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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 55-57

Level 55
Level 56
Level 57

Death Knight Leveling Guide Part 1
Level 55

Welcome to your Death Knight! You will start out at level 55 with 0 talent points. The DK starting quests award "Bonus Talents" to help ramp you up to the 51 talent points that a level 60 player should have. For this reason, you must complete all Death Knight quests.

These first few quests are pretty self-explanatory, so let's move through them swiftly from the moment you begin. All the starting quests are right next to each other.

  1. Get In Service of the Lich King from The Lich King

  2. Turn around and enter the next room to turn the quest in to Instructor Razuvious. Get the follow-up The Emblazoned Runeblade.
    In the room, use the Weapon Rack on a wall in the room and use the Battle-Worn Sword by the Runeforge.

    Weapon Rack


  3. Turn in The Emblazoned Runeblade and get the follow-up Runeforging: Preparation for Battle.

    • Walk back to a Runeforge and use your Runeforging ability in your spellbook and select an appropriate forging (Recommended: Rune of Cinderglacier).

  4. Turn in Runeforging: Preparation for Battle and get the follow-up The Endless Hunger. Enter the center circle in the room and free an Unworthy Initiate by clicking on the chains connected to the wall, then kill the Initiate and turn the quest in to Instructor Razuvious to get the follow-up quest The Eye of Acherus.

  5. Return to The Lich King and turn the quest in and get the follow-up Death Comes From On High.

    • Activate the controls for the Eye of Acherus. When you obtain control of the eye and it's movement, you will have access to the following abilities (located now on your main action bar):

    • Siphon of Acherus - Used to gather information about structures for the quest
    • Summon Ghouls on Scarlet Crusade - Used to distract ground Scarlet Crusade Soldiers into attacking spawned Ghouls while you collect structure information
    • Shroud - Goes Stealth, helpful for escaping and moving between information-gathering locations
    • Recall Eye of Acherus - Returns you to your body in Ebon Hold. Use this after quest objectives are complete

    Scarlet Hold
    New Avalon Forge
    New Avalon Town Hall
    Crimson Flame Chapel
  1. Use Siphon of Acherus at The Scarlet Hold, New Avalon Forge, New Avalon Town Hall, Chapel of the Crimson Flame. When complete, return to your body in Ebon Hold and turn the quest in and get the follow-up The Might of the Scourge.

  2. Step on the pink glowing Transporter to be teleported to a lower section of Ebon Hold. Turn in The Might of the Scourge to Highlord Darion Mograine and get the follow-up quests:

    • Report to Scourge Commander thalanor
    • The Power of Blood, Frost, and Unholy

  3. Walk up the stairs (past the teleporter you entered through, but don't go in it again) and turn in your quest to Scourge Commander Thalanor. Get the follow-up The Scarlet Harvest.

  4. Fly down to Death's Breach using a Scourge Gryphon. Turn The Scarlet Harvest in to Prince Valanar and get all the quests:

    • If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold the Reins
    • Grand Theft Palomino
    • Tonight We Dine in Havenshire
    • Death's Challenge

  5. Talk to and 'duel' 5 Deathknight Initiates in the area, then turn in Death's Challenge.

  1. Leave Death's Breach and follow the path to Havenshire Farms. Kill 10 Scarlet Crusaders, 10 Citizens of Havenshire, and loot 15 Saronite Arrows.

  2. Get and Complete Abandoned Mail by the mailbox.

  3. After finishing all of these objectives, steal a Havenshire Horse from the stable area and ride it back up to Death's Breach.

  4. Use the horse's Deliver Stolen Horse ability when you arrive in Death's Breach to complete the quest. Turn in all of your quests, and finish killing Deathknight Initiates or dueling other players to finish Death's Challenge.

    Get the new quest, Into the Realm of Shadows.

  5. Return south to the Havenshire Farms area. Locate a Dark Rider of Acherus, and kill him to gain control of his steed.

  6. Return with the mount to Death's Breach and use the horse's Horseman's Call ability to call Salanar into the shadow realm and complete the quest for you. You now have permanent access to the Deathknight 100% speed mount.



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