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Alliance Leveling Guide Zul'Drak Guide Level 76-77

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Alliance Zul'Drak Guide Part 5
Level 77

  1. Ride northeast to Zim'Torga. Get the Flight Path. Turn in To the Witch Doctor. Get the quests:

    • Breaking Through Jin'Alai
    • The Blessing of Zim'Torga
    • The Leaders at Jin'Alai
    • Just Checkin'

    Turn in The Blessings of Zim'Torga at the center statue.

  2. Head southwest to Jin'Alai. Near the rectangular "plaza", you can find the four cauldrons on each corner of the rectangle. Click on all four of them. Also, kill a lot of trolls. Once you've killed enough, a Troll Chieftain will spawn - kill it and gather its treasure that spawns at its corpse. When you're done killing all 3 Chieftains, return to Zim'Torga. Turn in:

    • Breaking Through Jin'Alai
    • The Leaders at Jin'Alai

    Get the new quests:

    • Relics of the Snow Leopard Goddess
    • Sealing the Rifts
    • The Frozen Earth
    • To Speak With Har'koa

  3. Ride southeast to Har'koa. Turn in To Speak With Har'koa and get the follow-up But First My Offspring.

  4. Ride west. Kill 7 Cursed Offspring of Har'koa and use Whisker of Har'koa on their corpses. Also, gather 10 Har'koan Relics.

    • Then, return to Har'koa and turn in But First My Offspring. Get the follow-up Spirit of Rhunok.

  5. Ride northwest back to Zim'Torga. Turn in Relics of the Snow Leopard Goddess and get the follow-ups:

    • Plundering Their Own
    • The Blessing of Zim'Rhuk
    • Tails Up

  1. Ride northwest. Kill 7 Elemental Rifts and kill Frozen Earth for 7 Essence of the Frozen Earth.

  2. Ride northeast to Zim'Rhuk and turn in The Blessing of Zim'Rhuk.

  3. Ride northwest to the Spirit of Rhunok and turn in Spirit of Rhunok. Get the follow-up My Prophet, My Enemy.

  4. Ride south to the lake. Kill the Prophet of Rhunok for the Arctic Bear God Mojo, and kill the Priests of Rhunok around the area for 7 Rhunokian Artifacts.

    • Return to the Spirit of Rhunok and turn in My Prophet, My Enemy and get the follow-up An End to the Suffering.

  5. Head into the temple and use the Torment's Incense on Rhunok, then kill it.

    • Return to the Spirit of Rhunok and turn in An End to the Suffering. Get the follow-up Back to Har'koa.

  6. Ride southeast to Zim'Torga.

  1. At Zim'Torga, get turn in all your quests:

    • Plundering Their Own
    • Sealing the Rifts
    • The Frozen Earth

    Get the new quests:

    • Bringing Down Heb'Jin
    • Scalps!

  2. Ride southeast to Har'koa and turn in Back to Har'koa. Get the follow-up I Sense a Disturbance. Talk to her again and tell her to call for a ride. Once you're done, turn in the quest and get the follow-up Preparations for the Underworld.

    • Kill the trolls around the area for 8 Sacred Adornments, then turn in Preparations for the Underworld and get the follow-up Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess.

  3. Ride east to an area with Frost Leopards and Icepaw Bears. Use your To'kini's Blowgun on them then approach them while they're sleeping and check them. Find 3 Female Frost Leopards and 3 Female Icepaw Bears.

  4. Ride northeast to Quetz'lun.

  1. At Quetz'lun, turn in Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess. Get the follow-up Setting the Stage.

    • Then, head west downstairs and collect 10 Underworld Power Fragment.

    • Then, return to Quetz'lun and turn in Setting the Stage and get the follow-up Foundation for Revenge.

    • Then, head west downstairs again and kill 12 Trolls while they're near a Soul Font.

    • Then, return to Quetz'lun and turn in Foundation for Revenge. and get the follow-up Hell Hath a Fury.

  2. Hex High Priest Hawinni.

  3. Hex High Priest Mu'funu.

  4. Hex High Priestess Tua-Tua.

  5. Then, return to Quetz'lun and turn in Hell Hath a Fury. Get the follow-up One Last Thing.

    • Once done, ride southwest back to Har'koa.

Ding80's Alliance Zul'Drak Leveling Guide
Level 77a

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