, time to go to the lush greens of Nagrand, a welcome change from the Bone Wastes!

Ding80's Alliance Terokkar Forest Leveling Guide
Level 65a

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