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Alliance Leveling Guide Nagrand Guide Level 66-67

Level 66a
Level 66b
Level 67a
Level 67b

Alliance Nagrand Guide Part 1
Level 66

  1. Enter Nagrand from southwest Terokkar Forest and follow the road north, then west. Get I Must Have Them! from Wazat.

  2. Continue west to Telaar. Get the Flight Path and Set your Hearthstone to Telaar. Turn in Message to Telaar and check all areas of the town to get all the quests:

    • Do My Eyes Deceive Me
    • The Nesingwary Safari
    • Throne of the Elements
    • Wanted: Giselda the Crone
    • Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor
    • Fierce Enemies
    • Solving the Problem
    • Stopping the Spread
    • The Ravaged Caravan
    • He Called Himself Altruis...
    • The Consortium Needs You! (slightly west of Telaar)

  3. Ride northeast along the road to the Nesingwary Safari. Turn in Nesingwary Safari and get the quests:

    • Talbuk Mastery
    • Windroc Mastery
    • Clefthoof Mastery

  4. Swim northwest to the Throne of the Elements. Turn in The Throne of the Elements and get the new quests:

    • The Underneath and turn it in to get The Tortured Earth
    • A Rare Bean
    • Muck Diving

    During the next steps, kill any Dust Howlers for 3 Air Elemental Gas as well as a Howling Wind which starts the quest The Howling Wind.

  5. Kill 12 Windrocs.

  6. Kill 10 Tortured Earth Spirit. If there aren't enough in this area, as you kill the other animals you should find more as well, so just move on and keep looking.

  7. Kill 12 Talbuk Stags.

  8. Kill 12 Clefthoof.

  9. Return to Nesingwary Safari when you've killed 12 each of Windrocs, Talbuk Stags, Clefthoof, 10 Tortured Earth Spirit, and collected the Howling Wind and 3 Air Elemental Gas from Dust Howlers. Turn in all the mastery quests and get the three follow-ups:

    • Talbuk Mastery
    • Windroc Mastery
    • Clefthoof Mastery

  1. Head northwest to the Throne of the Elements. Turn in:

    • The Howling Wind and get the follow-up Murkblood Corrupters
    • The Tortured Earth and get the follow-up Eating Damnation

  2. Head west and gather 8 Digested Caracoli and kill 12 Talbuk Thorngrazer. Kill any Enraged Crusher in sight as well as a top priority.

  3. Head southwest and loop above the Halaa basin and clear a path through the Clefthoof Bull and kill 12. Also, keep an eye out for any Enraged Crushers and kill them on sight.

  4. Head further southwest and kill more Enraged Crusher.

  5. Head west to the road and follow it around the basin to the east. Patrolling this road are 3 Murkblood Invaders. Kill them and loot the Murkblood Invasion Plans which starts Murkblood Invaders.

  6. On the way back, finish gathering 10 Enraged Crusher Core from Enraged Crushers.

  7. Return to the Throne of the Elements and turn in:

    • A Rare Bean and get the follow-up Agitated Spirits of Skysong
    • Eating Damnation and get the follow-up Shattering the Veil

  8. Head south into the lake, use a Nagrand Cherry, and kill 8 Lake Spirits.

    • Then, return to the Throne of the Elements and turn in Agitated Spirits of Skysong and get the follow-up Blessing of Incineratus.

Ding80's Alliance Terokkar Forest Leveling Guide
Level 65b

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